The Reclaim Australia Rallies were a great success, in particular, The Reclaim Australia Sydney Rally on Sunday morning in Martin Place!

The rally went largely uninterrupted; the police did a marvellous job keeping the left wing opposition well away from the rally site, the Reclaim Australia rally was very peaceful.

Rise up Australia president Daniel Nalliah addressed the Rally for about 20 minutes and received a great reception from the passionate and patriotic Aussie crowd.

Could this be a history making moment for Australia as this speech was delivered in Martin Place, close by to the site of the Sydney siege at Lindt Cafe. The same place where a Muslim fundamentalist took many Aussies hostage and killed two fellow Aussie Hostages.

This footage was most likely not aired on the mainstream media: Please watch the following video which has the uncut footage from the Sydney rally:

You may click the following links to listen to two excellent radio interviews with Mr Nalliah on 2CC Canberra and 3AW Melbourne Sunday morning.

Please forward this email to everyone you know, and stay tuned over the next few days for a full report of the rallies, especially the Melbourne rally.


6 Responses to “The Reclaim Australia Rallies were a great success / Uncut version from RUAP TV of Sydney rally / Daniel Nalliah on 3AW & 2CC Radio”

  1. 1 Pastor Eric

    Dear Pastor Danny
    I hope you will have placards that quote from the koran to show the absolute horrific religion that it is. for instance ” hack off the heads of the unbelievers 47:4 or Fight the disbelievers and hypocrites. Be harsh with them. They are all going to hell anyway. 9:73 Never help disbelievers. 28:86 Those who oppose Islam will be slain with a fierce slaughter. 33:60-61… there are many such verses that you can use to great effect.
    Our church will pray for your success. this is a brilliant opportunity to bring the gospel to people as well.
    God Bless,
    Pastor Eric

  2. 2 Steven

    Hi Pastor Danny,

    Just wanted to say praying for you, keep up God and Jesus’s good work.

    May God and Jesus’s Light shine on you and your ministry and all believers throughout the earth.


  3. 3 Naomi

    Hallelujah… I am really cross seeing hostile press you have… We keep our eyes on Jesus!

  4. 4 Malcolm

    Dear Senator Rhiannon,
    I am afraid that you are quite wrong about multiculturalism. Please read on and you will see what I mean:
    Multiculturalism in Australia. Multiculturalism hasn’t worked anywhere else, and won’t work here Our great egalitarian integrated society needs to urgently review the path of multiculturalism, to avoid the errors and conflicts experienced around the globe where ethnic groups are not integrating. We have had a good track record in assimilating the many different cultures and nationalities into the broader Australian society and way of life We don’t want to lose this. It is great to see second and even first generation immigrants dressing as Aussies do, speaking with an Aussie twang, playing footy, and volunteering in our many iconic organisations.
    Many of these immigrants and their families have embraced our Christian and Democratic beliefs, and Australia has benefitted greatly from their faith and input. Asians, Europeans, Americans, and Southern Africans are all well represented.
    However, we are making the grave mistake of encouraging a new wave of immigrants to maintain their culture, customs and ‘religion’ under the guise of multiculturalism. Islam is an example of this. By encouraging their segregation, we are facilitating their aims of not only avoiding assimilation, but of attempting to impose their culture, laws, and beliefs on us. If the Islamic way of life is so important to them, we need to ask why they left their Islamic states where their beliefs are law. It was certainly not to embrace the Aussie way of life. They have demonstrated this. Possibly it was because the reality of life under Sharia or Muslim law really wasn’t that great. Another horrifying possibility is that they are here to ultimately impose their laws on us. This is already happening as authorities keep conceding to their segregationist demands. All the while, our struggling social security system covers them where their beliefs prevent them from doing many Aussie jobs.
    It is easy to take a naïve, humanistic approach to encouraging immigrants to maintain their ethnicity, and calling it multiculturalism. But it simply doesn’t work. Look at other countries where religious, cultural, and ethnic division is maintained. There is chronic killing, chaos and misery almost without exception. South Africa is my birthplace and my home for 40 years.
    It is an example of how multiculturalism and segregation (apartheid) does not work. It was black vs white, Xhosa vs Zulu, Black vs Indian, English vs Afrikaans (Dutch). And the country is still suffering the consequences. I have travelled to many Asian, middle Eastern countries, and my first hand experience has been that countries like Pakistan, where Islamic culture is imposed at the exclusion of all others, are not good places to be.
    Do we want this here? If not, now is the time to act.
    I am totally in favour of accepting immigrants. I am an immigrant myself. In fact our great nation can gain from the many skills and ideas from our global village. BUT – it does need to be done with caution. If immigrants cannot integrate, and become of value, rather than a threat or a burden, then they should not be allowed in. If they do not like what we are, then rather than encourage them to impose their will upon us, we should encourage and facilitate their return to where they came from.
    Multiculturalism = Segregation = Apartheid. (tr. ‘apart-ness’) Malcolm. PS why does your picture on your website not look like you in the SBS interview?

  5. 5 Eduardo

    I was at the rally, with even members of the family calling me racist … Surprise, surprise, people are beginning to discover Islam is not a race …nevertheless on Saturday the 18th it was all about keeping the Midianites from stealing the harvest, remember at the time of Gideon God started with 10,000 men but sent home 9,700 before the battle…keep praying…
    Thanks for the feed back, very encouraging …Eduardo

  6. 6 Peter

    Thank you, brethren. Amen. Lord be praised as He continues to move in our land! Blessings, Peter

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