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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Daniel Nalliah stated today, “I watched Donald Trump’s speech twice and I must state that it’s one of the best speeches I have heard in my lifetime.

I fully agree with almost everything he said and hope he is elected as President of USA and not Hilary Clinton.

Yes, it is true that some very good candidates contested the republican party race for nomination to run for presidency.

Finally, with all the odds against him, Donald Trump, a complete outsider to the political scene, has prevailed and won the nomination.

Now the American people have a choice between Mrs Clinton and Mr. Trump.

The choice is very clear, it is Mr Trump.

I so loved his politically in-correct speech and the response from the people. I pray that Donald Trump will be the next President of the USA.”

If you did not watch his  speech at the American Republican Convention, you may click the following link.

Mr Nalliah has had the opportunity to be on several US TV networks when he visited America on several occasions, particularly in 2000 & 2004 when Mr George Bush was elected, and then in 2008 & 2012 before the election of Mr Obama.

He warned the American people, voting for Mr Obama would be a big mistake. It is now very clearly evident.

America needs a strong man like Trump to put the country back in order.

We wish Mr Trump the very best.


10 Responses to “A must watch speech from Donald Trump at the Republican Convention”

  1. 1 Mike

    Exactly. Me too! Mike

  2. 2 David

    Hi. I wonder if Hillary Clinton is one to to elected as per a prophecy given to William Branham by an angel I think back in the sixties. Check it on YouTube. It was stated an evil woman would rise. God bless, David

  3. 3 Michael


    I agree with you! Perhaps another Nebuchadnezzar…



  4. 4 Christine

    We have been praying that Donald Trump wins too. Australia needs Donald Trump influence to our P.M and our Government. Christine

  5. 5 Bruce and Roselyn

    We agree 100% with you. We watched Donald Trump’s speech and yes there are some things that we may not totally agree with, but he is certainly the man that we pray gets elected as President and not Hilary Clinton who would destroy the USA and what it really stands for…..In God We Trust.

    God Bless you and the work you are doing,

    Bruce and Roselyn

  6. 6 Ku

    Totally agree with you. I have always believed Trump is the president who can get back USA. I am not American.

    1. Some Christian critics pin point on his marital & bankruptcy history . They also pointed out that he will be like Bush, claiming born again for election purpose to get evangelical votes.

    2. He did not get funding from anyone (business elites) , so he can’t be biased in policies. We need to pray very hard for this? Last USA election. Obama may sabotage this election.

    3. He had started changing his manner & attitudes. Who does not have bad temper? Some female Christian friends don’t like him due to his out spoken manner condemning women, etc.

    God bless!


  7. 7 Daniel

    Hi Jason,

    I like him too, at first not. But with the media attacks on him and his support of law and order and law enforcement officers, military strength and traditional core Republican/Conservative values, he is the man.

    He is authentic, and he will clearly defeat Hillary who has been in one stuff up after the other.

    The polls are misleading as some Democrats may not even show up to vote as they might feel it’s wasting their time. They may not feel energized to vote for Hillary.

    You watch, the story will continue, the media will continue their vile attacks on him. The train will grow longer and he will romp it in,

    I am predicting the most popular President in US history with Donald Trump.



  8. 8 Jocelyn

    So grateful for this helpful information as I have not known what to make of Mr Trump. So good to know how to pray.
    Blessings, Jocelyn

  9. 9 June

    Thanks for sending this. I believe he is the right man. He seems so genuine too.
    God bless America!!! I would vote for him too.


  10. 10 Thalia

    Dear Mr Nalliah,

    Thank you for your comments re Donald Trump.

    The media make light of him and pull him down.

    I needed your balanced comments.


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