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When female TV host Rima Karaki interviewed radical Islamist Hani al-Sibai on the Lebanese Al-Jadeed news channel this week, Karaki showed him that she wasn’t intimidated by his rude remarks.

During their interview, al-Sibai was asked to share his thoughts about the Christians that have joined militias to fight ISIS.

Instead of sticking to the subject, al-Sibai went off on a tangent. Considering the limited time frame al-Sibai had as a guest on the show, Karaki requested that he stopped ranting and ‘focus on the present.’

Such a suggestion from a woman infuriated the radical Islamist. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated the exchange:

“I will not answer the way you like, because I’m here to serve the idea in which I believe.”

Patiently, Karaki once again asked for him to stay on topic, and that’s when al-Sibai became much more transparent about his feelings. He said:

“Are you done? Shut up, so I can talk. It’s beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman who…”

It’s not clear what the next few words were to spew from al-Sibai’s hateful mouth, because Karaki cut the interview short, saying:

“Just one second. Either there is mutual respect or the conversation is over.”

As women are often treated like second class citizens in much of the Middle East, people like Karaki are fighting back against that oppressive narrative by standing firm in their beliefs.

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