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Thank you so very much for sending the flowers to our PM Tony Abbott in support of marriage between a man and a woman. Last week I got a call from PM s office saying that they have received a multitude of flowers and that they cannot accept anymore.

This morning, along with Peter Kentley, a team from CTFM went to Canberra to personally receive and monitor the floral writing of MUM & DAD on the Parliament lawn.
They were joined by RUAP ACT President Irwin Ross and a few others. Thousands of flowers have now arrived and the aforementioned writing has been completed.

Several Senators and a representative from the PM s office will be coming to collect some bunches of flowers.

I personally want to thank you so very much for sending the flowers. Several media outlets have already visited the place and you may see it on news tonight.  Over all, the main thing is that we get the message across to the PM & MPs that we do not support homosexual marriage.

photo 3I have a very strong sense that the homosexual marriage bill will not pass in Parliament tomorrow. However, it will not go away in a hurry. We need to keep the prayer and action ongoing until we see the death of this bill.

Check our website for photos 

Thanks once again,

Blessings/ Ps. Daniel Nalliah

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6 Responses to “Parliament stormed with flowers / A BIG thank you for your action”

  1. 1 Sharon

    Good to see good work being done according to the “Good Book” (Bible).

  2. 2 Jan Pile

    Praise God !!! This is so great to see! Thank you to the prayer team at Catch the Fire who received this inspirational vision. I know it will touch the hearts and minds of so many, especially within the walls of Parliament House.

    God Bless you,

    Jan RUAP Darwin

  3. 3 Ruth Ferguson

    Look up! If God be for us, who can be against us??

    May you all be encouraged and strengthened in the Lord as you stand firm in Him – Marriage between one man and one woman, for life – exclusively.
    How precious are our children, and our nation!

  4. 4 PHILIP brooks

    Praise God !!!
    Thank you also to the prayer team at Catch the Fire who received this inspirational vision and a BIG THANKS TO PRIME MINISTER TONY ABBOTT.


    Bill shorten certainly not in the same class. Follower maybe. Potential Leader I don’t think so.

    God Bless

  5. 5 Mary

    Yes Dear Friends keep up the good fight and may Jesus be glorified in our nation. I am part of 3 small but powerful prayer groups and we are praying .

    And I have organised for 2 bouquets to be delivered to parliament house from my family. May the fragrance and love of Jesus touch parliament on August 10th. I am praying that the florists will not sabotage the situation in any way and that they will deliver the flowers and correct messages.
    God bless you all


  6. 6 Brenden

    May you all be blessed by Our Almighty Father in Jesus wonderful name. Amen.


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