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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

We’re sharing the following RUAP facebook post for your ongoing prayer and action.

The “Pedophile Grooming Program” – AKA – Safe Schools program Axed in the kindergarten but not the high school.

Please read the following article and celebrate the abolishment of legislation which would have had your innocent young children potentially sexualized and prostituted for the self-serving leftist political agenda of many of our politicians. Note: Children as young as 4 years of age were set to be the victims of sexual indoctrination.…/safe-schools-program-low…

Sen Christensen has spoken on ABC24 and said he is pleased with the outcome, as objectionable material has been removed. Thanks be to God.

This would not have happened if we had not fought for it, and of course 43 courageous MPs. Let us thank them.

Don’t have a full list, but here are some who have done the most:

George Christensen:

Barnaby Joyce:

Cory Bernardi:

Tony Abbott:

Erick Abetz:

Victoria however will be the only state to continue the safe schools pedophile grooming program!

Victoria’s education minister and Premier Daniel Andrews will fight to retain the program unchanged – “Victorian Education Minister James Merlino has confirmed on Twitter there will be no changes to the program in Victorian schools after the federal government’s “total cave-in to bigots”.”

Read the articles below for more information.…/vic-to-go-it-alone-on-safe-sch…/…/safe-schools-anti-bullyi…/7260268

The question lies, how can anyone endorse such a twisted, perverted and morally depraved program? Well our two most influential “statesmen” don’t seem to mind – which allows us to conclude Australia is a nation starving for moral, conservative, integral leaders.

From the Huffington Post: On Thursday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered an impassioned speech in Question Time, telling MP’s to choose their words carefully around the debate.

Political correctness at its best! Whilst Turnbull was not so black and white – Shorten was off the cliff.

The following video shows Coordinator of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, Roz Ward, addressing the audience. She says “Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. About gender and sexual diversity.”…/watch-aussie-safe-schools-le…

This July 2nd or onward, Vote 1 Rise up Australia party, abolish Government funding of the insane Safe School program and restore some good common sense and moral integrity back into our Government.

2 Responses to “The “Pedophile Grooming Program” – AKA – Safe Schools program Axed in the kindergarten but not the high school”

  1. 1 Sherrilyn

    It should not be in our high schools either!
    The Safe Schools Office has a painted rainbow on the footpath joining with a rainbow carpet inside the doors. They should be banned from having any influence whatsoever on our precious children.

  2. 2 Glenda

    Beware the ‘red herring’ results of this enquiry. This is NOT a victory. Yet.

    This program needs to be removed OUTRIGHT as it is not suitable for anyone of any age because it is proselytising sexual deviancy as being normal, good and healthy.

    In other words, it is promoting a lie to our 11-18year old children. Yes, high school students are still very much children and still very much at risk. Sen Christensen may say “the objectionable material has been removed”, but as a dangerous social engineering experiment that has the potential to traumatise children and interfere with normal child development at this most critical time of identity formation (ie. adolescence) it is ALL OBJECTIONABLE and NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN IN ITS ENTIRETY.

    It is not just normal children who are at risk but also the very few (<0.01%) who may have Gender Identity Disorder. It is NOT healthy to collude with people's irrational beliefs or delusions ie. that I am a boy or girl because I imagine myself to be, rather than based on the real evidence.

    The sodomy lobby group and politicians are hoping these changes will keep Christians and conservatives happy but true Christians NEVER COMPROMISE ON GOD'S STANDARDS.

    So please do not stop praying and raising public awareness yet. This battle has not been won; it is only the end of round one.


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