Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.


Rise Up Australia Party’s National President Daniel Nalliah is calling every Patriotic Aussie to join the Reclaim Australia Rallies on 18th & 19th July across the country.

He will be personally addressing the rally in Melbourne on 18th and the rally in Sydney on the 19th of July.

You may click the following video link to watch his promotion message.

He stated from his office in Melbourne this morning, “ Be proud to be Patriotic about your nation. Do not let the secularist, Islamist and the media shut you down by calling you a racist, Islamophobe, red neck, extremist, fundamentalist, etc. If you are not what they call you, simply be PATRIOTIC and take your stand at the rallies.

We cannot and will not shut up and watch our nation and our rights be taken away from us. I will rather die standing up, than living on my knees for the rest of my life. Our fight for Free Speech, Sale of Land to Foreign Buyers, Media bias towards Islamic fundamentalism, Political correctness, Multiculturalism, etc. must continue for as long as it takes, so that our sons and daughters could live in peace and enjoy Australia as we do.

The decisions we make today will determine the destiny of Australia.”

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Australian.

Media inquiries: 03 8795 7544

5 Responses to “Media Release – Islam is a Religion and not a Race / Reclaim Australia Rallies are not Racist but Patriotic, says RUAP NP Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Julie Sharma

    Great to see your purposes clarified in this way. Have journalists from all the news media been sent data explaining this as clearly and succinctly? Some still do not comprehend the difference between multi ethnic and multi cultural. Maybe send them a “heads up” note which says: “Please help us prevent racism by clearly reporting what we are trying to bring about – a safe landfall for all genuine refugees ; immigrants & citizens (which is what we mean by multi ethnic ) by focusing a light on a clear and present danger which flourishes in the mistaken idea that all cultures practiced within our shores have similar values to our own. Some do have but others do not. I married a Hindu & the values in the marriage ceremony were similar to my beloved Anglican ones. How could I have possibly known without being warned, that it was the practice in the country to which we went to stay with his family – for the new bride to be taunted with subtle put-downs as to one’s looks, dress, religion, values, – all calculated (I learned later) to test my mettle & make whatever came later in the marriage seem like paradise. No-one on my spouse’s family told me of the rules – they thought it was the same iny Christian culture
    Aussie journalists who haven’t lived closely within other cultures are making the mistake of assuming (as my new in-laws did) that we are all playing by the same game rules whereas we certainly are not. Blessings. J

  2. 2 Julie Sharma

    Why would I ever bother commenting again when all my comments “await moderation” whilst I have seen some quite dubious statements accepted. There are even continuing links to opposition demonic stuff. Can the moderator really read? Or is the content difficult? Your opposition & journalists check the posts AND comments. My remarks are truthful and written to educate and influence. They are not in “christianese” – they are in plain speech to make detractors think! I hope you will not be foolish enough to publish THIS comment. This nation is on brink of disaster before any kind of revival is seen. Only if people wake up and pray will our laws be wholly pure and righteous – sadly. Again: please don’t publish this comment, and take comfort, I will not ever comment again.

  3. 3 John

    Shalom CTFM,

    I hasten to remind you that Islam is NOT a religion it is a Political System/Political Ideology that amalgamates church and State/Government.
    In its complete form those who follow Islam in Australia are committing treason against the Australian Political System – that is why they want to usher in Sharia Law!!

    The sooner Islam is removed from legislation as a religion the sooner we can move to have it outlawed from Australian society as an act of treason!!!! – deport those who commit treason against the Australian Government – Keep Australia Australian!

    So have a big think about what you are putting around and look at the bigger picture – a Politician swearing his allegiance to this country on the Koran – he should be removed and a by-election held to replace him!! He has committed treason by his actions and should have been deported or incarcerated! Wake up Australia!!

    Kind regards,

    RUACH Ministries Universal
    Phillip Island

  4. 4 Pastor Eric

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Would there be time to make poster/ placards quoting the following verses from the koran 3:151… 4:89….8:67….9:5….9:107….18:26….47:4
    After all this is what the koran teaches.
    Pastor Eric

  5. 5 Doreen

    Thank you for your emails. Yes we would like to attend the Melbourne rally. Where is the rally?
    Loved your books. Am sharing them around. People are also surprised about what they read and am grateful for the information. I hope the mayor of Bendigo will be just as surprised at your book after he reads it ( hopefully ). I am posting him a copy…
    Bless you. Doreen. Bendigo.

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