THE BACKGROUND: In 2002 the Australian province of Victoria under LABOR, passed the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. which:- “prohibits conduct that incites hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule of a person or group of people based on religious belief. “ This was a subjective law (“offence” coming from emotions) not an objective law (“truth” coming from the […]

Please watch and share RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah’s speech parts 1 & 2 from the recent Reclaim Canberra rally.  Part 2

Dear family and friends in Christ, This last weekend was truly history making in Canberra, our nation’s capital. There were several events happening at the same time in and around parliament on the weekend. A group of Christians were reading the bible non-stop for 72 hours outside parliament starting Friday. CTFM prayer warriors arrived on […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) Please watch and share this 6 minute video from RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah, titled ‘Flying the Australian flag on Australia Day does not make you a racist ’. Daniel will be speaking at the Reclaim Australia Rally in Canberra at 2pm (not 1pm as stated in the video) on […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –TUESDAY 8th DECEMBER 2015 “There has been much speculation by the media and the socialist left regarding the 10th anniversary memorial in Cronulla NSW, calling it a racist rally. That is exactly why I as the National President of Rise Up Australia Party, agreed to speak at this rally, when I was […]

Dear friends, The Reclaim Australia Rallies nationwide were once again a great success with thousands attending the rallies across the country. Contrary to the media reports, the rallies were very peaceful, except for some minor protests by the Left-wing socialists, a front group for Islam. Patriotic Aussies came carrying their Australian flags. It was so […]

Daniel Nalliah the RUAP President stated from his office this morning: “I have and always will be an advocate for free speech and nothing will stop me from doing so. Neither will anything stop me from loving people, including Muslims. The good book, the Bible, states in Mathew 5:44,”But I say to you, love your […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the video above to watch a special message from RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah about his court case victory for free speech on 22nd June 2007 against the Islamic Council of Victoria.  

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) Thank you all for your ongoing prayers for our Prime Minister Tony Abbott as the spill motion in the Federal Liberal party room was defeated in a secret ballot 61 -39. Please keep praying for our PM Tony Abbott and government. 2) We’re pleased to announce that at […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the following links to watch the 1st & 2nd segments of Rabbi Cowen from the Faith, Values & Politics Institute interviewing RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah, Rosalie Crestani and Lord Christopher Monckton.    

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the following link to listen a very interesting debate on ABC Radio with John Cleary as Ps Daniel takes on prominent Muslim leader and another Interfaith campaigner Professor Gary Bouma. Please pass this on to everyone you know as it is very insightful. The topic was […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the following link to watch 33 seconds of Rise Up Australia Party footage of Pr Daniel’s recent visit to Mildura on Channel 9 (Win TV in Rural Victoria). RUAP President Daniel Nalliah’s interview on Channel 9 (Win TV) You may click the following link to listen […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, We at CTFM are so thankful to everyone who signed the petition against the building of a large Mosque right next to our newly planned CTFM church in Doveton, Victoria. We received more than 1000 signatures and very successfully submitted them to the City of Casey Council yesterday at […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, 1) You may click the following link to listen to Pr Daniel’s recent radio interview (7 min) with Mike Welsh of 2CC Canberra, regarding opposition to the proposed mosque in Doveton, Victoria. 2) For those of you in regional Victoria, either tonight’s or tomorrow’s 6:30pm news on Win […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, Further to our previous post regarding Bob Carr’s statement on the religious vilification laws re the two Danny’s, please read and act on the following important email from Salt Shakers. UN – Blasphemy laws and ‘defamation’ of Islam Posted online. The UN is again considering ‘defamation of religion’ laws. Last […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, In case you did not get the opportunity to watch the program “Insiders” on 23rd September 2012 on ABC24, attached is the link to the broadcast. If you fast forward it to the 3 minute mark and then watch the footage for the next 2 minutes, you will hear […]

Media Release – For immediate release In 2002 the Islamic Council of Victoria brought an allegation of vilification against Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries and Pastor Daniel Scot, which resulted in a court battle that lasted for almost five years. This court case, better known as the two Danny’s case, was a highly […]

Happy Birthday Catch the Fire Ministries! Today we celebrate 13 years as a ministry! We praise the Lord for all the amazing things He has done for and through CTFM! Thank you so much to all our mighty prayer warriors and intercessors for your wonderful input over the years. May God bless you abundantly as […]

Dear family & friends in Christ across our nation of Australia, Many people who have listened to me speak and share the vision the Lord gave me to transform Australia by 2020, have asked me to put it in writing to share with others. Please take some time to read through all of it and […]

Media Release The announcement of a new political party will be made on the steps of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal building at noon on Wednesday June 22nd, by Dr Daniel Nalliah. This date marks the fourth anniversary of an historic victory for freedom of speech in Australia, after a complaint in 2002 by […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,   1) What a mighty God we serve, the reigning and soon coming King of Kings and LORD of Lords! Once again the weekend gone by was absolutely glorious with the mighty manifest presence of God at the Holy Spirit revival meetings in Bendigo, […]

Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the World, 1) Do not miss this opportunity to join us at the Australia Day National Prayer gathering at the Springvale Town Hall tomorrow 26th January at 10.30am to unite as the Body of Christ with Christians from many denominations and cultures to pray for […]

Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the world, Following is a very interesting world news article and television broadcast from Christian Broadcasting Network (Pat Robertson’s international ministry based in USA) regarding Australia’s current political and social environment, and the power of intercessory prayer to change the government and nation. By Gary […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, All praise, honour, and glory to the King of kings and LORD of lords as today the 22nd June 2010 is the 3 year anniversary of the Victory for Freedom of Religion and Speech in Australia! On this day 3 years ago, which is also the same day when […]

CultureWatch  – Bill Muehlenberg’s commentary on issues of the day… Let me tell you in advance something you will need to know. If in the near future you notice that no new articles are being added to this website, and no new comments are being posted, there will be one very good reason for this: I […]

The Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom held a discussion with The Rev. Dr. Mark Durie on September 15, 2009, 12:00 – 2:00 PM  (Hudson Institute, Washington , D.C. Headquarters)   Click on the following link and then on the audio or video link to watch or listen to this talk…. In December 2004, pastors […]

By Jono Pech – Sunrayasia Daily – Saturday, August 15, 2009 PASTOR Danny Nalliah knows some people will not like what he has to say, but he is not afraid to speak up for what he believes is right for Australia. Known for his healings and controversial views on multi-culturalism and free speech, Pastor Nalliah […]

Dear friends and family in Christ,   Following is the link to an excellent article from Andrew Bolt in the 5th August edition of the Herald Sun regarding the clear and present danger of radical Muslims planning terrorist attacks in the name of Islam in our nation of Australia. He also refers to Pastor Danny’s […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   Thank you for your valued support to all of you who have sent submissions to the government in response to the several emails we and others have sent over the last few months regarding the proposed Bill of Rights.   I have had a few people ask me […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   The Federal Government plans to introduce a Bill of Rights, which at face value seems to be very good, in particular the way it’s packaged and promoted by clever agents of the Rudd Government. I heard one such agent say on TV last week, ‘there are 40,000 submissions […]

Dear family and friends in Christ, Today Monday 22nd June is a very special day for us and I’m sure for all freedom loving fellow countrymen in Australia, as it marks 2 years since we won the court case in the Supreme Court of Appeal for Freedom of Speech and Religion after a 5 year […]

By Dan Wooding Thursday, February 7, 2008 Founder of ASSIST Ministries   LONDON, UK (ANS) — Leading British politicians have distanced themselves from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s belief that some Sharia law in the UK seems “unavoidable”. According to a BBC story, Gordon Brown’s spokesman said the prime minister “believes that British laws should be […]

Click Here to watch a video broadcast of the “Call To Action” message by Danny Nalliah    

Misha Schubert October 31, 2007 PRIME Minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello are under pressure to distance themselves from an evangelical church leader who has spoken at a meeting of the far right-wing League of Rights. Pastor Danny Nalliah, the head of Melbourne-based Catch the Fire Ministries, has confirmed he addressed the group, despite […]

‘Sect leader got rough deal, says Costello’ October 08, 2007 06:08pm Article from: AAP Featured on TREASURER Peter Costello has defended his support of an evangelical church leader who was acquitted of religious vilification, saying the pastor had got a “rough deal”. Mr Costello said he met with Catch the Fire Ministries leader Danny […]

Below are articles from The Australian and Christianity Today regarding the end of the 5 year legal battle between CTFM and ICV. and a link to giving information. Please take note that the comment ‘Muslims are demons, etc’ in The Australian are not factual. This erroneous statement and others reported by media have been proven by the Supreme Court of Victoria […]

 Dear Friends and Family in Christ, Attached (or read below) is the Official Media Release from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding the successful mediation between Catch the Fire Ministries and the Islamic Council of Victoria in this historic (spanning 5 years and now finalised) court case in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you so much […]

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