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June 08, 2016 – Express – Katie Mansfield

EXTREMISTS forced dozens of Christians to flee after torturing them and destroying their homes.

29 Christians were beaten after refusing to reconvert to Hinduism in the village of Katholi in India.

Hindu extremists went on the rampage at a public meeting and vandalised their homes.

The extremists started a vendetta against the families, including eight children, and performed rituals ahead of the public meeting and repeatedly ordered the families to convert.

When the Christians refused to convert at the meeting, men, women and children were beaten.

Six people were left seriously injured and forced to travel miles for help.A spokesman for Christian charity Open Doors said: “The villagers accused them saying- because of you our god and goddess are fleeing from our village.

“When they refused to forsake Christ they began to beat them.

“Beating them they drove them towards their houses and threw out their belonging.

“They also started vandalising their houses. To save themselves the believers ran away from the village and reported it to the police.”Police investigating the incident ordered the extremists to stop their attacks.

Four days later the families returned to their destroyed homes but were forced to leave when angry villagers made death threats.

A spokesman for Open Doors added: “The authorities asked them to return and said they would sort it out but they went back and were surrounded.

“The villagers were making death threats so they were forced to leave again.“They had to leave behind a 70-year-old woman and some of the children who couldn’t run fast enough.”

“Sadly persecution of Christians in India is rising.

“Hindu extremists have been attacking Christians more frequently and more violently. This is happening across India and has increased by 34% since 2013.

“Christians are also finding they are prevented from getting certain jobs, buying land or developing land in certain areas and even distributing Christian literature has led to arrests in cities like Delhi.

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