Dear family & friends in Christ,

Please watch and share these two YouTube videos of Ps Daniel sharing his recent prophetic vision regarding Donald Trump and the upcoming American Presidential Election. (Part 2)

You may also read the written transcript at

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  1. 1 Forde

    Thank you for email and your work. Blessings, Forde.

  2. 2 Irene

    Dear Jason,
    It is late in the evening but I felt to open up the computer and I am glad to say the first message I saw was Catch the Fire Ministries. I truly believe at this time that as an intercessor I am standing in the gap for the elections in the USA and it is a tough battle going on in the heavenlies. One can feel almost abandoned even though I had such visitations of Jesus beforehand, reassuring me that He would be with me in all that was about to take place, but it was so easy to lose sight of that when plunged into darkness and a raging storm. I saw Him in Majesty as well as a family party, with music, laughter and talking with Him, at 3.0 a.m. one night and during the day. He reassured me that after this particular task, my joy will be such as I have never experienced before. So, we stand with Him as we see His Divine Will for the USA. From the very start I knew that Mr Trump was a man chosen for a time such as this. Every time I see him I have this witness within, and it feels as if God is smiling! The last major intercession I experienced was for Brexit and I am thrilled at the way I was given a part to play in that though pretty scary at the time. However, the happiness and joy on the day of the result was worth every bit of discomfort beforehand. I was suddenly like the young calf in the stall,light footed and leaping. So, I must stand my ground at this time and trust my Lord though I have been in such awful suffering for six weeks. Terribly weak and at times, unable to walk across the room, almost feeling suffocated with sinus and breathing and bodily pains. Hence I am asking your dear Pastor Daniel if he would offer a prayer for healing for me on Sunday morning. Just the thought of being prayed for during the service would be so comforting to me. I am going to watch the five minute video now and I do hope I am not too late with my request but happy to have been able to talk with you. Thank you with all my heart.
    Shalom from Irene (Adelaide)

  3. 3 Vivienne

    Thank you for the updates. We are praying for Trump.

    I read Pslam 144 this morning and verse 10 and 11 stood out.

    I’m believing the Lord is saying, “I give salvation unto kings (Trump) and deliver Him from the hurtful sword…and from those (strangers -unsaved) whoee mouths speak vanity and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood.”

    I’m decreeing this word of Gods regarding any impending hurtful words that the enemy fires out in these last days before the election.

    God bless,

  4. 4 Carol

    Thanks so much for sharing with us your vision. My church is praying earnestly for the US Elections. We are holding 4 prayer focus events for US elections.

    God bless and keep sharing your updates.


    Redcliffe, Qld
    Lord of the Breakthrough Church

  5. 5 Rod

    Bless you. This is so important.


  6. 6 Uta

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    I have done whatever I could in sending this vision about Trump to people to pray and intercede! To Germany too!
    May GOD bless you richly,

  7. 7 Eve

    Thank you Pastor Danny– for the enclosed and for confirming what I know that TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE- and his making America Great Again- will really benefit so many other nations on earth , in Jesus’ mighty name and by and through His blood, amen and amen!

    God bless you all, with Jesus’ great love, Eve

  8. 8 Margie

    Hello Pastor Daniel, what a powerful word from The Lord to you to share with the church. God bless you for your obedience to Our precious Father in Heaven. Shalom, from Margie

  9. 9 Hazel

    Glory to God Pastor Daniel! Amazing interview with God in the Throne Room!! Joining the P&F for USA and petition God to “call Trump forth into Born Again experience and Presidency”. I see Trump’s acknowledgement of Anerican support to Israel and PM Netanahu. With God’s fire of Holy Ghost within him, Trump could be a Godly President!!

    Blessings to You and Lovely Wife,

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