Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Praise be to God for what He did on this amazing tour of Israel. The CTFM team, comprising of more than 50 mighty prayer warriors, Worshipped and Praised God and carried out many very important Prayer assignments as led by the Holy Spirit.

CTFM Team at War Memorial in Beersheba, Israel

CTFM Team at War Memorial in Beersheba, Israel

We returned home back to base in Australia last week, with many wonderful stories of what God had done right throughout this trip.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity, to lead such a great team from across Australia, on this very special mission commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Light-horse Victory in Beersheba.

I am unable to recap everything that happened on this tour, but will try my best to give you the highlights of the tour.

At the Melbourne Airport at the departure gates the team sang ‘He is Lord’ and prayed over the gateway, and then soon after departure, up in the air started interceding for Australia.

As we approached Istanbul over Turkey on transit to Tele-Aviv in Israel; I had a prompting from the Holy Spirit to pray that the Ottoman Turk Empire will never raise its head again, that Islam will not be exported out of Turkey, and also for the Salvation of Muslims.

Upon boarding the aircraft, I got permission from the cabin manager to pray over Turkey and the Middle East. Some of the team went to the back of the plane, stretched out our hands and worshipped the Lord and prayed.

Pastor Daniel and Wife in the City of Jerusalem

Pastor Daniel and Wife in the City of Jerusalem

Attending the morning service celebrating the 100th anniversary of the light-horse charge on Beersheba and the victory was one of the main high lights of this trip.

Just to see around 3000 fellow Aussie’s, our PM Malcolm Turnbull and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the service was so touching and brought so much joy.

Then to see around 120 Aussie troopers on horseback do the re-enactment was just amazing.

At this place I had the opportunity to anoint the team with oil and prophetically declare a Light-horse brigade for Jesus.  To liberate Australia and the nations in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. It was just amazing.

It was brought to our attention 11 would be suicide bombers, who were coming through a tunnel in Gaza were killed by Israeli forces. Thank God for His protection.

The next day was baptism in the river Jordan. Here, we prophetically declared that the next 3 years will bring a mighty harvest of souls in to the Kingdom of God.

Some were weeping tears of joy, some were laughing and there was a great sense of joy and expectation in the river.

The upper room in Jerusalem was just awesome, 7 out of the whole group did not pray in tongues. In the upper room, 6 out of the 7 of them prayed in tongues as the Holy Spirit came upon them.

What was most amazing is that there was no one else in the upper room; generally the room is packed with people.

We were able to worship, pray in tongues and declare Smith Wiggles Worth’s Prophetic Word over Australia and the Nations in regard to the end time out pouring of the Holy Spirit, right there in the upper room, where the first revival took place. This was absolutely glorious, the presence of God was all over us.

Just as we were finishing the assignment. The room filled up with people. How amazing is our God.

Then the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee was breadth taking. First we sang the Australian and Jewish national anthem, and raised the respective flags, then to  Jewish Messianic music; the CTFM team started dancing and praising God.

Then on Sea of Galilee we reclaimed the Rainbow in Jesus name, and declared a harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.

Glory to God. On another day as we were driving past the walls of the City of Jerusalem. The CTFM team started praying for the City. One of our ladies started weeping and travailing. Then many in the bus started to weep. At once I heard the clear voice of God, say to me. “ Even as I wept over Jerusalem so are you weeping over MY CITY. But now I will turn your weeping in to Joy.”.

When I gave the word,  people started laughing and laughing. So much so that the whole bus was filled with joy and laughter. The Muslim Arab bus driver was laughing so much, that he almost had to stop the bus to wipe his tears. Just then the people at the bus stop also started laughing. The bus driver told me, ‘ I am feeling so much peace and joy’. Guess what, this man lives in Beersheba.

Just then, I had the prompting of the Holy Spirit saying, “ You are just experiencing a glimpse of revival. Wow !! That was so true as the bus driver and the people at the bus stop, came under the anointing. I don’t have words to explain it all. Thank you Jesus.

I shall stop here. Much more happened. But it will be too long to explain. However in the next few days I will bring you a very important update on what happened in Sri Lanka, where the team was in transit for 2 days on our way back to Australia.

In closing, may I take this opportunity to thank everyone who went on the trip to Israel and all those who could be with us, for your prayers and support. I also thank God for the opportunity he gave me to have my family along with me on this trip.

Follow the  link to watch a slide show of photographs taken Israel

We are hoping and praying for a NO vote win with regards to SSM tomorrow.

 Thanking you,

 God Bless You All,

 Pastor Daniel Nalliah.

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