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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

The above video link and transcript is from the Prophetic Word Ps Daniel Nalliah gave on 31st Dec 2017.

This link contains 3 parts. The first 10 min is the Prophetic Word regarding Donald Trump, North Korea and ISIS.

The last 15 min of this link is, Ps Daniel and his Wife Maryse receiving a Prophetic word from A visiting speaker from Singapore. In-between is his sermon.

Transcript of Prophetic Word. –

“Welcome all those who are with us and those who are watching across the nations, give them a big clap please. We want to welcome you to this broadcast. This morning I want to share with you some the things that have been happening in the last few days. Generally when we come to a New Year’s eve we are looking for a great year ahead of us 2018. Unfortunately, I am going to tell you that 2018 is going to bring a lot of challenges and people don’t like to hear prophetic words like that. They like to hear “bless me, bless me” prophetic words, that “she will be right mate”, is something everyone likes to hear but in the last few weeks, morning after morning from about 3.30-4.00 in the morning to about 6 in the morning

I have been in Gods court room.

You know I was in a court case, and I don’t know, sometimes God lets us go through natural things to understand the supernatural realm. I repeat, to go through the natural to understand the supernatural. I was in the court room for 40 days and one thing I saw was how the court room functions, so much so my wife told me when I talk to you, you talk to me like a lawyer right now. I said that I am not trying to but she said, “Do you realise that you are talking like a lawyer?” When you listen to these guys talk you learn things.

But in the courtroom there was a judge seated there, there was a prosecuting barrister and there was a defending barrister and the plaintiff and the prosecutor …are seated in the gallery. So that was the way… the courtroom operated, to understand what happens in heaven. So in the last few weeks I have been having visitations into heaven and experiencing what’s happens in God’s courtroom, I am not going through all the details but I’ll share it on Australia Day weekend and tonight possibly I will share a bit of it. we are going to spend some time praying tonight. Tonight is going to be really an informal sort of meeting, where are really going to come and really get an ….. prayer , repent and ask the Lord’s leading upon our nation, particularly because we legalised sin in our land.

Someone told me, and they said pastor, sin is sin. Lying is sin, anger is sin, jealousy is sin, I said I understand that but we cannot legalise lies, we cannot legalise adultery, we cannot legalise being angry. When we legalised same sex marriage, we are officially embracing sin. I don’t care what anyone has to say, I have to say that it is wrong. So we have been crying out to the Lord about this, so the Lord took me to heaven’s courtroom and he showed me, all the last few years I have been having this experience, particularly these last few weeks, I won’t go through all the details, something which the Lord showed me in the courtroom was some things which are going to happen.

In 2018 there is going to be 3 attempts on Donald Trump’s life. One will be an assassination attempt. No 2 will be an impeachment attempt. No 3 will be a coup attempt meaning trying to oust the Presidency. But the good news is this that if the church continues to pray and continues to be strong he will survive all 3 attacks and will continue to fulfil God’s plan and purpose for the nations.

Also the Lord showed me that already North Korean death squads are in the western countries they are here to carry out the assassinations on western leaders, they are soft targets. The Lord says to pray against this because the North Korean death squads which are here, not that they really love Kim Jong-un, but their families are held in prison cells, that’s what the Lord showed me, these men are sent out to carry out operations and by a certain date, if they don’t carry out the operations their families will be wiped out in North Korea. So I want you to understand this, this came to me this morning I was really shaken up. North Korean death squads. And the Lord said also to pray, that they be exposed and that there are people in the FBI, in the lefty agenda, in the leftists group who are collaborating with the enemy that they see Donald Trump as their common enemy, so that the Lord will expose these alliances and that these alliances will be broken, that they not be successful to carry out their mandate what the devil has given them to carry out. So these are very serious things which are going to happen next year 2018.

I am going to speak of the Book of Jonah, the Lord is really speaking to me about the book of Jonah…Mark chapter 4 and Matthew 12 (4.54 min mark). I am not going to release everything to you right now but I will speak it out in the next few weeks as we pass through but there is a pattern which is happening…2018, 2019 and 2020 the nations, the next 3 years is going to be a very dark time for many nations and people. Nothing like what we have seen in the past, it is going to be worse than ever. But the good news is, that when the darkness increases…guess what.. the light shines brighter even the smallest lights start shining brighter. The Lord is looking at those lights which are going to bring light to the world and the people who clearly see, who is of the Lord and who is not of the Lord. So I just want to challenge the people who are watching us, the prayer warriors or non prayer warriors you can get into prayer. Pray very specifically the protection over Donald Trump and his family and Mike Pence and his family, and the American administration currently in operation. (5.55 min mark) Pray against the North Korean death squads that have been released, that they will be exposed.

Another thing the Lord is showing me was that, to pray for our Immigration Department, the Immigration Department have been infiltrated by people who support ISIS and their agenda. And that because places like Canada is letting ISIS members come back into the country, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, he does not know whether he is sitting or he is standing, he just let 60 ISIS members come back into Canada, he says he has a plan to reprogram them. (These are killers, they are murderers.).

Sorry …I am going back to North Korea, this might sound really bad, I want to tell you this, what I received this morning was that Kim Jong-un should be removed or wiped out soon. I said Lord, but what about mercy but the response was that there was no room for mercy for him for his is not going to listen. It is a hard word but this is the truth about Kim Jong-un., You need to pray that he will be removed. I don’t know, remove in the sense, whatever way…out of government taken out, he goes into exiled, or he gets killed, if not many others will die because of him. You need to pray for that but also what the Lord showed me just to pray against people using forged passports to come into Australia. So Canadian passports holders can enter Australia through the visa waiver program. In most countries in the West you can fly in without a visa, and they can use that passport to forge a new passport and come into Australia and cause trouble here. Also the Lord said to tell the church to pray against people coming from New Zealand from the backdoor into Australia, not that we don’t want the Kiwis to come, we want the Kiwis to come, the right people to come, wrong people are kept out because that is the gateway through which they can come in right now. So we are going to pray right now”.

Link to video:

PLEASE NOTE – DO NOT MISS THE – Australia Day Prayer meeting and the weekend’s meeting as we will be praying and covering a lot of this this very important issues.

God Bless you,

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    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I just read your prophecy and I just had to tell you how much I
    , too, know
    that hard times are coming- and get so upset, at so many FALSE PROPHETS,
    here , who tell everybody, everything is great.

    Thank you for revealing about what we should pray; and I am
    taping my next
    shows, on 1-20, and will pray for what you raised.

    I love Trump= and knew he would win- but when there was a march against
    him, on or about the day after the inauguration, my heart sunk=
    and I just
    KNEW, that he would be fought every step of the way. That is
    what has been

    The Lord let me know that Trump is King David. Shortly after
    that, rabbis
    in Israel claimed that they felt Trump was a descendant of King
    David, and
    they were checking out his genealogy.

    When Trump rightfully decreed Jerusalem, as Israel’s capitol, I
    wrote him
    to thank him for doing so. As I was writing to him , it came
    to me, that
    he, Trump, did the same thing as did the original King David, about 3000
    years earlier, when he gave Jerusalem to the Jews. Awesome!

    God bless you richly, dear brother in the Lord, for being so
    close to God
    and for bringing forth the TRUE WORD OF THE LORD. Thank you.

    With Jesus’ great love, eve

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