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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,


All Glory, Honour and Praise be to Jesus our Lord and Saviour. On our tour of Israel, He spoke to several of the Team through dreams and visions regarding the birthing of a new move of the Holy Spirit. I am unable to share all of it, but will share 3 dream/visions regarding birthing and nurturing.

1. First sister Margret, while passing Jerusalem in the bus started weeping and travailing, like a mother about to give birth. Soon several others in the bus started to do the same. The presence of God filled the bus. Then a Word from the Lord came through, that He was about to birth a new move of God and that the Harvest is ready. Just then there was a release of the Holy Spirit laughter. Many in the bus just laughed and laughed.

2. Then another intercessor had a dream. Attached is what Sister Marg Lyle wrote.:

“Hi Pastor Daniel,

While we were in Israel I had a very vivid dream. I was in a place where there were many births taking place. I saw some very pregnant women waiting to deliver and in early stages of labour. Others were giving birth. I was on the ground floor looking up at this scene. These others were all up on a mezzanine floor with many different groups each group were assisting babies to be born. On the ground (where I was standing), I saw a baby start to be birthed and realised I had to help this baby be born. As I assisted with the birth I knew someone was telling me what to do. When the baby was born it was covered in afterbirth and I was aware the baby could not breath, it was starting to go purple, it was suffocating. I was staring into the babies eyes as the film of after birth tightened around its face like it was covered in glad wrap. I was aware if I didn’t assist and clear away the afterbirth, clear the babies airways and assist it to breath it would die. So I did all that I needed to do to free up this new born child so it could breathe on its own. Then I slapped it and it took its first breath. It then started breathing on its own and I knew my job was over.

When I awoke the dream was still very vivid. I asked the Lord to tell me what it was about. One thing I remember vividly was that no other baby was being born on the ground floor. All the other babies being born were on the next level. However, I and the group that was with me saw this as something had been birthed by our group in Israel. Margaret from CTFM had been in travail either that day or maybe a few days before (not sure what date it was). It was after we had our picture taken on the hill looking over Jerusalem. Maybe around the time we were staying in Bethlehem.
I was aware that when a baby is born it needs help. The word discipleship was a thought that kept coming to me and Fresh breath of Holy Spirit life. If we don’t do what the Holy Spirit calls us to do – then what God is wanting to be birthed can’t survive. The enemy will always try to abort or kill what is being birthed in the Spirit. But God sends all the help that is needed, we only have to obey His leading. Everything else will take place naturally, as it is the our Creator who is in charge.
Just a few of my own thoughts. I know there is much more to this dream. I am also aware that this is a corporate birthing that I dreamed about, not just for me, the picture is much bigger.

God Bless,
Marg Lyle
Darwin Aglow”

3. The team was in transit at a Hotel in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka overlooking the Ocean, and a very large block of land with beautiful green lawns and Hotels. This place is very well known by Sri Lankan’s and called “Galle-face Green”. It is like a massive open air food court, where thousands of families and friends gather to enjoy their evenings. It is also a place where public meetings and large gatherings are held.

Pastor Daniel had a dream, the first night that they were on transit in Sri Lanka, on their way back to Australia. He said, ” In my dream I had opened the front door of my house in Melbourne and saw several boxes left at my door step, in one box was this beautiful baby. I carried the baby in my arms took the baby in and gave the baby to my wife. Just then Jesus appeared and said in the dream, ‘Nurture this baby. This baby will be called “Reformation Harvest”. I literally jumped off the bed. Then the voice of the Lord told me ” Go to your window, and look outside” As I went to the window and looked outside, from the 14th floor. I saw Galle face Green. Just then the Holy Spirit reminded me of Smith Wigglesworth’s 3 day
revival crusade which was held at this very place around 90-100 years ago. He was travelling from England to Australia, his ship stopped in Colombo Sri Lanka for 3 days. This was a midway stop on their journey. At Galle face Green, in Colombo Sri Lanka (Then called Ceylon) he had the most number of miracles in the shortest time of 3 days. Then he proceeded to Australia and prophesied of the Great end time Reformation which will take place in the turn of the 21st century, before the coming of the Lord Jesus. Which will start in Australia and spread all throughout the earth and usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour”.

Please follow the link to read more on Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecies

Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophetic Word of Australia’s Mighty Revival

Smith Wigglesworth’s. time in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), is documented in the small book titled “The untold stories of Smith Wiggles Worth” Written by one of his very close friends.

Then I had a prompting by the Holy Spirit to pray for the team that morning. But I went back to bed and fell asleep. A little later I woke up with another dream, calling out Repent, Repent, Repent for what we did to the British in Sri Lanka when they brought the Gospel to my fore-fathers. As my country of birth is Sri Lanka. Around 200 years ago when the British brought the Gospel to Australia, they also brought the Gospel to Sri Lanka. Many with rejoicing accepted Jesus, so did my Grand-Parents. My Grandfather was one of the first converts from Hinduism, and went on to become a Methodist Minister. However many people in the country cursed the British, At this point God showed me that the same happened in Australia.

That morning in Sri Lanka at the 5 Star Hotel there was much weeping and repenting on Sri Lankan soil by our team and some Sri Lankans. After which we prayed for revival for the nations. It was not by accident nor coincidence
that we were at this Hotel/Location where Smith Wiggles Worth had a mighty outpouring in Sri Lanka. I think the British and their descendants have said sorry so many times. Now it’s time for the first people of this land Australia to say sorry to the descendants of the British for cursing them for coming on their land. As our land Australia is blessed in material terms, however in moral and spiritual terms it is moving towards bankruptcy. We need a real Reformation. This will only come through Repentance, Revival, Restoration and Reformation.”

This Australia day weekend on 26th-28th Jan 2018 we will be covering the areas of repentance and worship in prayer. Come expecting a breakthrough. Pastor Daniel Nalliah will be praying and imparting the anointing of
the Holy Spirit for the end time out pouring as prophesied by Smith Wiggles Worth.

Shalom and God Bless You,

Patricia Tan

Israel Prayer coordinator
Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

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