Mark Durie (November 2016) In Jakarta violence between protestors and police broke out Friday night, November 4, 2016 when an estimated 200,000 Muslims emerged from Friday prayers in mosques to rally outside the Indonesian President’s palace. Clashes with police led to tear gas being used on demonstrators, and Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, had to postpone […]

Recently we had a Pastor from Indonesia who ministered at CTFM on Sunday. He also happened to be the Pastor of the Bali 9, who were executed in Bali for carrying drugs. This Pastor shared the testimony of Andrew Chan, the leader of the group, how he accepted Jesus and completely changed in prison, even […]

News Staff : Aug 29, 2016 : CBN News Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation and has suffered a series of deadly attacks by Muslim jihadists. Father Albert S. Pandingan was leading Sunday mass when an attacker tried to murder him and everyone else in the church. Authorities say the bomber charged a priest at […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, It is with great joy that we share this following amazing testimony of marriage reconciliation through the power of God. A few  weeks ago, Ps Daniel received a call from a gentlemen who stated, “Myself and my wife separated 17 years ago, but we have been friends. I watched an […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, Once again, we’re very excited to announce that the next National Australia Day United Prayer Gathering will be held in Melbourne from 10am – 1pm on Thursday 26th January 2017. This national prayer gathering which brings together several hundred prayer warriors from many churches, denominations and ethnicities across Australia, […]

We’re very pleased to announce that Evangelist Daniel Krestianto from Indonesia will be ministering at CTFM Hallam on Sunday 21st August at the 10am worship service. He is the senior pastor of Ark of Christ Ministries (AOC) which has branches in 15 cities across Indonesia. AOC is also the Apostolic Oversight for Faceless Generation Ministries […]

June 15, 2016 – by Robert Spencer Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani recently called on Muslims to “get prepared, be ready … to make it a month of calamity everywhere for nonbelievers.” “Four Indonesians jailed over IS-linked terror plot,” AFP, June 15, 2016 (thanks to Marc): JAKARTA: An Indonesian bomb maker inspired by an […]

4/7/2016 Sean Savage/ At a time when Israel is seeking to boost its ties with Arab and Muslim countries in order to counter the threats posed by Iran and terrorist groups, could the world’s largest Muslim country become the Jewish state’s new friend? In a March 28 meeting with a delegation of senior Indonesian journalists […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, We’re pleased to announce that you can now order the Australia Day Prayer DVD (3 & ½ hours) from CTFM office by calling (03) 9703 1620 or emailing You may click the link above to watch 6 minutes of video highlights from this powerful interdenominational prayer meeting for […]

We’re pleased to announce that special guest speaker Evangelist Daniel Krestianto is from Indonesia will be ministering at CTFM in Hallam at the 10am & 6:30pm worship services this Sunday 14th February. He is the senior pastor of Ark of Christ Ministries (AOC) which has branches in 15 cities across Indonesia. AOC is also the […]

By Edmund DeMarche –  November 12, 2015 – A 153-foot statue of an open-armed Jesus famously towers high above the Indonesian city of Manado, but Christians are under siege in the world’s fourth-most populous country, according to a disturbing new report. The Southeast Asian nation, where about 90 percent of its 250 million people […]

Dear family & friends in Christ across this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, Click the photo above to see the leaflet with details of the next National Australia Day United Prayer Gathering in Melbourne from 10am – 1pm on Tuesday 26th January 2016. This national prayer gathering which brings together hundreds of prayer […]

Dear family and friends in Christ, 1) It’s our great pleasure to announce that Pastor Petrus Agung Purnomo from Indonesia will be our guest speaker at Catch The Fire Ministries in Hallam on Sunday 28th June at the 10am & 6:30pm services. Please note that this service will be live webcast at beginning at […]

4/3/2015 Steve Strang Amid all the news about Islam’s gains around the world, here is some startling news you’ve probably never heard: In Indonesia—the most populous Muslim nation—2 million Muslims are converting to Christianity per year. That’s right. That’s one new convert every 15 seconds. At this rate, Indonesia will be mostly Christian by 2035. […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –  THURSDAY 30th APRIL 2015 Would Andrew Chan & Mayuran Sukumaran had been killed if they had converted to Islam is a question everyone has failed to ask??? Rise Up Australia Party totally apposes drug trafficking and supports the jail sentence. In the case of Mayuran Sukumaran, Andrew Chan and the 6 […]

February 10, 2015 – By Raymond Ibrahim The one glaring fact concerning the persecution of approximately 100 million Christians around the world today is that the overwhelming majority of it is being committed by Muslims of all races, nationalities, languages, and socio-political circumstances: Muslims from among America’s allies (Saudi Arabia) and from its enemies (Iran); […]

January 04, 2015 – Eileen Ng – AP Relatives of those who died in the AirAsia crash sought strength in prayer Sunday, one week after the disaster killed all 162 on board, as rough weather again prevented searchers from reaching a large object on the ocean floor believed to be the plane’s fuselage. Emotionally exhausted […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, We’re forwarding you the following two very important article links for your ongoing prayer support for God’s divine intervention.

Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components. Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called “religious rights.” When politically […]

August 19, 2014 – JULIA A. SEYMOUR – WORLD Magazine Muslims mark the first eve of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, at Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Associated Press/Photo by Tatan Syuflana) Indonesia and Malaysia are no strangers to radical Islam, but ISIS recruiting in southeast Asia has caused a growing concern about the threat of […]

ASSIST News Service (ANS) – Tuesday, May 13, 2014 ATLANTA, GA (ANS) — One year after nearly a thousand people made commitments to follow Christ at Leading The Way’s revival gatherings in Jakarta’s Istora Stadium last May, the ministry is continuing to impact the world’s largest Muslim nation. “Our Indonesian revival was only the beginning […]

Raymond Ibrahim – Frontpage Magazine Why are Christians, as a new Pew report documents, the most persecuted religious group in the world?  And why is their persecution occurring primarily throughout the Islamic world?  (In the category on “Countries with Very High Government Restrictions on Religion,” Pew lists 24 countries—20 of which are Islamic and precisely […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) You may click the following link to listen to Pr Daniel’s recent Townsville Radio Interview. 2) This is a reminder to please pray for Pr Daniel who will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people at Holy Spirit revival meetings in Sydney this Saturday 12th […]

2/26/2014 World Watch Monitor A new report paints a bleak picture of religious freedom in Indonesia. Indonesia: Pluralism in Peril, which was launched at the U.K. Parliament Tuesday, says that in the world’s most populous Muslim nation (251 million, 86 percent Muslim), minority religious groups such as Christians are subject to “spiraling intolerance,” which threatens […]

1/22/2014 Vishal Arora/RNS – Charisma News Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono may be the first Indonesian president to acknowledge publicly he believes in witchcraft. In a recently published memoir, he describes a “horror movie”-style encounter with black magic at his residence. “Suddenly, my wife screamed,” writes Yudhoyono in the 900-page book, Selalu Ada Pilihan (There Is Always a Choice). “There […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, Attached is an advertisement and an excellent editorial from today Monday 20th January edition of the Dandenong Journal in regard to Australia Day weekend events at CTFM in Hallam. The National Australia Day Prayer United Prayer Gathering in Melbourne is from 10am – 1pm this Saturday 25th January, which […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, All glory and praise to Jesus for His mighty hand at work in Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in the world. Now it is estimated that up to 25 % of the 250 million population is Christian. This means it is more than all of the population in Australia. […]

ACN News ^ | 10/18/2013 In many countries the situation of Christians has sharply deteriorated. This is the finding of the report Persecuted and Forgotten? which was launched at a meeting in the UK Houses of Parliament on 17th October by the UK office of the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, Pr Daniel will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people this Sunday 15th December at the 9.30am & 6:30pm worship services at our new CTFM premises at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam, Melbourne. He will also be sharing some very exciting highlights of a mighty harvest of […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, 1) We at CTFM praise God for the completion of our new building settlement as we have now received the key to our new premises in Hallam, Victoria (only a few side streets from our current location). 2) Due to our very busy moving process over the next few […]

Teresa Neumann (Nov 5, 2013) “God is showing me that He has chosen Asia as the epicenter for the next might move of God—[He] has heard the cries of the Indonesian Church and seen the tears and the blood of her saints poured out like a river.” -Leslie Keegel, World Prayer Assembly (Indonesia)—Thirteen percent of […]

Charisma – 8/29/2013 Bill Roberts Last week’s gospel festival in Makassar, Indonesia, was planned as an outreach to the 2.6 million-strong Makassar people with less than 500 believers. No one could have predicted the outcome—capacity crowds, amazing healings, death threats and on the last day Peter Youngren being called to the police headquarters to be interrogated for ‘blasphemy against […]

John L. Allen Jr. 5 October 2013- The Spectator Imagine if correspondents in late 1944 had reported the Battle of the Bulge, but without explaining that it was a turning point in the second world war. Or what if finance reporters had told the story of the AIG meltdown in 2008 without adding that it […]

Charisma News – 9/5/2013 Gina Meeks Evangelist Nick Vujicic shared an inspirational story of “divine appointment” on his Facebook page Tuesday. Vujicic, who was born with no arms or legs, is in the midst of a two-week Christian outreach tour of several Asian countries. With a photo of the family in the capital city of […]

The Sundaily – Posted on 27 August 2013 JAKARTA – The Miss World beauty pageant will go ahead in Indonesia next month despite objections from the country’s leading Islamic federation, an organizer said Tuesday. “We have obtained support from the government so there are no obstacles,” said Syafril Nasution, corporate affairs director for RCTI, the […]

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