Aimee Herd : Jul 28, 2015 : Cody Derespina-Fox News “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” -John 1:5 (NLT) EDITOR’S NOTE: It doesn’t surprise me when those who walk in darkness do dark things. But may it call us more and more to shine the Light and Love […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, We’re posting the following article below for your prayerful interest and Holy Spirit led action as we proclaim & demonstrate that Jesus is Lord over Halloween! by Riley Stephenson, KCM Minister of Evangelism Whether or not to participate in Halloween activities has been a big debate among the members […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, The annual March for the Babies is this Saturday 11 October in Melbourne. This march for life is held on this date to mark the passing of Victoria’s awful Abortion Law Reform Act on October 10, 2008. With the Victorian election being held at the end of November, now is […]

By Mark Ellis As a teenager he left the hopelessness of Buddhism for the power of black magic, then American missionaries demonstrated the amazing power of the God they served, which made his 3,300 gods seem impotent. After receiving Christ, he entered into a new battle with communist authorities for the soul of the Vietnamese […]

Gospel for Asia Kalith and his forefathers had a deal: He worshipped them with sacrifices of goats, pigs and chickens, and they kept him from harm. So when Kalith started experiencing severe stomach pain, he couldn’t figure out why his forefathers didn’t heal him. Kalith and his family performed the regular rituals and sacrifices as […]

Charisma News 1/30/2014 Charis Hillman Brown With all the craziness that has happened in the last fews months when it comes to popular culture, I’m sure many of us wish we didn’t know what “twerking” was. But, sadly, a 20-year-old former tween idol named Miley Cyrus gave us an eyeful at the VMAs last year. […]

Published 27 January 2014  |  Jennifer Jones  – Christian Today Pop star Katy Perry’s performance of “Dark Horse” during the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday evening has shocked some fans as it displayed dark satanic imagery, including witchcraft and demons. Perry was dressed as a witch and wore a Knights of Templar cross across her […]

1/22/2014 Vishal Arora/RNS – Charisma News Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono may be the first Indonesian president to acknowledge publicly he believes in witchcraft. In a recently published memoir, he describes a “horror movie”-style encounter with black magic at his residence. “Suddenly, my wife screamed,” writes Yudhoyono in the 900-page book, Selalu Ada Pilihan (There Is Always a Choice). “There […]

PUBLISHED: 9 January 2014  – By Dan Newling South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma has told how he used to practise witchcraft against white people. Speaking in his native Zulu language at a pre-election rally in the country’s rural north, he told a crowd of his voodoo past. ‘I used to practise witchcraft around here, bewitching […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) You may click the following link to read the Casey Weekly newspaper article about the Doveton mosque issue. 2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, you’re most welcome to join our Sunday morning worship service at 9:30pm at CTFM with Special Guest Speaker Rev Kameel […]

Teresa Neumann (Breaking Christian News – Nov 27, 2012) “We want to dedicate this nation to You so that You will be our God and guide. We want Uganda to be known as a nation that fears God and as a nation whose foundations are firmly rooted in righteousness and justice to fulfil what the […]

Monday, October 29, 2012 Over a hundred years ago, the great Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck predicted that the 20th century would “witness a gigantic conflict of spirits.” His prediction turned out to be an understatement, and this great conflict continues into the 21st century. The issue of Halloween presses itself annually upon the Christian conscience. […]

Charisma News – 9/30/2012  They’re coming. Over the next few months, parents are going to see an onslaught of horror based movies that are aimed directly at their children. Paranorman, Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania may look like harmless humor horror for the harvest season, but they represent more than just the Halloween creep. These movies desensitize our […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) What an amazing few days it has been!  We thank and praise God for Pr Jay Bartlett from the US and his team who were willing to take on an area of ministry which is very much neglected in the body of Christ, which is casting out demons […]

23rd Dec 2011 – It’s a story of transformation that has surprised thousands and shocked all who have heard: a brutal African warlord with a violent past finds Christ and dramatically turns his life around. Selected for The Economist Film Project, an initiative by The Economist in partnership with PBS NewsHour, “The Redemption of General […]

WEDNESDAY, 04 JANUARY 2012 – Girl sacrificed in India, liver offered to Gods Indian girl got sacrificed, her liver was offered to gods as the 7 years old girl was murdered in a jungle district of Chhattisgarh, India. Raipur / NationalTurk – A seven-year-old Indian girl is the latest victim in India child sacrifice. She was […]

Media release – For immediate release The demise of the Labor party in Victoria is a result of the pernicious abortion laws in this state.   That’s the statement from Catch the Fire Ministries president Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah who said the legalised killing (Murder) of the most helpless and voiceless humans amongst us resulted […]

Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the world, Following is a very interesting world news article and television broadcast from Christian Broadcasting Network (Pat Robertson’s international ministry based in USA) regarding Australia’s current political and social environment, and the power of intercessory prayer to change the government and nation. By Gary […]

Dear family and friends in Christ in Australia and around the World, Following is the link to an article quoting Pastor Daniel about Halloween that appeared on the front page of the Australian Age newspaper, in the Sydney Morning Herald, and in other newspapers across Australia on Sunday 31st October. Although Pastor Daniel shared with […]

Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the World, We’re forwarding the following email so that you can help your children and others who are ignorant of the dark side of Halloween. We as Christians should not celebrate Halloween and we must boldly speak out against it. Satan is very subtly brainwashing […]

By Coach Dave Daubenmire September 16, 2010 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, Following is a very interesting and significant article that was just published by the senior editor of the Sunday Age in Melbourne, Australia titled ’Will atheism spell trouble for Gillard?’ in which Pastor Daniel and several other Christian leaders are quoted. Keep praying for the Lord Jesus Christ to […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   I thank my Lord and Saviour every day for the young man who was once a Satanist, but was born again after the spiritual warfare prayer operation on Mount Ainslie in Canberra last October 2009.   This proves that God loves every single person, no matter who they […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,   1) Following is the link to Pastor Daniel’s recent interview with Mike Welsh of 2CC Radio Canberra regarding several young women from Satanism in Australia experiencing the power and love of the Lord since the national spiritual breakthrough ‘Taking the High Places […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, It is with great joy we report that another young woman from a satanic background experienced the supernatural power and life transforming love of Jesus last Sunday night at the CTFM meeting in Hallam! This young woman who was born into a satanic coven and grew up as a […]

Dear friends and family in Christ across the Nations of the World, According to this video the President of Haiti cancelled Mardi Gras and called for 3 days of Prayer and Fasting. Over a million came, over 3,000 decisions for Christ were made, and over a 100 of those decisions were confirmed voodoo priests.  […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) All glory and honour to the soon coming King of kings and Lord of lords, Christ Jesus! What a glorious weekend as Pastor Daniel ministered on the Gold Coast at an AOG church with many also attending the revival meetings from other churches!  10 precious souls (7 teenagers, […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) What a glorious weekend of rejoicing in the Spirit of the Lord it was, as we at CTFM thank God for His mighty hand at work in the lives of His people once again! The past few days was a great time of fun and fellowship at the […]

The Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne is being held from 3-9 December, 2009. The event is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with around 650 programs. (PWR website) Your help is needed! * Wherever you live, you can pray. * If you live in Melbourne, please volunteer to be part […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   Click the following (password for downloading is catchthefire) or to listen to Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries preaching on the End-Times before the 2nd Coming of Jesus.  This prophetic message from the Holy Spirit and Word of God was preached at the Living […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   We thank our Most High God, the Lord Jesus Christ, for the Light and Truth of His Word increasingly revealing the hidden works of spiritual darkness in our nation!    “Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, 1. Click here to listen to Pastor Daniel’s post Mount Ainslie interview with 2CC Canberra radio. 2. For those of you living in the Melbourne area, Murray Dixon, a renowned prophetic bible teacher on the significance of the nation of Israel and the end-times before the 2nd Coming […]

Dear family and friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,   This article is a bit long, but please take the time to read it, as I am sure the Lord will greatly bless you!   I am so thrilled to finish this exciting article about Mount Ainslie and send it to you […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, Truly, Jesus is Lord of Australia, the Heavens and the Earth! Click on the following link to read the front page and front line media report with some of the photos that appeared in the hard copy edition of the Canberra times on Sunday 18th October: Following are some […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, Only 2 days left until ‘Taking the High Places for Jesus’ on October 17th in Canberra and across Australia, an integral part of the prophetic destiny of this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! May the Spirit of the Lord continue to supernaturally empower and victoriously lead you […]

Dear friends and family in Christ,   Click here  and scroll down the left side of the home page and click on Pastor Daniel’s photo or the caption ‘Pollies influenced by ‘evil spells’ to listen to his extraordinary radio interview with Derryn Hinch on 3AW 693 talkback radio on Monday 12th October.   Following […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, Only 11 days left until ‘Taking the High Places for Jesus’ on October 17th in Canberra and across Australia, an integral part of the prophetic destiny of this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! May the Spirit of the Lord continue to supernaturally empower and victoriously lead you […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, All glory to God. I pray and hope you all are keeping well by the grace of the Lord. However, unfortunately our nation of Australia desperately needs a great spiritual awakening for Aussies to personally experience the love of Jesus and turn back to Him as the only Way, […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, We praise the Lord God of the heavens and the earth for further promoting His Spiritual Warfare Operation on Mount Ainsley in Canberra on 17th October through the secular media. Click the following link to listen to Pastor Daniel’s recent interview with 2CC Radio Canberra: Stay tuned for […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, 1) We wish to bring to your attention that hundreds of prayer warriors and prophetic intercessors from across the body of Christ around Australia will gather from 2pm – 5pm on Saturday 17th October in our nation’s capital Canberra on Mount Ainslie overlooking the Federal Parliament building. We’re prayerfully […]

By John-Henry Westen – LONDON, August 13, 2009 ( 20-year-old Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has, in an interview with a homosexual magazine, expressed anger and intolerance for parents who oppose education about homosexual sex in the classroom.  “Then there’s all this stuff at the moment, which is hateful, about people being up in arms […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   A few weeks ago a Pastor friend of mine who works as a chaplain for a state school in Victoria took his Year 6 class on an excursion to Canberra. There they went up to Mount Ainsley which overlooks the Federal Parliament building. Right on top of this […]

Central African Republic (MNN) – A JESUS film team responded to an epidemic of witchcraft in the Central African Republic by “soaking” villages in the region of Bossangoa with the Gospel.  They walked from village to village and showed the JESUS film every night. Eighteen new churches have been planted as a result.  Area witches […]

By Gospel for Asia: Feb 17, 2008   “Nogen’s dramatic healing was a testimony to the power of Christ. After seeing the change that Christ brought into his life, many people in Nogen’s village chose to put their trust in Jesus, too.” (Jharkhand, India)—Nogen acted like a madman. He ran wildly from one place to […]

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