Please watch and share RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah’s speech parts 1 & 2 from the recent Reclaim Canberra rally.  Part 2

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the video above to watch a special message from RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah about his court case victory for free speech on 22nd June 2007 against the Islamic Council of Victoria.  

By Thom Mitchell – New  14 Apr 2015 A man ostensibly opposed to anti-race hate laws is using those laws to attack people protesting against racism. Don’t worry, it all makes perfect sense, writes Thom Mitchell. George Christensen, the National Party Deputy Whip, has reported some whipersnappin’ “socialist ratbags” to the Human Rights Commission […]

To The Age it is obvious The Greens love diversity in theory: Australia’s strength lies in the cultural diversity of people from all corners of the globe, the Australian Greens said today… Our country has been greatly enriched by successive generations of immigrants whose influences are reflected in every facet of society. Not every facet, […]

Dear friends, On the weekend the book titled ‘The 21st Century Culture War in the West’ was released by Daniel Nalliah, the Author & National President of Rise Up Australia Party. Within half an hour around 150 copies, personally signed by him was sold. The place was buzzing with excitement as some people bought 10 […]

Robert Spencer Oct 27, 2014 – Jihad Watch “If Muslims do not critique their own atrocities, then people on the outside will and their message will not be listened to simply because of who they are.” “An open letter to Ben Affleck,” by Eiynah, Pakistan Today, October 25, 2014 (thanks to Anne Crockett): Your heart […]

Daniel Nalliah, leader of Rise Up Australia and the party’s no. 1 candidate for the Upper House in the South-Eastern Metropolitan region, will launch his new book The 21st-Century Culture War in the West at Federation Square, Melbourne, on Saturday 22 November 2014 at 11.00 am. Mr Nalliah’s new book, subtitled Multiculturalism and the danger of […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) You may click the following link to listen to an excellent radio interview that RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah recently did on a Jewish radio station in Caulfield (Melbourne). Please note that his interview starts at the 7 minute mark, although the first 7 minutes is well […]

Dear friends, 1) You may click the following links to listen to Lord Monckton interviewed on 2GB Radio with Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt, also to read a recent article in the Bendigo Advertiser. 2) Lord Monckton will be speaking at CTFM in Hallam at the 9:30am service this Sunday 14th September. […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the following links to read various media reports about The World Congress of Families organised by Endeavour Forum and held at Catch The Fire Ministries Centre in Hallam (Melbourne) on Saturday 30th August. All of the major TV media outlets should […]

By John Stonestreet , Christian Post Guest Columnist – June 26, 2014| Oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case ended earlier this year, and a decision is expected within days. And in the meantime, this Christian-owned business has had to make its case to critics of corporate religious freedom outside the courtroom […]

Robert Spencer Jun 30, 2014 – Jihad Watch Smith was right, except for his statement that this was in the Qur’an. Child marriage is obliquely referred to in the Qur’an’s dictum that the three-month waiting period for divorce applies even to women who have not yet menstruated (65:4), but Muhammad’s marriage to six-year-old Aisha is […]

Dear friends, The Free Speech rally held at the Victorian Parliament steps yesterday afternoon to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the court battle victory with the Islamic Council of Victoria was a great success. We were very encouraged to see Channel 7, 9, 10, SBS, ABC, AAP, The Age & 3AW at the event. Click the following link […]

General Immediate Media Release 26th June 2014 Quoting the ABC, where NSW Premier Mike Baird and Matthey Guy the Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs stated that both Governments will not support the removal of 18C. They quoted “The concerns across the multicultural communities in this state are saying ‘we’re worried, we’re afraid’, and we’re standing […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) Please spread the word and watch Rise Up Australia National President Daniel Nalliah on Channel Nine’s 6pm Evening News tonight Thursday 19th June. You may click the following link to read an article about RUAP that appeared in today’s Australian.  2) From Pr Daniel – “This Sunday […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, You may click the following link to read the official submission from Rise Up Australia Party on the proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. We hope that you were able to send yours too as the deadline was 30th April. Let’s continue to pray for the […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) Please pray and listen if possible to Pr Daniel being interviewed with others by John Cleary on ABC Radio from 10 – 11pm Melbourne time this Sunday 6th April. The topic is limits to religious tolerance in Australia and the 18c Freedom of Speech. Please try your best […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, Many of you who have been connected with us at Catch The Fire Ministries for different seasons over the past 15 years, have surely known that we have been greatly tested several times. But thank God, we have never ever backed off or bowed down to any pressure to […]

by Hilary White – Apr 02, 2013 LONDON, April 2, 2013 ( – Gay “marriage” has little to do with “equality,” being in reality the result of “an aggressive secularist and relativist” mindset that intends to abolish the very foundations of western societies, according to George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. The result, he […]

by Hilary White – LONDON, April 5, 2013 (  Ann Widdecombe, a former Conservative Party MP and social commentator, has written in the Daily Telegraph that British people are fed up with the increasingly unfunny and hateful barbs against Christianity in comedy programs. The laughs today, she wrote in an op-ed, are sought not in […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, Further to our previous post regarding Bob Carr’s statement on the religious vilification laws re the two Danny’s, please read and act on the following important email from Salt Shakers. UN – Blasphemy laws and ‘defamation’ of Islam Posted online. The UN is again considering ‘defamation of religion’ laws. Last […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, In case you did not get the opportunity to watch the program “Insiders” on 23rd September 2012 on ABC24, attached is the link to the broadcast. If you fast forward it to the 3 minute mark and then watch the footage for the next 2 minutes, you will hear […]

Media Release – For immediate release In 2002 the Islamic Council of Victoria brought an allegation of vilification against Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries and Pastor Daniel Scot, which resulted in a court battle that lasted for almost five years. This court case, better known as the two Danny’s case, was a highly […]

Dear fellow Australians, It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the formation of a new political party, RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY (Keep Australia Australian) a party for all people who embrace Australia as home. This Party is totally committed to protecting the Australian way of life and our Judeo-Christian Heritage upon which […]

Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the World, 1) Do not miss this opportunity to join us at the Australia Day National Prayer gathering at the Springvale Town Hall tomorrow 26th January at 10.30am to unite as the Body of Christ with Christians from many denominations and cultures to pray for […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   It is so great to be back home in Australia.  I am sure we all know that there is no place like home.  Our time in Israel, Jordan, Sri Lanka & Malaysia was fantastic. While I was in Sri Lanka I heard the shocking news that Kevin Rudd […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, All praise, honour, and glory to the King of kings and LORD of lords as today the 22nd June 2010 is the 3 year anniversary of the Victory for Freedom of Religion and Speech in Australia! On this day 3 years ago, which is also the same day when […]

CultureWatch  – Bill Muehlenberg’s commentary on issues of the day… Let me tell you in advance something you will need to know. If in the near future you notice that no new articles are being added to this website, and no new comments are being posted, there will be one very good reason for this: I […]

Salt Shakers E-News – Helping Christians Make A Difference ‘Hate crimes’ are under review in Victoria. If what is being proposed in one of the review documents is introduced into legislation, it will mean even MORE RESTRICTIONS on the freedom of speech. In fact, if you OFFEND or INSULT a homosexual you could be hauled […]

Dear friends and family in Christ around the World, Following is a link from Christian Broadcasting Network regarding the Criminalization of Christianity in the West, in particular Great Britain. Keep praying for the West, especially Great Britain, as the weapons of our warfare mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds …  2nd […]

by Thaddeus M. Baklinski : Dec 8, 2009 : LifeSiteNews Overjoyed and relieved that the decision was in his favor, pastor also says he “felt a bit of righteous anger because for seven and a half years of my life I’ve been dragged through the mud over a community debate that existed in Red Deer, […]

Andrea Minichiello Williams – Christian Legal Centre A LONDON church has been told by Lambeth Council to reduce the volume of its worship. In an extraordinary  decision, All Nations Church in Kennington, South London, has been served with a noise abatement notice by Lambeth council after complaints from a couple of local residents about the […]

A delegation of about 20 Australian church leaders met with federal Attorney General Robert McClelland on Wednesday to tell him they oppose a national Charter of Rights. The delegation included representatives of Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and Pentecostal churches. A report in The Australian said they warned “the Rudd government it could curtail religious freedoms and […]

Written by Peter Stokes of Salt Shakers Was it just coincidence that Mr Hulls released his Media Release on Sunday?   Probably not when it was mainly Christians who put up the fight against the further infringements to freedom of Speech and Religion that were being considered by the Victorian Government Scrutiny of Acts and […]

By Jono Pech – Sunrayasia Daily – Saturday, August 15, 2009 PASTOR Danny Nalliah knows some people will not like what he has to say, but he is not afraid to speak up for what he believes is right for Australia. Known for his healings and controversial views on multi-culturalism and free speech, Pastor Nalliah […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   Thank you for your valued support to all of you who have sent submissions to the government in response to the several emails we and others have sent over the last few months regarding the proposed Bill of Rights.   I have had a few people ask me […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   The Federal Government plans to introduce a Bill of Rights, which at face value seems to be very good, in particular the way it’s packaged and promoted by clever agents of the Rudd Government. I heard one such agent say on TV last week, ‘there are 40,000 submissions […]

Dear Friends and Family in Christ around the World, Following is the Christian Broadcasting Network / Christian World News (Pat Robertson’s worldwide ministry based in the US) interview with Pastor Danny Nalliah when he recently visited the US. Hate Crimes Undermining the West?      Christian World News April 24, 2009 Australian pastor Danny Nalliah knows firsthand […]

Mrs Jenny Stokes,  Research Director,  SALT SHAKERS   Can a person be sent to prison under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act? No, I hear you say. . . Those who are brought before the Equal Opportunity Commission and then the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal might be asked to apologise, to say ‘sorry’ or […]

Barney Zwartz – The Age February 21, 2008 A NSW couple who defied a court order under Victoria’s religious vilification law are both serving nine months in Victorian prisons. Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine posted on their website claims that an occult group, the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), was really a pedophile ring in Victoria, […]

By Dan Wooding Thursday, February 7, 2008 Founder of ASSIST Ministries   LONDON, UK (ANS) — Leading British politicians have distanced themselves from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s belief that some Sharia law in the UK seems “unavoidable”. According to a BBC story, Gordon Brown’s spokesman said the prime minister “believes that British laws should be […]

Misha Schubert October 31, 2007 PRIME Minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello are under pressure to distance themselves from an evangelical church leader who has spoken at a meeting of the far right-wing League of Rights. Pastor Danny Nalliah, the head of Melbourne-based Catch the Fire Ministries, has confirmed he addressed the group, despite […]

‘Sect leader got rough deal, says Costello’ October 08, 2007 06:08pm Article from: AAP Featured on TREASURER Peter Costello has defended his support of an evangelical church leader who was acquitted of religious vilification, saying the pastor had got a “rough deal”. Mr Costello said he met with Catch the Fire Ministries leader Danny […]

 Dear Friends and Family in Christ, Attached (or read below) is the Official Media Release from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding the successful mediation between Catch the Fire Ministries and the Islamic Council of Victoria in this historic (spanning 5 years and now finalised) court case in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you so much […]

Standing for Jesus in a Multicultural Society   Since when is quoting from the Bible a “hate crime”? It hasn’t happened yet in America, but one day, it could! Danny Nalliah knows this personally because, as an Australian pastor, he opposed this radical law in his country…and won! You will hear his story on Truths That […]

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