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Dear Pastor Danny,

Just wanted to thank you for streaming your message preached on September 10th covering so many important issues for our nation.  I had just attended the Come Lord Jesus Conference In Sydney from 7-9th Sept. hearing Bro. Sadhu Selvaraj, Dr. Bruce Allen and Neville Johnson speak,  and was amazed how your message confirmed so much of what God had given them to speak. The conference was followed by 3 days of prayer & fasting for our nation to keep traditional marriage and vote against same sex marriage, so that  Holy Spirit can be poured out.

Thank you for your strong prophetic voice and stand for righteousness regarding pro-life and marriage.  May God encourage you and your wife and family and church to keep fighting the good fight and enjoy many victories.

God Bless from Leonie Henderson.

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  1. 1 Gerrie

    Great message……I agree with Pastor Daniel,when he said pray and cry out for souls,the harvest is here, the good and the bad,I have had dreams where God is highlighting old equipment and the harm it does to those we are called to partner with, we need the new wine and to be new wine skins, also He is waking me up with bird calls like an alarm saying equip equip,we need to be equipped for what is coming, the great revival…..our race we are running is today and together we can support each other,some are stronger that others but we are in this race today because God put us here at this time. yes its shaky and uncomfortable but
    Rise up Church in Australia your light has come and His glory will be seen upon you. ish 60.1
    together we are stronger.

  2. 2 Betty Olson

    1809 E BLUEFIELD AVE Thank you Pastor Dan again. This is a fantastic message from the Lord through you., I sure see the disaster happening here right now. We pray for America here every week now. I praise the Lord for putting you in our lives. We keep praying for you too. This is a very imortant message for now. Thank you. We love you.,

  3. 3 Marina Rewiri

    Thank you for broadcasting this I really enjoyed listening to your message. I’m gonna come and hear you preach one Sunday very soon. Bless you Ps Daniel. Heard appt of good things about you. Now I know why!

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