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This is the highest level of stupidity of Multiculturalism when a council calls locals to wear the hijab, a symbol of male dominance and control practiced by Islam for the past 1400 years.

That’s exactly what the Dandenong Council in Victoria is calling all women living in the area to wear the hijab to understand Islam better.

For goodness sake, we don’t want our women to practice this un-Australian way of life.

Today the National President Daniel Nalliah of Rise Up Australia Party was contacted by several councillors from the Dandenong Council who informed him that the Mayor did not let any of the councillors know about the Hijab Day.

One Councillor who contacted him stated, “Tonight we (Councillors) will challenge the Mayor and will call on his resignation at the council meeting at 7pm.”

Mr Nalliah was also privileged to read several email correspondences in-between the Mayor and councillors.

I challenge the Dandenong Council to call on the Muslim women to get rid of their Hijab for one week and assimilate into Australian way of life.

This is the same council in 2013 cancelled all Christmas nativity scenes, Christmas trees, decorations etc. and it so happened to be that the Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong in 2013 was a Muslim.

How about asking the Muslims for a change to wear the Cross or the Star of David (Symbol of the Jews)???

Multiculturalism is killing the West, but our politically correct Government leaders cannot see it or don’t want to know about it.

If we don’t stand up now it is our children and grandchildren who will pay the price.

Call the Dandenong council on (03) 8571 1000 or and make your voice known.

Following is a fantastic article in the Herald Sun.

Media inquiries: 03 8795 7544

7 Responses to “Dandenong Council calls for Hijab Day without Councillors Approval”

  1. 1 Gwenda

    My considered advice to you is get a new council. If the Dandenong council wants to be amongst people wearing hijabs then there are plenty of Muslim countries that you can go and live in and good riddance to you. And I am sure you will be very happy there, please consider it. THIS IS AUSTRALIA WITH AUSTRALIAN LAW AND ANYONE LIVING HERE IS REQUESTED TO ASSIMILATE AND BECOME AN AUSTRALIAN.

    It is your duty as a council to educate people in what Australia is and AUSTRALIA IS NOT MUSLIM AND NEVER WILL BE. So the sooner people STOP wearing the hijab and ASSIMILATE into the AUSTRALIAN WAY OF LIFE, the quicker assimilation will take place. If people are not willing to assimilate then PLEASE feel free to go and live amongst your own kind.



  2. 2 Gale

    It’s a shame that this has already happened. Gale

  3. 3 Lyn

    Attn: The Mayor of Dandenong

    How dare you not uphold the Pride of Australia.

    You have taken multiculturalism too far by giving Australian women a chance to wear the muslim headcover. What does that gain????

    You should be helping these people to appreciate what we have here; NOT having us adjust to them!

    You should be removed from your position immediately as you’re just another compromising politician. (I hear traces of a freemason)

    We have given these people all the chances in the world to integrate and they won’t because THEY WANT TO TAKE OVER EVERY COUNTRY THEY ENTER.


    Disgraceful behaviour on your part. Are you truly an Australian ???????

    From a PROUD Australian!


  4. 4 Maria

    Hi, reading about your latest effort to enable the Muslim women to feel more accepted in our country by us join them in their cultural dress style as to wearing the hijab.
    That would make sense if all the Aussies would wear the star of David so the Jewish minority would feel more welcome.
    Or the Indian minority, have a symbol put on our foreheads.
    All the other migrants have assimilated into the Australian culture while maintaining their own cultural background.
    None of them have ever demanded for them to infiltrate our cultural heritage with their religious, political agenda’s.
    I am Dutch, we established our own denomination, Dutch Reformed church,but the very first thing they did was to have the services in English, at first with an interpreter, very soon this was no longer needed. We assimilated and became true Aussies.

  5. 5 Noraine

    My heart cries for Australia because of this garbage, but I must say my GOD will exalt HIS MOUNTAIN ABOVE any other mountain
    And so I cry GRACE, GRACE to every mountain of demonic rule surely barbaric Islamic rule , and declare every mountain, must become a flat plain so that the army of the LORD must walk over.
    Please agree with me that MY GOD REIGNS amen, amen
    In HIS SERVICE, Noraine

  6. 6 Jayna

    Interesting. The battle is on, but we have the victory. He has overcome. Jesus is Lord of all and over all. Hallelujah !!!
    Thanks for the info… Jayna

  7. 7 Rachel

    Dear Sir/Madam

    After reading about the idea to have Australian women wear the hijab to better understand Islam I am emailing to express my opinion.

    Islam could be better understood by looking at more important facts, not attire. Genital mutilation, for example. I dare someone to suggest to Australian women that they would better empathise with Muslim women if they had their clitorises gouged out by non-medical women, without pain relief!

    Or perhaps you could teach people to behead ‘infidels’, ie all non-Muslims?

    The hijab is simply ‘traditional’ clothing and not even mentioned in the Qu’ran. The purpose of covering the hair is due to men being unable to control their lust over seeing women’s hair. Do you want Australian women to feel threatened by sexual assault if their hair is uncovered?

    These things are FACTS about Islam.

    Would you suggest that women in Australia shave their heads so as to better relate to Buddhist women? Of course not!

    What is your real agenda in this idea? It is time to be courageous and realistic.

    Australia is NOT a Muslim country.


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