Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

1) Please take time to read this article by RUAP that was published on the May 16, 2017.

Rise Up Australia Party thanks the Premier of N.S.W., Gladys Beregiklian and the Premier of Tasmania, Will Hodgman, on their very wise decision to defund the Safe Schools’ program in their states. We commend them on their common sense values which will have long term benefits to our society and communities in discouraging the promotion of unhealthy lifestyle choices for children and youth.
We therefore call on the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, and the Premiers of the remaining States and Territories to do the same.
Rise Up Australia Party agrees with the Australian Family Association in saying that we would have hoped that official resources promoting gender fluidity, encouraging students to transition gender would have been removed from the student Wellbeing Hub Website. As far as our research has shown, after searching the website (above) this has not been done. It still endorses – This Safe schools program which promotes gender fluidity (your biological sex does not necessarily match your gender which is changeable) is a source of propaganda aimed at influencing the most vulnerable sector of our communities, our young student population. We are appalled that this crusade underpinned by the LGBTI movement has not given consideration to the age and maturity of students, nor have parents and /or guardians been invited or encouraged to take part in a student’s decision, whether by anxiety or confusion over their gender, or otherwise. This is encouraging young people to make decisions without parental input and to usurp parental authority to favour an educator’s guidance.
We find it appalling and against natural authority that schools think they have the right to bar a parent from even knowing that their child is considering making the transition to another gender. Our view is that parents have the God given right of authority over their own children and that the State, a mindless entity, could not possibly have a specific child’s welfare at heart, nor the nurturing ability required for the development of unique individuals.
We remind you that the LGBTI movement which drives the Safe Schools Program, is an Ideology birthed by their own personal insecurities of which gender they believe they are best suited to.
This is a minority belief system based on personal choice and desired living. It should never reach a place where it is taught and promoted as a natural choice that one should consider. Such teaching has only succeeded in confusing and inhibiting the otherwise clear thinking rational minds of our children and Youth, which of course is the hidden agenda of the ‘Unsafe School Program’.
In closing we will leave you with this extract from an article published by The Australian Family Association (TAFA) on the 9th of May 2017
“The numbers of children presenting with gender dysphoria(anxiety, dissatisfaction and mania disorders) to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has risen from 40 cases in 2013 to an estimated 250 in 2016, with ‘Safe Schools’ introduced in 2014. This is quite disturbing. In the May edition of Quadrant, eminent Australian paediatrician Dr. John Whitehall,* Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Western Sydney, says “Blockers and cross sex hormones cause structural alterations in the brain. No one knows the long term effects. Their use in childhood dysphoria is utterly experimental. There is no reliable evidence of long term benefits to recipient children. Most will grow out of it by puberty. So, why medicalise the confusion?”
Why has the Federal Coalition Government persisted with including these dangerous resources on the government’s Student Wellbeing Hub while state coalition governments are scrapping ‘safe schools’ because they can see the harm they are causing children.”
Our sentiments exactly!

May God Bless our Nation

Ps Daniel Nalliah

2) Also here is a link by Breaking Christian News regarding ‘A major prayer alert via Jim Baker: The Lord told me President Trumps’ life is in danger- pray for his safety’.
Please click the link to read the article

3) This Sunday, we have a very special, anointed and powerful guest speaker all the way from Sri-lanka, and he is going to be ministering here at Catch the Fire at 10am.
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear the word of God.
There will be live webcast from 10am so please tune in and receive your blessing from the Lord this Sunday.


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