This Easter, like others times in the past, is marred by the threats of terrorism and Natural disasters. Fear can creep into our hearts as we survey the world’s predictions of terror attacks, bomb threats, beheading, Isis invasions, climate catastrophes, a failing economy and the latest is invasion  by aliens. It’s enough to send a chill up anyone’s spine.

The Word of God tells us that in the last days, men’s hearts will fail them for fear. (Luke 21:26) As we draw closer to His return and survey the condition of the world we can gain a better understanding of that scripture. In the literal sense fear can actually bring on a heart attack. And in the spiritual sense fear can separate us from God causing us to be anxious, unbelieving and faithless. Having lost all hope, and choosing to believe what we see rather than what the Word of God promises us, we turn away from God and Life. We were not the first to do this.

This Easter as always Jesus holds out his hand to you and me. No matter where we are on our spiritual walk we need Jesus to permeate through our very beings. He will meet you where you are on the ’road’ and together you will continue the journey.

Following are some thoughts on how we can strengthen our relationship with JESUS.     Each time you read the Bible it is good to begin by asking God to speak to you and give you understanding as you read. Think about things like who the author was, what was happening in the world at the time the author wrote, and what was the message he was trying to convey. Finally, make sure you think about how you can apply what you have read to your life.

The Easter Story is the most wonderful story ever told, and what is so great about it, and makes it so exciting for us is …. that it’s our Story.

Genesis 1:1 says in the beginning God created all things. And when Man was first created, everything that God had made was good and He intended that Man would have a close relationship with Him. It even says in Genesis that God used to walk with Adam and Eve in the garden. This was how it was meant to be. For us to have meaning and purpose in our lives we need to have a relationship with our Creator- God who gave us life in the first place.

Our problems first started when Man first disobeyed God. They were deceived by Satan into thinking that knowledge was more desirable than what they had available to them in the Garden, which God permitted them to have. Their problem was they did not believe God and they rejected his Word by eating the fruit from a tree He had told them not to eat from.      Why did they eat? Because they thought they would become great like God. (Genesis 3). Does this scenario sound familiar?

Because they disobeyed God it caused a spiritual separation between them and their Creator, a separation that left them and ultimately all of mankind feeling distant, ashamed and insecure, yet also proud, boastful and self-sufficient. That also sounds like many of us today.

The separation was permanent – meaning eternal spiritual death. We all know that sin separated Adam and Eve spiritually from God, and then because we inherited their sin, us also. – It is a separation that plagues men and women to this day. We sin every time we fall short of the perfection God intended for us.

Sin rules our world and even with the greatest intentions, we still sin every day. In fact, the Bible says, “ … all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, (ROMANS 3:23) and goes on to say that, “the wages of sin are death” (ROMANS 6:23).

If our story ended there it would not be a very happy ending – but because our God loves us so much and He knew that the only way to save us from eternal separation was to challenge sin Himself. Someone had to pay the price of sin (eternal death) to release mankind from the curse. Only God could qualify because he was sinless. Therefore he became the ultimate sacrifice by becoming a man himself – giving us part of Himself in the form of His Son Jesus. Our Lord Jesus, who lived a life without sin, paid the price of sin in our place. He shed his blood and died physically on a cross, then after his death on the cross He, loaded with our sin, endured separation from the Father, went down into hell and took the keys of Death and Hades from Satan. But because He had no sin of his own, death could not hold him down, so up from the grave he arose, mighty and triumphant over his foes.

What God’s Son did and endured on our behalf was amazing. He paid the price we could not pay; the price of sin is eternal death and because we are sinners we could not become sinless by our own doings to pay the price. The only way was for the Father who was sinless to give His sinless son to take our place. He stood in our place as was the Fathers will. Spiritually Jesus took our place in Hell; that means that when we accept his spirit into our lives our sins haveeee been paid for already as we have inherited His spirit which has already paid for our sins in Hell, therefore we do not have to pay for them again. We do not have to be separated from the Father or to suffer in Hell, because Jesus already went there and did it in our place. Suddenly that emptiness and separation we experienced is no longer there. Instead we have a hope, and a future, and eternity with Jesus, God’s Son. For He has risen He is Alive and we who have accepted his gift are also alive in him now and for evermore.


May our Lord God Bless you abundantly as you read His word




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