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“I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games”.

RUAP President Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah stated, ” I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was sad to see White Australians and others almost completely ignored. While Aboriginal Culture and ancestral rituals were given total prominence.

Before you could call me a racist. I am not white, nor am I a racist.

But if not for the white man building this country and making it a great Democracy. I would have not called Australia home 20 years ago.

Sorry, but who were the people (UN/Leftist) who planned this ceremony? I wonder?

Millions would have watched the ceremony. Sad to say, we have communicated a very negative impression of Australia. It seemed liked we were still living in the dark ages.

No offence to the aboriginal people. Of whom I have many friends. And they are beautiful people.
I spoke to some of them this morning, and they them self’s feel like someone has highjacked their community with another agenda.

We should have put on display the real Australia.

By the way, who built the roads, the rail, farms, property development, great cities and A great Parliamentary/ Democratic system etc??

If you agree – Pls like and share with others you know. Leave your comment and make voice known.

Please listen to the attached 5 min radio interview with Alan Jones.
Opening Ceremony an Insult to all Australians


Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great.

5 Responses to “Opening ceremony ‘an insult’ to all Australians”

  1. 1 margaret Angenent

    Thank you Ps Daniel for speaking out so succinctly about the ridiculous aboriginal opening ceremony. I watched a little of it on the SBS news and felt sick. I’m so glad that Alan Jones spoke out also in his 5 minute radio interview. We are slowly being manipulated and controlled by the political correctness of politicians and the false guilt that we has succumbed to over the past few years. Thank you again for alerting us . We are so easily sucked in to believe that what we see so often with these animistic opening ceremonies is OK. Thank you for the guidelines of how to pray. I’ ll be praying today specifically for the ( and other days) for the demonic activity being unleashed over the nation of Australia

  2. 2 Office 2

    Thank you Pastor Daniel,

    I agree one hundred percent, and I too prayed and took authority over all the demonic spirits that was chanted into the spiritual atmosphere,over every man women and child that was present and beyond.
    Lord Have Mercy.

    Love and Blessings.


  3. 3 Office 2

    Thanks Pastor Daniel . It made a mockery of every new thought and invention since the darkages. Please don’t let us slip back , What have we done to bring this curse upon ourselves ?.. One reasons why is because we have destroyed the family unit by pursuing adulteress and deviate affairs . Our fathers have ignored gods word and have not guided their sons to be men. I pray in the steps you recommend pastor Daniel and deliver us from the mistakes of our forbears. More power to you and your God.

  4. 4 Office 2

    I agree with every complaint. My son has just visited and we discussed the disgusting performance of last night and I said to him I have never been so insulted in my life as an Australian than I was last watching this tripe. What a display Queensland put on for the rest of the world. SHAME ON THE INDIVIDUAL OR INDIVIDUALS WHO DREAMT THIS NIGHTMARE UP[.
    I WENT TO THE 1982 Games with my youngest son. What a difference.
    Who do we complain to because WE MUST. We must take up a petition or whatever we call it with names of protestors listed and present it to the organisers.

  5. 5 Office 2

    I agree with you Pastor Nalliah , I was disappointed with the opening ceremony, it only concentrate on the indigenous of this land, but Australia is more than the indigenous, wonder why they only concentrate on the history of this beautiful country..
    This land is what it is because of the foreigners that has adopt this land bringing their family and friends.
    Good on you Pastor Nalliah and God’s Blessings on and your family.

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