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Finally the ABC Q & A program had some common sense to air a balanced view and discussion on Gay Marriage.

This interview is a must watch. The whole program is 1 hour, but you can watch the segment on gay marriage 20 min starting.

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  1. 1 Pat

    Dear Jason & Danny,

    I have been thinking about this information ever since The Lord placed it on my heart. But I don’t know the law or have the right terminology to put it into words correctly.

    The Marriage service as it stands at the moment, was instituted and intended as a religious service. To be performed in the church in the sight and presence of God.

    So it should not, and should never have been of any Political or Governmental importance, and should now be rescinded from our governmental law.

    Of late, those who profess not to be religious or believer’s in God. Who have not been Married in a church, But who have been United as one, by a celebrant should be considered to have had a civil union.

    I do not know what a a celebrant union is called by law.??? If it is called a civil union then they are not Married. but united by civil consent.???

    The service now performed by a celebrant is nothing to do with the church or religion.

    Why cant’ we now bring in a law which says that all who wish to be united or joined should go through that same civil service. In order for government records to be made legal for change of name, and rights and privileges.. According to the requirement of or By Law.

    Any one who wishes to be MARRIED before God can then seek out a church and Marry.

    Thus separating CHURCH MARRIAGE and CIVIL UNION.

    The civil service will be the one that will be legal and binding by law and the church service will be legal and binding for those who wish to live according to Gods Law.

    There are lots of countries that have two ceremonies to distinguish between the two services and walk of life.

    I have done my best to explain to you how I feel about this but I don’t feel that it is written very well for the purposes of putting it before Tony Abbot or a comity which I would like to do.

    Do you have or know anyone with sufficient knowledge of the law to say whether this is do-able, and the position to submit it.

    I would appreciate it if you would give me your thoughts on this matter.

    God Bless,
    Pat .. hug hug

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