Dear friends & family in Christ,

The following is a brief and Special Father’s Day message from Daniel Nalliah (a Father) to the Fathers in the Land.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Fathers a Happy Fathers Day.

I apologise for not getting this message out sooner as I have been speaking at several meetings in Perth.

There is no doubt that a Father’s love and presence is of great importance and the following points clearly demonstrate this.

7 things a Daughter needs from her Dad:

– She needs you to be involved

– She needs you to demonstrate a healthy marriage

– She needs you to support her

– She needs to trust you as a confidante

– She needs your unconditional love

– She needs a strong spiritual leader

– She needs a positive role model

7 things a Son needs from his Dad:

– He needs you to love his Mother

– He needs to see you fail, not just succeed

– He needs your servant leadership

– He needs you to be present

– He needs your love regardless of his choices

– He needs you to affirm him

– He needs you to discipline him in love

May God bless all Fathers abundantly!

Kind regards,

Daniel Nalliah



4 Responses to “A Special Father’s Day message from Daniel Nalliah (a Father) to the Fathers in the Land”

  1. 1 Forde

    Thanks, appreciate that, this has added to a great father’s day.

    God bless you all further,


  2. 2 John

    I was attacked for saying I would take time out from family.
    I was told that the ministry demanded that I give it all to others not my family.
    I said my family is part of the ministry.
    They responded that it was OK for an evangelist to give no time to his sons (all 5 became alcoholics).
    Yes thousands upon thousands registered as having given their lives to Christ.
    But statistics show that only 2% stay the course.
    Had he given time to his sons, that might have given 5 more who would stay the course and reach thousands themselves.


  3. 3 Nissanka

    May The LORD GOD Bless you and your family.



  4. 4 Emma

    Thnx Daniel. God bless you too.
    Your sister in Him,

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