Dear family & friends in Christ,

The anti-Islam rally saw Gods amazing hand of protection, peace and prophetic significance. More than 1000 people attended the rally, with a group of around 150-200 protesting against us.

I was asked by several people whether I was doing the right thing by speaking at this rally and I responded that I felt a real sense of peace, as did my wife.

However, I was asking the Lord for a word to confirm that it was His will for me to speak at the rally.

Four days before the rally in the early hours of the morning when I was praying I felt led to read 2 Chronicles Ch 20 and there was the confirmation. Please read this chapter.

When three countries came together to attack King Jehoshaphat in Israel, he cried out to the Lord for an answer with all of his people.

God spoke through His prophet and said, this battle belongs to Me, you don’t have to fight. I want you to take your stand. Send the worshippers before you to prepare the place and see what I will do.

So, he did exactly what God told him to do. As the worshippers worshiped, the enemy armies got confused and fought each other. By the time Israel came, there was no one to fight as they were all dead.

So, I immediately called a couple of pastors in Bendigo and asked them whether they could go and pray at the location, worship and blow the shofars.

They responded with great joy and said, we knew you would call us. They spent three hours worshipping and preparing the place the night before.

Well glory to God and big thank you to Ps Ruth, Ps John & June from Bendigo, also to Rosalie Crestani from RUAP who was the MC. At the rally there was a very noisy crowd of protestors that had caused much violence in the last few rallies.

At the rally I had many of my team praying on sight. The protesting crowed shouted for some 30 minutes. Then when I got up to speak they seemed to manifest for about 5 minutes, but then there was complete silence. I looked over, and there was no one to be seen. They had all just gone.

I think of the king of Israel, when they went there, there was no one to be seen.

Contrary to what the media said, the rally was very peaceful, as you can see in the following video footage except for some very minor scuffles at the very beginning. The police did a great job. 

Once the Socialist thugs protesting against us were gone, many police officers were lying down under the trees.

When we were leaving Bendigo, suddenly we saw a snake in the middle of the road. That was rather random. Peter who was driving the car tried to avoid it, but ran right over its head.

Just then we remembered the words, “the head of the serpent was crushed.”

Well, glory to God as I believe this was of great prophetic significance. Could it be through Bendigo that God is going to cause a revolution of love for a national reformation?

Let us not forget that in 1854 the Red Ribbon, a peaceful revolution, started in Bendigo because the voice of the people were not listened to by the government. The people won.

Well, glory to God we will win in Jesus name and crush the powers of darkness.

I was also able to make several prophetic declarations in my speech such as.

“No place for hatred but love, No Sharia law, No room for violence, Islam will not have its way, United we stand, No racism, etc.”

The Word of God says when 2-3 people shall agree, ‘what we bind on earth will be bound in heaven what we lose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Well, I had more than a 1000+ people agree. I stated very clearly that I was a Christian minister, as you can see it on the video. The crowd applauded with great excitement.

Praise God that praise and worship to our King of kings is very powerful!

We thank God for His hand at work!

I will be on SBS 2 TV program ‘The Feed’ tonight 7:30pm Tuesday 13th October and on Channel 7 Sunday Night program at 7pm on 18th October.

God bless you,

Ps Daniel Nalliah


12 Responses to “God’s hand of prophetic destiny and protection on Bendigo rally (with uncut video footage) / Ps Daniel on SBS & Channel 7”

  1. 1 Glenda

    How Wonderful! Thanks Daniel, and all praise, glory, honour and power be to our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, King of Kings and Lord of Lords of Australia.

    The youtube link footage in this is GOLD!! Lol!

    God bless us Aussies – like no other breed on earth! Lol! (I’m still surprised, and I live here!).

    And God bless Pastor Daniel Nalliah and his Rise Up Australia Party. May Daniel and his team “rule” over this nation as sons and daughters of the Most High God.

    In Jesus’ love,

  2. 2 Nigel

    Very good.

    Lovely to read!


  3. 3 Ian

    God bless you good warriors of the TRUTH. God is surely with you.
    Love in Jesus,

  4. 4 Ramona

    Hi CTFM,

    Thank God for this and for this great article. Thank you for keep on sharing so that we all keep on posted. Great job and praise the Lord for CTFM :)

    Just wanted to share a bit of confirmation that I used to go to places at cities or rural Victoria as part of my job. I used to sometime pray for the cities I lived in for a couple of days / stopped by for couple of hours.

    Bendigo was one, and ALWAYS when I prayed for Bendigo I sensed a great stirring of Spirit in my heart, I know for some reasons the Lord has probably chosen Bendigo for His place to probably start movement in this great land of Holy Spirit. I always prompted to pray for the churches, raised up young people and new leaders. It’s just different with other places/cities I prayed for.

    Just a sharing as when I read this article it straight away reminded me that Bendigo is chosen and special in the Lord’s eye I believe.

    God bless you all and keep posting and doing the Lord’s work, His kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Jesus be with you,

  5. 5 Daniel

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Thank you for serving God in this nation and speaking out. It is not that I don’t speak out, I do. I have tried to give Police Officers copies of Londonistan by Melanie Phillips (Officers in Charge of the stations don’t like members of the public giving books to their Sergeants) . But these books have been received by many politicians. Including Former Prime Minister John Howard.

    If you have any Police Officers in Western Australia that may be able to pass the books onto other Police here, I would be glad to pass a few copies on.

    If Police can understand the issue of Islamism and the political correctness that is going on I think it will be helpful. Also to their safety as now Police and the Military are the main targets of the terrorists who carry out attacks in Australia.



  6. 6 Doreen and Phil

    Dear Daniel. It was a great joy to meet you again. My husband Phil and I were thrilled to hear you speak at the Bendigo rally. Yes we were aware of much prayer prior to the rally . This was evident as the rally was peaceful. I have had to pray and ask God to take all the anger and frustration that I had previously felt about the Mosque being built in Bendigo prior to the rally. I have great peace now. Bless you dear Daniel. Love a prayers. Doreen and Phil

  7. 7 Adrian

    This was an encouraging, inspiring article, and the link to the video of the rally also provided some very welcome good news.

    Danny cracks me up every time he points out that he can’t be accused of white supremacism “because he’s a black fella”.
    What an irony that God would raise up a foreign, “coloured” man to lead Australians in defence of their own culture and way of life!
    But what an inspiring man for the job! Having stared down an Islamic death threat, he has earned the right to be respected and followed.


  8. 8 Sherrilyn

    That’s great, Daniel. The Lord be praised.

  9. 9 Moto

    Praise the Lord. Thank you Ps Daniel and team. The serpents head was severely bruised!! Great joy!! Praise God!!

  10. 10 Deepak

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Not withstanding the media’s lopsided reporting, that was great to watch!

    Prayer cover was the key to that great speech God enabled you to make. The audience were paying rapt attention.

    I will continue to remember you before God on a regular basis.

    Best regards to you and Maryse.


  11. 11 Philip B - Sydney

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Thank you for serving God in this nation and speaking out.

    You really are a man of Courage.

    BIG thanks also to Rosalie Crestani or her continuing support. Critical video on the rise on Islam in Europe and UK.

    Australia will go the same way unless RIGHTEOUS and DECENT Australians stand up. See the video


  12. 12 Peter

    You are an amazing individual, you stand for right and right will always be on your side, plus you have God the creator on your side. You can’t lose.

    Kind regards,


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