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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

August 24th 2016 – Brisbane Times

Tributes have begun flowing in for the British backpacker slain in a frenzied stabbing in north Queensland.

Friends have described Mia Ayliffe-Chung as an infectiously happy young woman as news of her death in Home Hill, a rural town about 75km south-east of Townsville, spreads to her former home on the Gold Coast.

The 21-year-old arrived in Australia about a year ago on a working holiday. She had been working as a waitress at Gold Coast nightclubs before making her way north for the backpacker rite of passage on the harvest trail.

She completed her first day on a sugarcane farm on August 17 and began sharing photos of her experience on social media.

3 Responses to “Home Hill ‘Allahu Akbar’ stabbing: Police investigate possible extremism link”

  1. 1 Colin

    Hi Daniel,
    I find it amazing that … the Government keeps calling it a criminal motivated attack and not a religious one and I just want to know why. Here is some simple truth – truth which most of our leaders and media elites fail to grasp: If we wish to survive as a nation, then we must take seriously known threats against us. When groups say they intend to kill us and enslave us, then we had better take them seriously. The first step in protecting our nation and our way of life is to identify – and name – the enemy. If we are so gutless and clueless to refuse to take this most basic of steps in national survival, then we probably deserve to lose it all. But I for one will not go down without a fight.
    Regards, Colin

  2. 2 Mike Lyons

    I agree with Colin’s comment. WHY are our leaders apparently so hamstrung by political correctness, shear naivety, or blind ignorance that this issue of Islamic violence it not addressed.
    The plain and simple reality is that Islam has not historically, nor in the current global community ever presented as a religion of “tolerance & peace”.
    The most basic reading of the Qu’ran and Haddith will confirm that. The word Islam itself is something of a giveaway – it means submission!!
    I accept that there are good and decent Muslim folk in the community who wish to divorce themselves from the violence and extremism, however this represents a personal choice, not the dictates of Islam itself.
    I believe the infidel community (us disbelievers) would be far more impressed if the Muslim community was more outraged over the violent extremes of other Muslims, & were more sympathetic to the victims to bombings, church burning, and Muslim aggression in general, than being outraged over a cartoon & pretty much ignoring the rest.
    We hear from Muslim spokesmen the usual rhetoric about Muslim victimization every time we need to beef up security etc, but virtually nothing about the global jihad resulting in countless deaths, & persecution of non Muslims

  3. 3 Eduardo

    According to the Herald Sun “it was not an act of terror” … So we must conclude that it was an act of love …Eduardo

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