Dear friends,

We’re pleased to announce Reclaim Australia Rallies across our country on Saturday 4th April 2015 and to encourage your participation in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Hobart, Newcastle, Mackay, Hervey Bay, Esperance, Albury, Bunbury & Cairns.

This peaceful rally is part of the national Reclaim Australia Rally and is being used to show the people of Australia we have had enough of minorities not fitting in and trying to change our Australian cultural identity.

RUAP President Daniel Nalliah has been invited by the organisers to deliver a speech at the Melbourne Rally beginning at 1pm at Federation Square.

You may download flyers & posters at the following link.

It’s time for all patriotic Australians of all nationalities & beliefs to stand united against radical extremism!

For more information see

You may also click the following link to watch a 4 minute music video satire on Halal products in Australia.

4 Responses to “Free speech message / Reclaim Australia Rallies on 4/4/15”

  1. 1 Sharon

    Have diarised to pray for this event ie Danny’s speech, good numbers, peaceful, great national & international media coverage showing Australians “rising up”.


  2. 2 Jan

    Thank you so much for this article. Bless you. Jan

  3. 3 Ray & Patricia

    We agree with what you are saying on the slogans. But is there a better way? Some slogans we believe are provoking, We question what reaction would they bring. Peace or fighting.

    There is a song ” They will know we are Christian by our LOVE’. Bible, We are told to LOVE our enemies, Bless them. Not told to provoke them. That is one of their weapons.

    Yes this is our land .Yes we need to unite & rise up & take back. Respect the cost for FREEDOM .We can get so caught up on this problem in our land, that we miss out on How the Spirit of God would have us do it.

    We need the end result to be a testimony to the unbelievers, Repentance & bring HIM God glory & Fruit. Our Weapons of our warfare are Mighty to the pulling down of Strongholds,

    Please Pray & seek God for HIS WISDOM & Discretion on this.

    Ray & Patricia

  4. 4 John

    Dear people. Greetings in the name of JESUS.

    Thank you for informing me regarding the Reclaim Australia Rallies.

    As I live in Perth I have tried to find out where the Rally is and what time.

    I have been unsuccessful, could you please HELP.

    Regards John

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