2 Responses to “RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah video about the media prejudice against the Reclaim Australia rallies”

  1. 1 Ruth

    Dear Pastor Nalliah, his family and organisation,
    Thank you for all your efforts to communicate the truth about the situation against extreme peoples. As a pregnant woman with my husband we saw the media coverage with disgust, as we are disgusted by many things said and done by especially the ABC. I honestly don’t know how we can support the cause, especially in regards to take up the challenge to the media. I’d like to challenge the media but don’t know HOW. I have lived and worked in Melbourne and know the culture, especially that to prefer a person of ethnic origin over a white Australian. I didn’t mind to stand back to serve these people and worked amongst refugees for two years in community centres. A good friend of mine became a lawyer to work also to help refugees. But we have a balanced view of helping those who are choosing to come to Australia by proper legal means and choose to mix happily with others in our society. This friend grew up as a white Australian in Dandenong and used to tell me she was regularly teased for being white (skippy was the nicest nickname). She told me that actually it was the white migrants who used to tease her the most (strange!). What I am saying as a Christian is this. Yes, violence manifested in the natural but the spiritual battle needs to be fought more. It says in the bible, we fight not against flesh & blood but against powers and principalities. So the spirit or racism has gained too much power in Melbourne. The church must show itself to stand against this power.

    Individual Christians have served other races for many years and the church is beautiful with it’s different races. Can the media be encouraged to air an event that shows this. The bible says, the church added daily to its number because of the love others saw (paraphased). Yes, it is important to have a rally to take a stand but why doesn’t the Melbourne church SHOWCASE it’s greatest asset – it’s beautiful people in churches across the city? I tell you, when I lived in Melbourne for 5 years the Asian Christians were actually the most generous and hospitable to me with a few others. Any rate, an idea, most go for now, Ruth

  2. 2 Anthony

    Love your work Danny ! . I’m Praying that God protects Gems like you just as he did with Daniel in the lions den… God is asleep in many Churches in the nation but not in yours… God bless your work as he is Brother Daniel.

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