Mexican-American musician Carlos Santana revealed how believing in Jesus Christ helped him to overcome the chains of depression. When his wife Deborah left him after 34 years of marriage, suicidal thoughts haunted Santana. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he admitted he attempte suicide seven times. It was only through God’s grace that his life was
spared, he said. (Photo: Carlos Santana/via Gospel Herald)

He explained going to a local church, hearing accusing voices saying his life was very miserable. But it was Jesus’ voice that gave him  hope to live and brought him renewed joy that he never found in music.

Aside from the breakdown of his marriage life, Santana carried the weight of his turbulent childhood years. Santana openly talked about growing up in a dysfunctional  family where his father abandoned him. At the age of ten, he was repeatedly molested by a friend’s father who bribed him into silence. The paedophiles actions instilled guilt and fear in the boy. It had taken years before Santana forgave his molester. With the help of God’s grace, the burden of his past was finally lifted…

Santana came to a point where he realized that his life is in  the hands of God, not his own. His dark past helped him to trust in God’s  plan for his life. His father’s abandonment of their family, the family friend who molested him and his tumultuous marriage life made him realize  that it is only through God’s grace that a man can survive…
Santana had a plan to retire as a musician in 2015 to become a  pastor. He said he wants to help people who are undergoing troubles in  their life. He still doesn’t know how the plan is going to unfold, but he  said: “God is not done with me”…

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