Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

Please watch and share this 6 minute video from RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah, titled ‘Flying the Australian flag on Australia Day does not make you a racist ’.

As noted in the video, Daniel will be speaking at the Reclaim Australia Rally in Canberra at 1pm on Sat 6th February opposite Parliament House.

He’s also hoping to have a RUAP party meeting at 7pm on the Saturday.  Stay tuned for venue details.

Please bring your Australian flags.

2 Responses to “Flying the Australian flag on Australia Day does not make you a racist / Reclaim Australia in Canberra on Sat 6th February”

  1. 1 Esther

    Dear Brother, Sorry I cannot be in Canberra For Australia day, but I do have2 Australian flags that I will attach to my car in the next day or so! I am very proud to be an Australian, & am certainly not racist! Have a great Australia Day!! Esther

  2. 2 Mat

    Good afternoon,
    I am a supporter of Rise Up Australia Party. Western society needs to wake up before it is to late. One only has to look at our pacific neighbours in Fiji. Fijians are now a minority in their own country.

    Recently it was announced in the West Australian News Paper that three Islamic prayer rooms are to be built in the new sports stadium in Perth. One of the reasons given publicly was this was to allow Muslims to integrate into our society with a reduced chance of being radicalised. What utter rubbish!!!
    Who are the faceless people who are making these outrageous decisions? they need to be exposed.

    Last night I went to Kings Park in Perth to enjoy a picnic with my partner. Shortly after getting set up and enjoying our picnic a group of Muslim men arrived and proceeded to set up a prayer mat and begin a Muslim prayer session. I could not do the same in a Muslim country and conduct a Christian prayer service. I don’t have a problem with Muslims engaging in their religious prayers, but not in a public place.
    My other problem is that if I wish to hold a Christian wedding service in Kings Park Perth I am required to apply for a permit which comes with an associated fee payable to the council.
    If I happen to be a Muslim I can just arrive and place my mat wherever I like, offend who ever I like and conduct my Muslim business free of charge.

    This is an outrageous, rise up and save Australia and the western world before it’s too late. We are being racially discriminated against in our own country by bloody do gooders.

    In Unity,

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