June 5, 2016 – By Robert Spencer “Babul Aktar is an efficient police officer and played a key role in apprehending Islamists. They might have killed his wife because they failed to get him.” Will the Islamophobia never end? DHAKA — The wife of a senior Bangladeshi police official known for battling Islamist militants was […]

Carlo Monzon : Mar 4, 2016 : Gospel Herald For Bishop Bejoy D’Cruze of the Christian Unity and Interreligious Dialogue Commission, the move by the Supreme Court to initiate hearings about the matter gives hope to the development of peace in the country. The Supreme Court of Bangladesh has begun a legal process that would determine if […]

April 19, 2015  By Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch “After assaulting the faithful, the group stole items worth 33,900 taka (4,134 EUR); destroyed Bibles, crosses, holy pictures, musical instruments and homes; killed goats and chickens.” Time to step up the “dialogue,” bishops! That will fix this right up in a jiffy! The U.S. Catholic establishment, […]

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