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Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following video links for my response to Ps Mark Conner’s (Senior Minister of Citylife Church in Melbourne, Australia) recent message on Homosexuality. (Part 1) (Part 2)

You may click the following video link for Ps Mark’s original message.

You may click the following audio link for his wife Nicole’s message on Joy FM, a pro-Homosexual radio station in Melbourne.

Your brother in Christ,

Ps Daniel Nalliah

Catch The Fire Ministries

27 Responses to “Ps Daniel’s response to Ps Mark Conner’s message on Homosexuality”

  1. 1 Michelle and Greg

    Dear Ps.Daniel,

    I have just watched your response to Mark Connors broadcast on homosexuality.
    I am the leader of a small home church in Bendigo and I write to tell you that I applaud you on your Godly and biblical stance on homosexuality and homosexual marriage.

    I am saddened and my spirit too is grieved on how deception is creeping into the church on these matters.
    Thank you for your stance, your courage and your conviction on these issues.

    Our small church(unregistered at this time, but trying to start the process) stands with you and we are always upholding you and your team in our prayer meetings.

    We as Gods people are faced with continuing challenges today that deal with people constantly trying to push their own evil agendas upon the church and the Australian people.

    To see Christian pastors now condoning evil and sin as being ok is very disturbing and begs belief. Do they not read Gods word on such matters.

    I wholeheartedly believe that in one accord in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit we can stand together and be the voice of righteousness in our towns,cities,states and country.

    Again Daniel thank you for your courage and your stand for Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. Just know that you do not stand alone… We also at Justice Ministries stand with you.

    God Bless you, your family and your church, In HIM,

    Michelle and Greg
    Kingdom Inventions Pty Ltd

  2. 2 Phil

    Dear Pastor.Daniel,

    I have also watched your response to Mark Connors broadcast on homosexuality.

    I also write to tell you that I applaud you on your Godly and biblical stance on homosexuality and homosexual marriage.
    There are so few Pastors now who have any backbone these days. God Bless you that you DO and are unafraid of speaking truth.

    Channel 9 is running in regards to same sex marriage. At present those who are for it are 55% and those against it are 45%.

    If we all made the effort to press on this link and vote no, it may well give our politicians enough incentive to vote no on this issue should it come to a conscious vote.

    So please press on the link below and on the top left hand corner is a small blue heading saying “SAME SEX MARRIAGE.” Press on it and then press NO! The more people who vote no the more chance we have of not having this horrible and Godless law passed in our nation.

    Blessings from your Supporters in Sydney
    Philip and Gillian

  3. 3 John

    Thank you Daniel for taking a stand and I agree with you.

    Luv and blessings,


  4. 4 Ps Richard

    Well said Danny!

    Ps Richard

  5. 5 Bruce

    Thanks Danny,
    I thought Mark’s sermon was very good.
    Your comments are on target.
    WOW does he have a problem with his wife!!!
    I can understand her concerns but she missed Ez 16.50 and has gone well off track.

  6. 6 Margot

    Bravo bravo bravo. I sent it on to the lady I’m staying with who has said some really shocking things. Shirley is coming round but her daughter sounds even more liberal than Mark Conners. You worded it perfectly. I was to angry to respond to her at the moment because I was just SO angry. This words it perfectly. I do love her so I sent this to her. I feel like I’m talking to people who have taken the mark already. These people cannot live without buying and selling. They live to buy and sell.
    Thank you. Bravo truly Bravo. Margot

  7. 7 John

    Dear Danny,

    What I saw with Mark was he downgraded the Bible because he has come through theological training (so have I so I know what happens), it shows in everything he said.
    He depends on Church history and the opinions of others more than he does on the Bible. His marriage is a bad one because his wife has a great influence in his life.
    The disciples were totally shocked by what Jesus said about a man looking at a women, they had to say who then can be saved? What Jesus said prompted them to see how sinful they were. They needed a Saviour. So impossible to them only in the end could God save them.
    God only made male and female He made no other. He never condoned any other form of relationship, and that from the start was one wife with one man.
    Mark missed out many texts on the subject, probably to not run into trouble in his marriage.
    One of the big cries in amongst gays is “God made me that way” but God never did and says so in the Bible. Otherwise they say evolution did.
    Paul talks about how there were people in the Church who once were gay, no more gay after that.
    People can be drawn into homosexuality by listening to Satan and more and more are prepared to sleep around and experiment with sex of every form of it.
    Doctor Carolyn Leaf points out that we can focus on toxic thoughts and plant in our brains nothing but toxic thoughts that control our lives and they change the DNA of a person.
    But this process can be fully turned around with God’s help and the DNA changed back to normal.
    As you have said so many things I am not repeating those, I am agreeing with you.


  8. 8 Brian

    I would like to share my experiences with homosexuals and homosexuality that I have learned about over my 36 years as a born again Christian ,.
    I am a Pentecostal believer, was not a Christian until aged 42 so know about the world as well.
    So many people I have known before and after becoming a Christian were (are ) homosexuals I do not like using the invented word ,”Gay,”.
    Some were teens experimenting including myself at aged 14 with boys a few years older than me ,it was not a thing anyone discussed in those days, none of us became full time homosexuals ,it was a passing phase ,we all married females. Still heterosexual.
    What I have seen is that most homosexual men & some women have had no father either he was away in the armed forces or he was never home, ie,an alcoholic, or druggie or a womaniser or narcissistic person. All needed a dad, mothers bring them up and they sometimes lean on mother and copy her or they want love as told to me by ex homosexuals when men gave them gifts, drugs, alcohol and a bed with them him in it .
    I have two homosexual nephews one was living with a Catholic priest in Melbourne for ten years(Tony) his dad was never home was a fisherman and never gave any love to his 3 kids all turned out druggies or crimes. Another nephew a school teacher and long time druggie is homosexual at aged 57 now ,his dad was never there with them I was a lot of the time. Many friends of the past were homosexuals died young and their fathers neglected them.
    One nephew had asleep in girlfriend a few years first before going with the catholic priest who used to split his anus and he had to be hospitalised many times????
    My late ex brother in law left his wife and moved to Kings Cross living a homosexual life until he got AIDS and died ,I like him a lot, a nice guy who was hurt by my sister in law, who did not want kids but had abortions??
    My nephew was till teaching as a homosexual in public schools mainly aboriginal ones ,he had to flee from one a few years ago they were going to kill him, I was told??
    I am telling you all of this as I know God hates disobedience to His laws and ,I (we) know the Bible is not wrong but true yesterday today & tomorrow .
    I belonged to a church in 1984 where we cast out demons on homosexuals many times who were set free ,we loved them and a pastor used to bring them 30 kms for deliverance s. Some females too who had no dads, some had fathers who were very old and alcoholics, who abused them too..
    PS Danny & Jason I have seen some married men try it too and go back to their wives who would have them back ,two pastors I knew were ex homosexuals who repented ,one man I know left his wife and 3 kids to go homo a she worked ina big hotel in Perth and had many men wanted sex from him, so he lusted after them and lost his family he was brought up a Christian. So many stories to many to tell here. It is a choice of lustful perversion and Christians should no accept second best. The bible is the final word on this. How can a Pastor or his wife try and change what God has ordained forever,they are in gross danger from God /Regards Brian Waroona WA
    PS I have had a lot of persecution because of my stand against all evil the past 2 months from all my many relatives who some were Christians who now hate me on Facebook and letters , .God bless Ps Danny with his stand .

  9. 9 Denis

    Pastor Danny, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for having the courage to stand up and speak the TRUTH about homosexuality!


  10. 10 Elena

    Dear Jason
    Thank you for your email. I recently sent letters to the Leader of the Oppostion and Deputy Leader of the Opposition regarding their Private Members Bill on homosexuality. I thought you may like to read the one to Bill Shorten which is similar to the one I sent to the Deputy Leader. I also sent a letter to Mr Malcom Turnbull because he is of the same view about same sex marriage which is not a marriage at all.

    One cannot comprehend that a pastor of a church would doubt God and compromise His word because it is very clear that scripture declares sodomy a sin. Especially Romans chapter One. I have noticed that where pastors and their churches are supposed preach the truth about sin, they are going along with the world, and now calling good evil and evil good. And where the cross is not preached, there is a form of godliness and denying the power of the cross. And the list goes on, going contrary to God’s word. It is also okay to live together and not seek to have the blessings of God upon a marriage so that the children can also come under God’s blessings.

    My understanding is that such “christians” are lacking the reverential fear of the Lord. Comforming with the world and giving the devil a place in the church which should not be. God said to be holy even as I am holy. The Lord will visit His house to see who is for Him.

    God bless you always and make His glory to rest upon you.


  11. 11 Sharon

    Hi Ps. Danny Nalliah,

    From your previous email about homosexuality, I clicked on your You Tube Link and just before I was about to watch it, my eyes were drawn to the top right hand corner of the You Tube webpage which mentioned a coming comet, that is HUGE. 2.5 miles wide. It is expected to hit Venezuela in Brazil about 200 miles off shore anytime from 15/9 – 28/9/2015.

    Coincidentally this is around the time of end of the Jewish Shemittah period 13/9/2015 & the super blood moon over Jerusalem on 28/9/2015 – also the Feast of Tabernacle.

    Here is link to You Tube video I watched and listened to from a USA Christian spirit filled woman with her commentary.

    I would like Christians across the world to be able to use a far more professional clip via link to post on their Facebook & Twitter & emails to help warn their family and friends and also share the gospel and what to do if “left behind” after the rapture. The clip should be 7-10mins max and incorporate:
    1. Comet information, size, dates, where expected with supporting NASA or astronomical links.
    2. Reference to biblical prophecy scripture references OT & NT.
    3. Jewish Shemittah info with dates as well as Tetrad of eclipses & blood moons including super blood moon on 28/9/2015 (Queen’s birthday on my mobile).
    4. Jesus warning in Matthew 24 about last days and signs.
    5. Gospel message.
    6. Rapture – what it is and what to do if left behind.
    7. Repent as today is the day of salvation. Prayer written to receive Christ, find a good church – links to CTFM to help redirect people to a church close to their home. Then get ready for rapture.

    Time to get ready for the rapture. REPENT – READY – RAPTURE.

    Hope to hear back from you after you watch and listen to this important clip. See link above.


  12. 12 Rev Barry

    I am writing to commend you for your courage and faithful stand for truth.

    Thank you, for your email with an apology. I do not feel you needed to apologise to me. But I commend you for your grace.

    Also, thank you for your comments about the Connors stand on homosexuality. This is highly disturbing.

    We face massive challenges today. May the grace of God strengthen you and may He bless you and your family.

    Love in Jesus,

    Rev Barry

  13. 13 Cath McKinney

    Dear Danny,

    I am writing to tell you that I am appalled by your message. I do not agree with your biblical exegesis, your theological reflections and you overall conclusions. There are many christian people in this country who recognise within the diversity of our communities, a reflection of our God who cannot be contained, explained or ever fully understood. It is in this mystery that we are invited to participate as faithful and hopeful people called to love God and one another. I am writing this, as I feel that we as the Church, in all of our diversity, can be generous and kind if we can understand that there is always more to be understood about God and that this is often reflected in what and who we do not necessarily understand.
    Please, as a church leader, make love your passion, your goal and your primary task, in the name of Jesus. You cannot love without acceptance, you cannot welcome without love. Out LGBTIQ brothers and sisters reflect God and we miss out if we do not include all in our communities, we need the LGBTIQ christian community in our midst as together we serve God and love each other as we are all commanded to do.

    Cath McKinney

  14. 14 Zoe

    Morning Ps Danny,

    I just finished listening to your response to Ps Mark Conner’s conversation re homosexuality.

    Thank you for continuing to be bold and a voice speaking truth from God’s Word! It is important for people to hear the truth that sets them free.

    Compromise is killing the church today… Leaders preach of a powerless gospel. God keeps reminding us that these are the last days and just like the days of Noah, so these days will be.

    We need to be able to remain in the word and way of God even if it feel like we are the only ones. There is a strong remnant willing to STAND and pray.

    God bless and give you health and strength, favour and open doors to continue the good work He has called you to.

    May the Lord encourage your heart, that you will not weary but will soar on wings of eagles.

    Love and blessings,


  15. 15 Ku

    Dear Ps Jason & Danny
    1. You will like the responses from my church friends – mature Christians will not be deceived. I have forwarded to those ( a few are City Life ( bCL) attendants). The response in this email was ? Ex-CL goer.
    2. Let them progress to ‘ affirmation’, and eventually ordination as acceptance of young people participating in such an act. I wonder what their parents ( so called bible teachers) will react,
    3. Why don’t they teach the congregation to have faith in prayer for those who want to change? 4. No mention of biblical teaching on the issue of SIN, ‘Of course we won’t reject them from attending church. Satan is using senior leadership to corrupt the church. Immature Christians don’t have bible based knowledge, hence they enjoy charismatic worship which I enjoy,too.
    5. It seems that Tony Compolo also follows his wife in this issue – Satan is using female to tempt the male – nothing new which started in the garden of Eden.
    6. I realise it is the grace of God that we belong to the majority (heterosexual), so we don’t get ridicule. But these church leaders are indoctrinating wrong teaching, using justice to preach that God is ‘ just’ & accepts everybody. This is reflection of their own immaturity.
    7. Keep on praying for them.. Something will happen in their family and church. God is supreme. He has his own way of dealing with His children. Have a a good weekend!

  16. 16 David and Josie

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for taking the biblical stand on so many topics the church is washing over. We bless you and your family. May health and strength be yours . We appreciate you very much.

    God Bless,

    David and Josie
    Victor Harbour
    South Australia

  17. 17 Pst. Angelita

    Dear bro. in Christ,

    Kindly pass on to Ps Daniel that I’m 100% in agreement w/him.

    We are one in the bond of love & praying that Catch the Fire Ministries be covered by the Blood of The Lamb.

    Pst. Angelita
    Mill Park

  18. 18 Jovita

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I just want to commend you on your response to Pastor Mark Conner message on Homosexuality. A true friend will tell his friend when he’s heading on the wrong direction. You are a true friend indeed.

    May God Bless You Abundantly,

    (I have written a message to Pastor Mark Conner; not sure how he will response, but I just want to be true to my God)

  19. 19 John

    Well we said No and passed message on to others.

    This I posted on the City Life Church Facebook site.

    Cannot make it fancy not enough room.

    There is a twist to why there will be no homosexuals in Heaven which is a statement of fact. That is there will be no male or female in Heaven either. Because Heaven is not about sex or sexuality. There will be no sinners as well in Heaven as some have said there will be, because nobody will be sinning in Heaven. So what about now, well if we love God we will do everything to stop sinning in this life right now and we will allow the Holy Spirit to change us. God has declared all homosexuality as sinful as He has declared so many other things sinful. It is Satan who leads you into all sin because he hates you, then he traps you in it saying you cannot get free of it.

    But all of that is straight out lies, you can get out of it. But only when you stop calling things that are sin as not sin. Only then can the Holy Spirit help you to get free. Deliverance is what you need not false words that tell you it is OK with God. God has shown it is not. This applies to every sin there is. Marriage God said is between a man and a woman, He has never changed that. To do otherwise is to make it impossible to cease sinning. Therefore let us love God and not the things that Satan says are OK.


  20. 20 Ps John

    Hi Danny,
    Thank you for voicing the concerns of many true followers of Jesus Christ..All sin separates from God,
    his Love ,Mercy and Grace all Sin must be Repented of in order to be Forgiven.
    There is Freedom and Deliverance for all who come in Repentance.
    Ps. John

  21. 21 John

    Hi Danny,

    Today I tried the link for Nicole but all I got was the BIO on her but that explained a lot of things.
    I did go to the radio area but did not know which was hers.

    The BIO tells me that she was looking at everybody else and not at Jesus Christ
    She does not mention the horrors the Germans did only the Russians and others.
    Not realizing that what Germany did to others came back on Germany for what they sowed they also reaped.
    South Africa today suffered under Aparthied but those that fought it did terrible things as well. The country today is said to be the most violent society around (in the free world).

    So what was sown is still being reaped. But at the same time Revival is hitting South Africa today.

    So she set about in life to put together a plan to save people her own way, discounting Jesus Christ out of it.
    Off she went and did her studies and formulated plans that she liked that leads to acceptance of things God hates.
    So it is a false love that she preaches that leaves no room for deliverance from evil. So as you say it is deception.
    Others would say Danny that you were under conviction that night and created God saying that there is deception in the Church.
    I know that experience well how many times people were telling me I was under conviction, when literally no such thing was happening.

    I was actually engaged in spiritual warfare because I was seeing the deception.
    People want a soft Gospel (which is no Gospel) that requires no repentance, they wish to silence the prophets.
    They hate deliverance.
    True love wants people set free and not left bound in Satan’s deception.

    Again you have said it all.


  22. 22 jetz

    We are truly living in the last days. The spirit of perversion and the spirit of Deception has crept into the churches.

  23. 23 Leonie

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Just want to thank you for alerting us to what was happening in the City Life Church Melbourne re homosexuality. We are so grateful for your response in making the video link and speaking out so clearly in line with the Word of God and reminding us of the power of the cross to forgive, heal and deliver and bring about a changed lifestyle.

    May God continue to give you boldness and courage to speak out as a moral voice to this nation when so many churches are silent about such important issues like same-sex marriage.

    God bless you and your family.

    With Prayers and kind regards from Leonie in Sydney.

  24. 24 Ku

    Dear Ps Danny,

    This is another testimony with Kevin Swanson, an outspoken Home Schooler.


  25. 25 Christine & Brian Chapman

    Dear Pastor Danny, this is a very late reply to this current issue of pastor Mark Connors wife (Nicole) talking on Joy Fm was it .
    Hmm! I did not even know that such a radio programme existed but there u go. Almost anything goes in this hour of much deception & Non truth re the precious true word of our Father Adonai Elohim. The modern churches are so polluted they have watered down the true word & do not even preach thru the Rhema word of our father, son & Holy Spirit. It is man ,woman & flesh that is speaking….

    Yes as you say,in this very late hour many so called churches are preaching a user friendly message : to appeal to the masses. I happened to look @ Mark Connors blog on the City Life Website , I look @ it OCCASSIONALLY only when the Holy Spirit leads me to
    Pick up & discern what the user friendly preachers are preaching & teaching , it’s often hype & entertainment ..with some scriptures that they choose to fit with their user friendly message. I know there are a few different so called leaders that Mark Connor has speak up on the stage….I know he has studied in America also…& a big influence on his church growth system is Bill Hybels from Willow Creek
    Church in U.S. I looked up Bill Hybels site last week late January 2016 …saw a video on church growth : they follow a pattern because ; don’t you know they love to get the numbers so they “look good” , “smell good “etc, but it doesn’t fool me. I don’t think it fools the father also….far from it…you may as well write on the church doors … ” ICHABOD” = THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED….( UNFORTUNATELY) .

    Mans formulas for church growth because that’s all they are interested in….imagine the amount of tithes & offerings paid into these huge church buildings…just so they look good , big stage, cameras ,lights & action …..tithes in the Old Testament weren’t just money but crops etc…& it was only the Levites who could collect the tithe. They were instructed by Elohim to take the tithe into the city once every year, or once every 3 years to feed the poor & look after the poor, the widow & the alien.etc… Boy ! they love preaching on Malachi ( about bring the tithe into the storehouse etc) ; but they twist that verse also,…just so they get the people’s money..servicing their own lusts & fleshly deeds & keeping themselves ; but when it comes to proper relationships as you have mentioned in your 2 messages oh ! but they forget those verses & twist those commands also. They love to pick & choose to suit themselves. .

    Messages in Effect – watered down many who are playing with fire…& it ain’t the true fire of the Holy Spirit…

    So pastor Danny , we commend your 2 part video defending the true word of our father God -ADONAI ELOHIM & For making
    A stand for truth. We should pray in the right attitude that the Holy Spirit can convict the hearts of Pastor Mark Connor & his wife Nicole so that they can be set free from the chains of darkness & blindness & deception that they are under. True Repentance is
    The answer…deep repentance & for the powers of darkness to be exposed even further & the “scales “removed from their eyes in
    Many areas …I hope they can be set free for their sakes & for the sake of the sheeple that they lead. If not …..heaven help them.

  26. 26 Lance Sterling

    The letter response from Michelle and Greg is very similar to letters to church papers in the 19th century. Righteous Christians we horrified in America and England that some misguided people were saying that the exegesis and hermeneutics from the bible were flawed, and that slavery was offensive. Wilberforce had to contend wit opposition from the Churches that had done a very poor reading of O.T scripture. While Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and the bible is the inspired word of God the problem is that down through the ages it has had different exegeses.
    The church has changed it’s position on slavery, women (perhaps not in your church), hatred for Jews seen as murderers of Christ (up until the 20th century) and several other matters. What made that theological shift? It is no different to the ‘prosperity doctrine’. You can quote biblical support yet know how offensive it is to the poor.

  27. 27 Mal Austin

    Dear People of God,
    Those who are taught from little children that you must love God and your neighbour above all else and who are willing usually to concede that the demonstration of love and the outpouring of grace thru the influence of the HS is the way most of us are introduced to the Lord Jesus, his love, acceptance and forgiveness and all his promises. What letters Paul could be writing to you today! He would be asking you to tell him how many souls you have won to Jesus by not gambling, not drinking, not agreeing with Roman Catholicism, not committing adultery, swearing or telling rude jokes and numerous other side issues but most of all, spending huge amounts of time ensuring you have the “exact” and “correct” and “only” true theological [actually religious] beliefs and that everyone of your fellow Christians knows you do! The answer of course would be NIL but it always feels so good to have friends who barrack for the same team.

    When I read such high-handed superior judgemental writings as above I always know not to value it as truly grace-filled Christian wisdom. Y’see when you publicly state that the Connor’s marriage is a bad one even though it is none of your business and you have never even met the people and how would you know anyway, and when you start running down the whole of the CityLife church because of the views of one person, even though the church has the balls to publicly disassociate themselves from these beliefs, and when you take the opportunity to throw the boot in about everything else you don’t like about the church and all mega-churches even though you have never been to a service…then you look like religious zealots who prefer to condemn rather than encourage, break rather than build, separate rather than unite, be legal instead of loving and so on.

    As a child I had a father who hated with a venom Billy Graham because he had been to Rome and shaken the Pope’s hand. I always wanted to ask him – but out of fear desisted – “and how many souls have you won to Christ?”.

    Wise people look at the fruit of churches like this and ask “what are they doing right?” and “how come the Presbyterians [etc] don’t have mega-churches?” and “could this all be fruit of the faithful who are fervent followers of Christ – or is it God’s intention that the theologically perfect churches will remain tiny and powerless because they show up others fault so well and must suffer for it?” Instead you ask questions from a worldview of unbelief that God could or would possibly bless and anoint to such an extent, there must be something sinful going on!!

    Having attended CityLife for 13 years now after escaping the Church of Christ and knowing Nicole and Mark personally, even living near them I can confidentally say – you have no idea what or who you are talking about! It is perfectly OK for us all to debate any hot topic – guess what? – I don’t agree with Nicole’s views either and I am disappointed immensely at what she said on radio and will probably never understand it BUT she is my sister, she is deeper with the Lord and done more for and in His Name then I have ever dreamt of and that’s what counts. The church is not the biggest in the state because of any of the derogatory and false actions which critical negative people throw at it as above. It isn’t “rich and popular” for any reason other than its dedication and complete and utter devotion to the spreading of the Word and the fearless proclamation of Jesus name among its more than 100 nationalities which attend and the many churches and ministries it runs in Africa and India through its huge missionary department.

    BUT there is one thing it DOES NOT do and that’s waste time and energy preaching against others beliefs and spreading vitriolic personal criticism of people it has never met but who apparently must be ‘taken out’ because of differing directions – they are too busy with the work of God and building ever bigger premises to accomodate all the new Christians!!

    James 3:8-9Living Bible (TLB)
    “but no human being can tame the tongue. It is always ready to pour out its deadly poison. Sometimes it praises our heavenly Father, and sometimes it breaks out into curses against men who are made like God.”

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