Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following link to watch a 7 minute video with RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah speaking about Islam infiltrating our prisons in Australia and the West.

3 Responses to “Islam infiltrating our prisons”

  1. 1 Scott

    I’ve worked in a prison for five years and can confidently say that everything in this video is true. Not only that all of the food served in the present that I was working out is also halal certified. Scott

  2. 2 Richard

    Hi Jason,
    I absolutely agree. But can I share with a story. I am a prison chaplain here in Adelaide. Have been visiting a young (caucasian from a Christian background) man who requested a koran and prayer mat. He was given one. I went back to see him soon after and asked how he was finding the koran. He said “Richard, I opened up the pages and it scared me. I knew it wasnt for me I put it down and havent picked it up since.” Since then we have been engaging over about a 6 week period. Been simply trying to encourage him and help to support him as he deals with a lot of depression and anxiety without pushing the gospel although he was more than happy to pray for him. Last week he asked what “grace” meant. I was able to explain and he was amazed. He had no idea. I think he is close to the Kingdom. Amazingly God has placed his cell right next to a very strong Christian inmate who he has great respect for.
    My experience of most Muslims in prison is they are very disillusioned. We are giving out Arabic and Urdu Bibles. I think when they see the love and genuine care given by Christians, they really warm to it, because they have never tasted that in Islam.
    God bless you and the ministry

  3. 3 Glenys

    Thank you for posting the links to Pastor Dany’s messages on Youtube. I find they are always so honest and encouraging, giving many points for prayer.

    Thank you for this ministry—I know that Pastor Danny is truly sent to Australia for such a time as now. He, and this ministry, is often in my prayers, especially for God to open many doors in corridors of power.

    in Christ’s service,

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