March 24, 2016 – Daniel Greenfield

After every Muslim terror attack, the media starts claiming that anyone warning about Muslim terrorism is “playing right into ISIS’ hands”. Google and you’ll see too many examples of this meme to count after the Brussels attacks.

“Playing right into ISIS’ hands” is another version of “Shoot the messenger”. If you point out the problem, you’re responsible for it. If you talk about Muslim terrorism, ISIS will be able to recruit more terrorists. Unlike when Obama decided to ignore them and they seized major parts of Syria and Iraq.

Warning that there’s a problem is the only way to solve it. Pretending the problem isn’t there solves nothing. The technical term for it is cover-up.

Muslims don’t join ISIS because people warn about Islamic terrorism. They join ISIS because they believe in rebuilding a Caliphate and living under full Islamic law. They aren’t jobless, marginalized or desperate youth. They’re fanatical killers.

But do you know what really plays into ISIS’ hands? Muslim immigration.

ISIS does not care what Americans say about it. It cares a great deal about the strategic problems of carrying out attacks abroad. The only way to do that is Muslim immigration, in the past, present or future tense. Without it, ISIS has no way of doing anything here. With it, it can strike anywhere that the Muslim settler population is embedded.

Warning about Muslim terrorism doesn’t play into the hands of ISIS. Bringing millions of Muslims to as a recruiting base for Muslim terrorists does.

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  1. 1 Kim Kee

    In order to fight your enemy of terrorism and militant islam you have to be able to discuss, analyse and name the problems as it really is otherwise how could you fight, protect, plan if you don’t know the namese or problems of what you are dealing with. Appeasement
    and fear is of the devil, devil would love people to recoil in fear in inaction, this is how islam advanced terrorize others into submission the term islamophobia is submit to islam blindly have no will, no voice, no courage to live out what one will think, feel or choose. Those who speak up are not islamophobia or fear of islam they have courage, will, conscience and moral ethics after all crimes, violence done in that name islam, why Muslims still believe in islam or muhammad is beyond me why don’t feel, question,
    think, for themselves it look as though they die within, actually Muslims are the victims of their evil ideology and evil culture and their
    islamic ways of life, a social system how to conduct on earth. I felt sorry for them and their women very afraid no freedom to think
    for themselves always others to think for them, their families, society etc. We love Muslims and pray that God will open their
    spiritual eyes to see their needs for Christ and be set free from fear. Kim

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