Is journalism dead in Australia?

From his office in Melbourne, this morning, Mr. Nalliah says: “It’s a fair call, mate!”

What is not fair is the overall Media portrayal of protest events across our nation this past weekend. However, what cannot be misconstrued or “media spun” is the body language of the constabulary present in their hundreds at the Melbourne Reclaim Rally alone. Every single policeman had their back turned to the peaceful “Reclaim” protestors! There is only one reason for their presence. Socialist alliance thugs have been recruiting uninformed, prejudicial thugs since the 1920s (ever since Trotsky invented the term “RACIST” as their mouthing moronic banner).

You may click the following video clip with RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah about the media prejudice against the Reclaim Australia rallies.

Anyone at these rallies would have remarked upon the stirring renditions of “our” National anthem on the right side of police, and the condemnatory booing on the left side. At the former [April] rallies, the Aussie flag was burnt time and time again. By whom? The electronic and print media might leave you guessing.

Middle-aged and elderly women, of different ethnic backgrounds, dubbed as “white supremacists”, were spat upon and even knocked to the ground, by the time dishonoured juvenile bigots.

Meanwhile, Islamic clerics preached their doctrine of Apartheid and division, egged on by misguided youth.

We demand that the Federal Government conduct an inquiry into the destructive trend of anti-Australianism in our media; an open ticket for menacing Mohammedans to take our country.

Rise Up Australia Party president Daniel Nalliah is also calling for a public apology from all Media outlets for their gross misrepresentation of last weekend’s events; including an open mike to clarify the situation.

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Australian.

Media inquiries: 03 8795 7544

Authorised by Daniel Nalliah 30 Star Crescent Hallam 3803


  1. 1 Johnny Worthington

    I find this whole thing interesting Daniel. You one the one hand you write about the persecution you faced while in Saudi Arabia yet you have campaigned for the “tearing down” of such things as mosques and temples in Australia.

    You have also aligned yourself now closely with the United Patriots Front. Interesting since one of their core policies is anti-immigration. Given that a) you are an immigrant yourself and b) you were born of Tamil community in Sri Lanka and they make up a good majority of the people seeking asylum in Australia, I was wondering how you reconcile this.

    It’s also interesting that you are a defender of Israel yet members of the UPF hold quite clearly stated anti-Jewish ideals.

    Is this a case of politics making strange bedfellows?

  2. 2 Glenda

    God bless you Daniel, and the wonderful team at the Rise Up Australia Party!

    The Lord told me there would be a lightning bolt from the pen of Andrew Bolt.
    And as I read his article it occurred to me there were two bolts – the second being a massive thunderbolt from the mouth of esteemed politician, George Christensen.

    Praise God for all of you strong, brave men, willing to stand up for the rights and freedom of all Australians, valiant defenders of our nation. Well done!


  3. 3 Naomi

    Well done… Was really concerned that ABC Radio National gave airspace to numbers of people deriding you…Naomi

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