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February 21, 2016 – Marco Giannangeli

Churches have shown dedication to help the Christian refugees

Charity Open Doors says there has been a spate of incidents in northern France involving Iranian Christian converts being persecuted by Iraqi Muslims.

One Iranian convert has been murdered.

“Many Christians amongst the refugees are fleeing persecution and discrimination,” said Michel Varton, director of Open Doors France.

“They are already traumatised by their terrible experience in the Middle East. Imagine their despair to realise that, once here in France, they are suffering the same discrimination and hate from fellow immigrants.

“The local churches have shown dedication to help the Christian refugees and those who are genuinely interested in the Christian faith. The authorities must allow them to have simple buildings where they can meet and worship God in security.

“It’s totally unacceptable that someone could lose their life for their faith once in France.”

The reports come as David Cameron faces growing pressure to classify the slaughter of Christians by Islamic State as genocide.

Incidents of Christian persecution by fundamentalists include families being crucified after failing to convert to Islam.

Lord Alton of Liverpool said last night: “As people escape from genocide and persecution, they think they have reached safety in Europe only to find that it has followed them here.

“The persecution of Christians by ISIS is genocide. I will table an amendment in 10 days time in the House of Lords arguing that a Supreme Court judge should be empowered to hold a judicial review into this issue.”

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