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Dear friends & family in Christ in Victoria,

Infant Viability Bill March at 2pm this Saturday 21st May 2016 on the steps of Parliament House Spring St. Melbourne.

Speaker: Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins – Can we save babies from late term abortions?

Please spread the word for many Pro-Lifers to attend!

For more info see

From Katrina Heller of Right to Life News – “In Victoria, in 2010, 366 babies over 20 weeks gestation were aborted, and in 2011, 378 babies over 20 weeks gestation were aborted. That is more than one baby per day. These figures are from the Victorian Report of the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity, the latest published figures.

The Infant Viability Bill, read for the second time on 13th April by Rachel Carling-Jenkins and due to be debated in May 2016, will offer mothers over 24 weeks pregnant, holistic care instead of abortion.

The Infant Viability Bill has 3 parts – Mothers over 24 weeks gestation who are distressed must be referred to pregnancy support services appropriate to their needs – such as housing and accommodation, psychological counselling, emotional and social support and/or financial counselling. Besides saving the baby’s life, this will help the mother deal with her problems. Currently abortion is viewed as an “easy” solution to a problem, but the abortion does not solve the problem; the problem remains, and gets entrenched or worse. The problem has to be addressed, so that the baby’s life is saved and the mother is assisted. Pregnancy support services are available to meet the needs of mothers who are facing a difficult time. Abortion will not be offered to women over 24 weeks gestation – they will be offered assistance instead.

The second part of the Infant Viability Bill is that infants who are born after 24 weeks will be allowed to live. If there is a medical emergency which threatens the life of the mother, the baby will be induced and born alive, and given neonatal care, so that the baby will be provided with the means of continuing life. Abortion will not be offered, the baby need not be killed to remove the pregnancy. Both mother and baby will be cared for.

The third part of the bill contains offences against the doctor and medical institution that carries out an abortion over 24 weeks, not the mother, who can be in a very vulnerable state and often unduly influenced by the advice of a doctor or person close to her whom she might expect to help her.

Why has 24 weeks been chosen? Because this is the age of undisputed viability, that is, if the ability to survive outside the womb. Viability increases with gestational time – over 24 weeks more than two thirds of babies born alive will survive, babies born earlier have a lower survival rate, but 24 week babies have survived. Whether or not they survive can depend on whether or not care is provided to the baby. This bill will bring the law up to date with medical technology and the knowledge and skill of our good doctors.

Many of you have seen ultrasounds of babies moving, kicking and responding to stimuli. Preborn babies feel pain, and abortion is a cruel and violent act. We are shocked to see cruelty to animals, so we want to stop this cruelty to our preborn brothers and sisters.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to get this bill passed. It will be debated most likely on 25th May in the Upper House – the Legislative Council. The politicians have told us that the most effective way of supporting this is to write handwritten letters to them. Find out your electorate and write to all of your 5 Upper House Representatives – they are supposed to be representing you – and tell then you want them to represent you in this most important matter, and vote for the Infant Viability Bill. There will be a conscience vote, so there is a respectable chance that this will get through the Upper House- but it will be close. Every letter is needed. There is strength in numbers. This is your opportunity to use your voice for the voiceless. By the end of May, it will be too late. Act now. Pick up your pen and write to save the babies, help the mothers and change the law.

We now have the opportunity now to save one baby per day. Victorians- please act on the enclosed Legislative Alert.”

1 Response to “Infant Viability March in Melbourne on steps of Victorian Parliament at 2pm this Saturday 21st May”

  1. 1 Kim Kee

    Thank you to Dr Rachel for her courageous stand for the voiceless, helpless of the unborn. Many should attend this rally to preserve
    life, mother from the downhill culture of death. Life begin at conception, how much more at 24 weeks, abortion is murder and is
    human sacrifices to satan. Women who have abortions in past, present and future will have serious spiritual bondage and physical
    scares, need Christian counselling so they will be healed, forgiven by God, curses be broken and on their ways to heaven. I pray that the bill will be passed and adopted. Kim

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