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Be encouraged to please sign this petition below to stop the Labor State Government from going ahead with The Safe School Coalition in Victoria. Please keep this issue in your prayers.

By CitizenGO · 04/06/2016 –

The Victorian government thinks it knows best when it comes to children. The Premier Daniel Andrews and the Education Minister James Merlino are now forcing the implementation of the “Safe Schools” Coalition Program (SSCP) in Victorian schools without parental consent, despite a recent U-turn on the program from the federal government.

Immediate action needs to be taken to ensure that vulnerable children are protected and that parents are not pushed out of their right to be the first educators of their children.

All students deserve a safe school environment, there should be no tolerance for bullying of any kind. We all want our schools to be safe spaces for children to grow, learn about themselves and to flourish as confident and resilient individuals. The current SSCP is not the way to achieve it.

The SSCP was designed by Safe Schools Coalition Australia, a national coalition of organisations and schools to create safe and inclusive schools for students, families and staff who are same-sex attracted, intersex and/or so called “gender diverse”. The Safe Schools program was designed to protect LGBTI school students from bullying and to educate teachers and school staff about LGBTI issues. The program, however, does more than this, it pursues and teaches opinions like:

  • Gender is fluid and there is no such thing as physical/biological gender
  • Sexual experimentation at a young age helps a child discover their “identity”

It also encourages children to explore controversial third party organisation links such as All of Us and Minus18 which among other things show children how to conceal information from their parents including their web browsing history.

Just how can SSCP promoters honestly state that this is protecting vulnerable children?

Following public outrage regarding serious revelations about the SSCP the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull commissioned a program review. Key changes were subsequently announced, including that federal government funding for the program would discontinue by the end of 2017.

Other recommendations included:

  • Safe Schools will only be offered in high schools
  • Parents will be required to give consent for their children to participate in the program
  • Parenting bodies will have to authorise a school’s participation in the program
  • Links to third party websites and branding will be removed from the program resources[i]

The Victoria Premier, however, said NO! Taking particular issue over ensuring parental consent he has outright dismissed the Federal government’s recommendations. The State Education Minister Merlino then pledged to fund and make compulsory the program “with or without federal government support”.

The Victorian government is ignoring the reality that parents are their children’s first teachers. This is a blatant failure to deny legal guardians looking out for the best interests of their children to be involved in such a significant aspect of their sexual and emotional development. In fact, the Victorian Government is ignoring the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which argues that parents are primarily responsible for their children’s moral education[ii]

It should first and foremost be parents who decide when and how best to educate their young children about gender and sexual identity.

Please sign this petition now to encourage more of our State politicians to speak out on your behalf to stop the compulsory implementation of ‘Safe Schools’ in Victoria and give parents back their ability to provide guidance to their own children on these fundamental issues.

When you sign this petition, a note will be sent directly to representatives of the Victorian State government.

5 Responses to “Please help stop the Safe School Coalition in Victoria!”

  1. 1 Sharon

    Thank you for letting us know of the CitizenGo petition to Stop the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program in VIC now. I have signed their petition and it had already reached 4,961 out of it’s goal of 5,000 (3.30pm).
    Although I am a parent of child in a NSW govt high school, I support the rights of parents as being the first educators of their child.

    The NSW Education Act in its Object under Principles (b), states “the education of a child is primarily the responsibility of the child’s parents”. The Victorian Education and Training Reform Act 2006 states under Principles (b) (iii) “allows parents to take an active part in their child’s education and training” and (d) “parents have the right to choose an appropriate educatiom for their child”.


    May I suggest this be taken up by the Federal (Liberal) Govt to enforce the Victorian state govt to comply with their own state education law or “see them in court”. Another way is to easily vote at the 2016 Federal Election to remove Labor from Victoria govt. The encumbert Liberal Premier and supportive MP’s and Senators need to promise (in writing) to refund the SSCA program and remove/ amend it from the Australian curriculum and education system.

    Please note. There already is in place Homophobia Anti-Bullying information as part of the National Safe Schools Framework and “Bullying No Way” govt. website. The NSW Teachers Federation provided a fact sheet to on Homophobia to schools as an insertion for a school’s Anti-Bullying policy.


  2. 2 Sharon

    Slight correction to my comment.
    A friend emailed me to say the VIC state election is not until 2018. But the Federal Election is still in 2016.
    The legal challenge is still a course of action to help save VIC from this unsafe “Safe Schools Coalition” program.
    There are already incidents of discrimination and marginialisation caused by the introduction of this program.

  3. 3 Andrew

    Hi, this is Andrew and we reside up here on the Gold Coast.
    I have sent (and forwarded) many letters to various departments of Governments in QLD notifying them I of my disgust in the Safe Schools Program. My letter has found its way to the Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism and Major Events Kate Jones MP, Brisbane. Not Happy Jan!!!
    The response was a typical “In your face, I’m making a stand” type of response.

  4. 4 Helene Tanzen

    I support the right of parent as being the first educators of their child.

  5. 5 Sharon

    Some great news everyone – see link below from Bendigo Advertiser today i.e. Principals of City of Greater Bendigo in VIC, say NO to signing up to Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program.

    Finally – some senior professional educators using commonsense. Let’s support and stand firm with them. The state education law is also on their side. Further details to follow with attachments. Spread the good (great) news.

    Wollongong NSW
    Parent of a SSCA signed up govt high school.

    NB. Here is another Bendigo Advertiser article 20/4/16 today, on response by LGBTI, with regards to the fact that NO schools in City of Greater Bendigo have signed up to membership SSCA. Here’s hoping these VIC schools and other schools across Australia join them.

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