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Dear friends and family in Christ,

Please watch and share this following dream / vision given to Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah, on Thursday 10th Nov 2016 at 2.20am.

Ps Daniel woke this morning at around 2.20am, shaking, as he had a dream with gun shots being fired.

He states, “I asked the Lord, What is this Lord,” then I saw the words ‘Assassination plot on President Elect, Donald Trump at Oval office’”

Immediately I started praying and I had a strong impression that there was a plan to assassinate the President Elect Donald Trump when he visits Obama at the Oval office or maybe another location (if he decides against the Oval office) in the next 3 months.

In the vision, Trump was seated talking to Obama, and then all of a sudden someone entered the room with a semi-automatic rifle and started firing shots. Obama took cover behind a large box or desk in the Oval office, and came out unhurt. There was much panic; I could not see Trump.

Obama then declared martial law. This would mean he would run the country once again.

It was then when I had the prompting that Trump must not visit, accept an invitation or meet with Obama in the White House or elsewhere at all, but especially not alone until he takes over the White House at the appointed time.

Trump must not relax his security and must wear a bullet proof vest while attending meeting in public and if he has to go to the White House for any reason until such time that the Obama administration has ended and is out of that place.

I personally think that Obama is not a Christian, nor or a Patriotic American; but instead is carrying out a mandate to open the doors for Islam to spread in the USA and throughout the world.

Please try your best to get this message to as many people as possible.  Pray for protection for Trump and his family.

Also if you could please forward these messages to your contacts in the US, who may be able to get this, message to Trump ASAP.

I have sent this to all my contacts. This morning I spoke to some of them in the US who told me that there is quite a bit of unrest in many parts of the America and that there was a sense of fear amongst the people.

May I encourage the church to pray like you have never done to this point. Your prayers certainly saw Donald Trump through to being elected. Now your petitions to our Lord God Almighty can keep him protected to enable him to carry out the Will and Purposes of God.

“See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” Isaiah 42:9

Following are the two video links to the prophetic vision I received several weeks ago, regarding some important details of how God would appoint Trump to the Presidency of the USA.  (Part 1) (Part 2)

You may also read the written transcript at

May God bless and keep you all,

Ps Daniel Nalliah”

25 Responses to “For urgent action – Dream / Vision given to Ps Daniel – of a possible plan to Assassinate the 45th American President Elect Trump at the Oval office or another location”

  1. 1 Victor

    I think so Pastor Danny. The way he is doing things, look like it’s going to be another JFK. 1963.!!! For sure ..!!
    Same thing happen in that election. I believe Many Christian Pray in America and around the World . And get what. NOW…!!! Things have been delay. Remember . WE are in the last Days. The Seals are Open. Victor

  2. 2 San Tanna

    Yes, I know a man of prayer and fasting that had the SAME dream. You can believe it! Christians everywhere must pray for Elijah’s mantle of protection to be on Mr Trump. Satan wants the spirit of Elijah to be quenched and for the Islamification of America to continue. President Obama has only until January 18th to keep letting Muslim in and he will do as much as possible to help this. Mr Trump must be protected like King David who was no longer allowed to go to war for the sake of the nation. My righteous friend saw in his dream the anger of Hillary Clinton and her friends. They have promised much to Saudi in return for funding and now have no way of fulfilling their word. Demons are at work in her and the young people of America who have been led astray by the evil agenda of those who have sought to destroy the moral standards of America. Hillary and her closest supporters are like an injured dragon with a head wound, people think that she is dead politically bit NO she will try to rise again like a false resurrection. It is nothing for rich and evil people to do what has happened to John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King and JR Ewing and pay for them to be shot for political reasons. There are many insane and demon possessed people who are able to be used by satan for this like in the dream. Everyone must pray that mr Trump will be safe and become the manifest son of God’s Kingdom so that there will be another great awakening. Mr Trump is making the devil and his demons very mad because the devil didn’t see this coming, they thought they had all the people for Hillary but NO! God has raised a mighty standard and it is like a flood and if everyone prays enough then the flood will come and wash away the evil of those who do the evil that is stopping America from being the great America that it is meant to be. I am praying a lot about this.

  3. 3 Sarah

    We need to be in prayer that they won’t assassinate Trump on Inauguration Day in January either!

  4. 4 Janice

    Dear Ps Daniel, I have just received an email regarding the visions you had about President elect, Donald Trump. I have been praying for Donald Trump, knowing Hillary Clinton is evil. I had heard via a prophet that God was going to use Donald Trump. Would you add me to your mailing list please that I may be informed.
    Thank you and Gods blessings to you.

  5. 5 Ron

    I think we are a little behind in the news aren’t we about Donald Trump needing to get Born Again? …I heard he did it some weeks ago. I Praise God for that man.

    I am sure we can expect great things for America now.And I am sure revival can now start in America also…
    I am also glad that Donald will put back the coming of the Antichrist into the world for a season..Praise the Lord Yeshua.

    Thank you, & please keep up the good work.


  6. 6 Lynn

    Shalom shabbat,

    I received an email today forward Pastor Daniel’s recent vision regarding Donald Trump. I have forwarded it to many, including a Christian Zionist pastor in Jerusalem who is a friend of PM Netanyahu, who may well be willing to forward to Mr Trump. Pray.

    From your email circulating Pastor’s vision, I particularly noticed the name of the ministry. I remembered this name – one, because it was used by John Wimber, and two, I was told of a prophecy many years ago by a pastor in Victoria with this ministry’s name, given prior to the vote by the Victorian government on abortion. The prophecy told that, approx, there was punishment in store for Victoria if this Bill was passed. They passed the Bill, then tragically the dreadful fires in NE Victoria happened. The Premier, I forget his name – John something, rejected the prophecy and when reminded of it later, said something to the effect that “it would be sick to think that God would work like that”. Sorry this is very vague but I’ve thought of that a few times, but it was brought to mind this morning when I read your email. Was it Pastor Danny back then?

    Just interested to know. I visit Sydney twice a year, where my parents emigrated to 40 years ago! I was going with them to a bible study group where the couple who ran it used to live in Sale for many years, and possibly thru there received the prophecy re the abortion bill warning from God.

    Anyway, if you’ve time to reply then it would be good to know.


  7. 7 Jonathan

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you very much for sharing the messages you’ve received from the LORD with us re. President Donald Trump.

    When I was watching post-election programmes on TV yesterday (Wednesday) the thought of President Donald Trump being assassinated by Obama, Clinton, et al. popped into my mind more than once. Then listening to Obama and Clinton and their efforts to emphasise the importance of a “smooth transition” and their commitment to it, gave rise to the thought that they were being deceitful and false in this assertion because they were committed precisely to its opposite.

    There are more over 2 months before President Trump could assume office, and, to me, the threat of assassination, with the complicity of Obama and Clinton, is a grim possibility looming over him. I wonder if you would be so kind as to share your spirit’s witness to the following by Glenda Jackson. (21/4/2016)

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

  8. 8 Susan

    Dear Ps Daniel,


    The below email I received at 5.57 a.m. this morning, dated 10 Nov., with 2 prophecies from Lana Vawser of Brisbane, Qld., re the Throne Room crowning of Donald Trump shown her 2 months ago; and ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS WARNING vision given her earlier yesterday 10 Nov., and calling for intercession and for angels of ‘ASCENT’, explained, to lift Donald Trump up OVER the demonic hordes’ plans she was shown – in a “commissioning room” of the enemy with scrolls with strategies –
    and calling for intercession for the healing and the revival plans for the USA of Jesus.


  9. 9 Venila

    Dear Pastor this is very serious! We will pray that God protect the president and he protects you. I am really amazed to see your courage! Thanking God for you.

    May God protect u and ur family.


  10. 10 Bruce

    Thanks for your encouraging emails. I prayed a lot last night to foil the enemy’s plans to harm Trump. Bruce

  11. 11 Phil

    Pastor Danny’s assassination dream/vision is in some Qld rags today. I assume you have done some googling and found the older warnings from Russia. If deeply concerned, could he fly over and kick on doors? But whenever a new president is elected people everywhere give assassination scenarios by the bucket full. Doesn’t mean smart killers have not got inside the communications systems.

    October 30, 2015
    Russia Warns Of Donald Trump Assassination Plot, US Refuses To Hear
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
    A chilling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the life of current front-running US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump may be in “grave danger” after the discovery of his personal travel itinerary with a known Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “routing/computing number” was discovered on a laptop device seized from the Islamic terrorists responsible for the killing of 43 French nationals. [Note: quotes are added for Russian words having no exact English counterpart and are meant to be understood in their most general context]

    According to this report, and as we had previously reported on in our 26 October report Terror Attack On French Bus That Killed 43 Linked To Islamic State, found in the possession of the 5 Saudi Arabian nationals detained by Lebanon’s intelligence services this past Monday after their private jet was forced to land by Federation Aerospace Forces was a “heavily encrypted” laptop computer device.

    Upon Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) seizing of this laptop device, this report continues, they requested assistance from the SVR in “defeating” its encryption, which was immediately granted.
    Once this laptop was in the possession of the SVR, this report notes, it was flown to Moscow where computer security analysts were able to unlock its “secret information”, of which the most “startling/confusing” was a document listing the entire travel itinerary and private security plans of Donald Trump for the month of October.
    Contained “within/on” this Donald Trump itinerary document too, this report further notes, was a “routing/computing number” the SVR had previously ascertained was used by the CIA in their communications with Islamic terrorist forces they are supporting and arming in Iraq and Syria operating in the Levant War Zone.

  12. 12 Sonia

    Hi Jason,
    We are praying for Donald Trump. Lana Vawser was given a similar warning this afternoon.

  13. 13 Robin

    Just a quick reply watched all election results and as soon as Trump was declared the winner I felt this urgency to pray for him and his families protection and to cover them with the blood of Jesus and have some of my friends doing the same
    God bless you all,

  14. 14 Irene

    Thank you for alerting us. Will pray accordingly. Irene

  15. 15 Jude

    As well as going into battle in prayer together with my family I have sent emails to Mike Pence (on the webpage), Lance Wallnau (a prophetic Christian who works closely with Trump), Tony Abbott as well as one nation members which I’m sure you have probably contacted anyway. My son Luke posted a warning on Trump’s facebook account.

    Our family has been praying together. Donald’s set to meet Obama in the Oval Office at 11am US time. We are speaking Psalm 91 over Donald as well as requesting that the Lord expose the enemy’s plans. We take the authority that Jesus has given us over the earth and over the enemy in all his forms as Jesus said recorded in Luke 10:19. Praying that Donald and his team will have wisdom and declaring the Lord’s protection and His mighty warrior angels to surround him in the name above all names, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. God is for him so who can (succeed) against him! Only believe!

    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


  16. 16 Lyn

    Hi All,

    That is not surprising as I had the same thought as I was praying this morning. I thought of the Kennedys. I have been praying for God’s protection all morning. My readings today were Phil 4:1-9; Psalm 63:1-11; Psalm 143:5-6 and of course the usual Psalm 91; Psalm 34:7 and Eph 6:10-20. Yes we must keep watch and not give up. It is time for President Trump to give his heart to the Lord. Prov 3:5-8. God has got Him this far, so I am sure that He is not through with Him yet!!. God is still in control and is His Protector and Guide and will see him through– I am sure. Joshua 1:9; Joshua 24:14,15

    Yes for sure our God means business too and has stripped the devil of his power Col 2:15

    Praise God– all Glory to His holy name!!

    God bless America!

  17. 17 Andrew

    Hello, This dream of Danny’s about an assasination attempt on Trump and the resultant Martial Law seems to confirm some prophetic messages on the internet that Martial Law is coming to the USA and Obama may as a consequence remain in office. I saw these some weeks back. We will definitely be praying for Donald right now ! ! ! Thanks, Andrew

  18. 18 Linda

    My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    I must agree with you about the urgency to pray for God’s protection for Mr Trump and his family. As I watched his victory speech on television last night, I felt an overwhelming push to pray! It was an automatic reaction to a Holy Spirit call to pray.
    Thank you for this affirmation.
    Peace and blessings,

  19. 19 Susan

    Have just read the email re the dream/vision RE DONALD TRUMP to Pst.Pr. Daniel. I sure hope, pray he will find a way to WARN HIM. Will now listen to it.

    Steve Schults Founder of the Elijah List would have contacts, he is friends with Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pearce, Lou Engle.

    Danny being taken to the Court of Heaven a few days ago, with warning; having warned Congress, House of Lords, Canberra etc. etc.

    Was aware of such a threat. Been praying day and night, along with so many round the world, thank the LORD; will continue.


  20. 20 Ray

    I agree there most likely will be an assassination attempt, as obviously the un-godly would not want someone God has plans for in the White House.

    I also think the Cash Crash will now be a certainty, and it was probably the back-up plan in case Clinton missed out.
    There has been much speculation there was a serious crash coming, so maybe they can blame the Donald for that.

    I have been reading about the going’s on with the Clinton’s and their satanic mates. It makes ones blood run cold, particularly the child sacrifices and child paedophilia. They are a really, really disgusting, immoral mob, with them anything goes to achieve their goals.

    God bless,


  21. 21 Karin

    Our prays for Donald Trump has just begun. Karin

  22. 22 Bron

    YES, I CAN CONFIRM. the lord showed me they were planning an assassination attempt….
    The one we saw last week was to ‘check’ and ‘threat’…
    Psalm 91..


  23. 23 Kelli

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,
    I also had a dream last night – I was told of this woman who had just murdered a baby!! I plus many others just could not believe that this woman, a mother herself with 3
    small children could be guilty of such a crime. However,someone told me she had stalked her victim in the park and so she had deliberately murdered this baby.

    I only submit this dream to u because it could relate to the infancy of President Trump’s office ?

    Yours in Christ,

  24. 24 Maryann

    Dear CTF min,

    My name is Maryann and I am an agency Registered nurse who works in Nursing Homes –thankyou to you for all info you post to me for prayer.You are accurate on Tony Abbott but he is flying under the radar at the moment and about Donald Trump-what a lovely fellow.Must continue to pray for them both.Last night I worked as a registered nurse in a local Nursing home 11/12/16.
    I worked with a nurse who is quite experienced and who shared that euthanasia is being practised in a melbourne she knows because she supported her mum in law recently as she actively sought and was euthanized.The procedure takes 2 stages soon to be one-first injection anaesthetises the patient and second injection kills them.I informed her that this is breaking the law she responded not for long.My nurses union supports this- I don’t.I am grieved.I cannot remember the name of the melbourne hospital,caulfield I’m not sure.I”m informing you of this because it is against the common law and Gods law and needs intercession.

    Thank you In Christ,

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