The Church in Algeria continues to grow despite crackdowns by its Islamic government. House Churches in particular have been growing so fast that Algerian government has warned parents ‘if you see your child forgiving and happy they may have become Christians’. In Algeria, about 95% of the population are Islamic. Please follow the link to […]

Hundreds of people who attended the Awakening Australia event got baptised at St Kilda beach on Monday evening. Please follow the link to watch this awesome move of God.

On the weekend gone by, Melbourne experienced an awesome move of God. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Keep your prayers going. Please follow the link to read an interesting and encouraging article on ‘Awakening Australia’

Late term abortion

  Please click on the link for absolutely shocking information on late term abortion.  

  Great news – Brazil has elected a Christian President and the lefties are going crazy. Please follow the link to read an interesting article on the role played by Evangelical Christians in his election.  

Awakening Australia

Churches across the country will be coming together to wait upon the Lord and hear his Word at the Marvel Stadium (Etihad Stadium). Don’t miss this event. Please click on the link below for more information.

Be an Overcomer

This is Your Time

At the CTFM Service Pastor Daniel shared a prophetic word that he had received for America. He called on the Church to pray that the Republicans will win the mid-term election. Pastor Milton Alvarez from the US was the guest speaker at yesterday’s Service. He was under a tremendous anointing of the Holy Spirit and […]

This morning, around 1 am I woke up and my spirit was very restless. For two hours, I interceded, battled in prayer and then fell asleep for a few minutes. As I was sleeping, I had a dream. In this dream there were 2 Angels standing on both sides of me. They seemed to be […]

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