Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) It seems like many nations are rapidly slipping away from God’s divine order of marriage between a man & woman, and embracing gay marriage.

I was very sad to hear that Ireland is the latest nation to approve gay marriage.

The Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten from ALP will be putting forward a private members bill on Monday, and it will be possibly voted on by the lower house of parliament in Canberra. If this bill gets through, it could then very well open the door for polygamist marriages and who knows, maybe even bestiality, as in some countries this is already legal.

We must stop the slippery slope of walking away from God’s will and plan and take our stand against gay marriage.

Please pray and call your local politician and let them know that you do not want gay marriage approved in parliament. Please pray for PM Tony Abbott, who is standing very strong against it and is committed to protecting marriage between a man & a woman.

Children of gay couples are the worst affected, as they become the victims in most cases. It is very well known that a child needs a mother and a father. Let us continue to stand and fight for heterosexual marriages only.

Please check the link below.

2) Pr Daniel will be speaking at CTFM in Hallam at the 10am & 6:30pm services this Sunday 31st May.

Please note that this service will be live webcast at beginning at 11am (AEDT).


9 Responses to “Say NO to legalising ‘Gay Marriage’ in Australia / Live webcast 31st May”

  1. 1 Cedella

    Thank you so much for your emails.
    Thank you for encouraging me to stand strong.
    God Bless,

  2. 2 Carolyn

    I vote NO to Gay marriage. Carolyn

  3. 3 Naomi

    Thanks Bill.
    I can never let go of my faith which sees as integral a passion for male/female marriage.
    Children have a right to live with and know their biological parents. We do not want to endorse another and indefinite number of stolen generations. Family life is not always easy. But it protects us from sexual lust and our children from sexual exploitation.
    Why are you willing to give way to accommodate 3% of our country’s people, at the potential expense of 97%?
    Being a populist is not necessarily in our culture’s interest.
    With warm wishes and prayers for us all and thanks to God our creator for the gift of our lives.

  4. 4 Philip

    At the risk of being a ‘nag’, and being possibly about the second last person on this earth to get up and speak AD LIB on a stump or in a law court; and relying on what could be misplaced logic emanating from the flesh (in other words, please defer to Higher guidance):—-

    Is this scene becoming something of a ‘nag’ for all those concerned — excluding the fifth column anarchists and dedicated destructos? Are we to spend eternity sending mail saying ‘don’t don’t don’t’, until the parliamentarians and Public begin to take notice (out of sheer boredom and weariness) of said wrecking destructos who keep saying something new — “do, do, do”?

    Isn’t there Law in this country — isn’t there a way to get things done properly in the public and legal setting, other than by tiring the Public?

    Was the nation set up on Christian, humane principles, with a Constitution to be interpreted in the light of humanity, “under God’, on the basis of the freedoms and justices written into the Bible? And, wasn’t the Constitution intended as a safeguard from return to the bigotry and persecutions which preceded the establishment of Western Democracy?

    So why can’t we join hands with the founding Fathers and employ the tools they placed at our disposal, silence the destroyers and shut anarchy out of our judicial institutions? The Parliament being the leading law court in the land, under the Crown/Governor, who is under God?

    As I say, obey Higher guidance, and don’t let’s get a rush of blood to the head and rush in without being under Higher guidance. The prime recipe for failure. But it could be suggested that there is at least one man, with others potentially to back him, who has experience here in legal proceedings and who can speak. He has set up a ‘political’ movement. I for one and I venture to suggest some others may be ready to back him financially, should it be clearly shown that P.R./Legal action is to be initiated along common sense lines. Shut the destructive legal anarchy out for one, perhaps follow that up in time with further strong national legal guidance re. handling Islam?

    As far as I know– not far — it would be completely contrary to the Constitution in detail and in spirit to legislate in favour of legislation which has the effect of a). Religious discrimination/persecution. The corollary of legal anti-marriage is the criminalization of marriage. The Church is the bride. Christian relationship with God is marriage. The be forced to affirm anti-marriage is to be forced to deny Christ. And sanity. b). Yes, and sanity. Because there is no benefit whatsoever, financially, medically, personally, in any way, shape, or form, in fiddling in this nonsense. There is no law stopping people of the same sex from co-habiting. There is no benefit in passing a law legalizing that which cannot be stopped. Laws do not force people to love and tolerate, and laws do not stop closet bullying. There is no gain for the homosexuals. The nation loses literally millions if not billions of dollars annually through health care costs and personal anguish brought on by debauched lifestyles. AIDS (once known by its proper title, GRIDS — Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome) costs the world $trillions annually. It has killed and continues to kill tens of thousands of innocent people. The homosexual act even without GRIDS sets loose health destroying bacteria. The germs go gangbusters. All sin destroys the human body and well being (don’t I know it!) but homosexuality along with adultery are specifically mentioned as sins which destroy the body . So advocating homosexuality is to advocate a (slow) death sentence. And laws cannot be shown to force people to love or tolerate homosexuals, or to desist from quietly bullying them. Only a miracle can do that. Above all, fiddling with marriage law creates personal, corporate, legal and bureaucratic confusion. As the scriptures say: ‘It is confusion”. c). Slavery. The purchase of human beings by the highest bidder. Penny Wong, sitting in the Senate, not only flouts basic human rights and the principles upon which Parliament was founded: she openly deals in human bodies — funded by us the taxpayer who finds her misspent income. Crimes against Humanity, a revived slave trade.

    P.R. is not my FORTE: I merely point out that Australia must surely be wearied of this business and I suspect that intelligent application of Law (the atheists did it with Chapliancy) might shut the anti-democratic, anti-human, damaging to homosexuals, slave-trading, disease-spreading, poverty generating idiocy out of a Parliament where Law, compassion, common sense, economics, medicine, and possibly the High Court, say it should not enter.

  5. 5 Mrs C. Waite

    Members of Parliament.We oppose gay marriage for MEDICAL reasons. We fear that in the future there could be a greater expense on the Medical System and the Tax-payer from the resurgence of diseases such as Aids and other bacteria related illnesses.
    Any penis traumatising the anus could damage the sphincter and also pounding into the anus, where bacteria is from the stools exit, creates diseases and will therefore be a big cost to Taxpayers and Health and Medicare systems.
    There also could be a spread of Herpes and Thrush. Laws should be in place for Gay people to be tested for Aids and diseases every year and maybe there should be mass Education for these people and the Australian Public to know of the Medical Repercussions that most probably lie ahead. I would say Society in general would be ignorant of these facts. We hear a lot of discussion of gay marriage in the media and by the Politicians and I think it is mostly fed by emotion. We would like to see a more sensible discussion had, without emotion, which includes all aspects of this lifestyle and one important part of it is Medical. We don’t want any Australians to get sick and this includes gays. It seems to us it is just a trend at the moment and it will die down whether we change the marriage laws or not. We would hate to see this change forced onto the Australian People because of a fad.

    Mrs C. Waite

  6. 6 Margret

    Praise the Lord. Thank u very much for your stand in God’s Word about same sex marriage (my heart hurt’s so much) . I’ll stand with you & know now which Political Party to vote for. May the Lord God blesses you abundantly & favours you always.

    Yours in Christ Jesus,


  7. 7 Pastor Eric

    The Minister,
    It is with great concern That I write this letter regarding same sex marriage.
    Will I as the pastor of small church be forced to perform a marriage between same sex couples which according to the Bible is an abomination? I will refuse to do this under all forms of intimidation. Legal or otherwise. Let Australia be the one shining light in this darkening world. If other nations are too ignorant or too stupid to bring the wrath of God upon themselves; then so be it. Why should we be forced to tow a line which will lead to destruction? Our courts are and legal system is based on God’s 10 commandments and in using the Bible to swear to tell the truth we are upholding the words contained in this Holy Book. To do otherwise is to call God a liar. Why should the minority of 2% dictate to the rest of the population to do something that is absolutely wrong?

    Might I suggest that this is beyond the scope of parliament? You should not be dictating to people what basically is a personal matter. People should have the freedom to choose to live how they wish if in sin or not. Forcing this decision on parliament is a satanic ploy designed to destroy the family unit and ultimately society with the direct consequences of bringing down God’s wrath on Australia. Look at all the nations that have forced this legislation upon their people, they are in turmoil their society is failing.
    Please do the right thing for the sake of all Australians and drop this absurdity from parliament. Please allow God to continue to protect our nation. If you read the Bible; nations that turn away from God have all been invaded and resulted in great sorrow.

    Pastor Eric

  8. 8 Jeanette

    Genesis 1:27; Genesis 2:18; Gen 2:24; God made Eve from a rib out of Adam’s side to ‘walk beside him as a helper and He gave them dominion over all the works of His hands!

    Corinthians 11:9-12; Ephesians 5;23-33,21; 1 Peter 3:7; 1 Corinth 7:3,4; 2 Corinthians 6:14; !Peter 3:1 ; Proverbs 31:10-31 ‘Who can find a virtuous woman?’



  9. 9 Phil -Sydney


    This Battle is far from over, But Courageous stand so far on Monday against SSM.

    At least there is one leader who is prepared to stand up for the rights of innocent children to a real mother and a real father.

    Bill Shorten is a disgrace to the Federal Parliament. A total wimp of a man.

    Well Done Tony,

    you have my vote
    Don’t give up


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