Herald Sun (Melbourne) ^ | 12th February 2015 | Andrew Bolt

TWO more Muslim men were arrested in Sydney yesterday for — police alleged — plotting to kill civilians.

But why have none of the many men arrested so far for alleged terror attacks here planned to kill moderate Muslim clerics?

Australian historian Christopher Clark, in his widely admired Sleepwalkers, points out “one abiding strand in the logic of terrorist movements, namely that reformers and moderates are more to be feared than outright enemies and hardliners”.

Terrorists hate compromisers. Islamists murdered Egyptian president Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel.

But which Muslim clerics are in danger of being too moderate?

The only threats I’ve heard of were those reportedly sent to a Sydney doctor, Jamal Rifi, who is indeed a brave peacemaker, but no cleric.

The fact, I fear, is that there aren’t Muslim religious leaders here truly trying to reform Islam or issue fatwas damning the likes of Islamic State to hell.

Yet last month even Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi demanded a “revolution” of his faith to make it less fearsome.

“It is inconceivable that the wrong ideas that we sacralise should make the entire umma (Muslim community) a source of concern, danger, killing and destruction for the whole world,” Sisi told Muslim clerics.

But have you seen such a revolution here?

Have Muslim clerics launched an all-out campaign to reform followers?

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  1. 1 Gerry

    Islam is beyond reform, you cannot reform something with a rotten foundation.
    It’s satans property , stop hoping for the impossible. A religion that says Jesus was not crucified cannot be reformed.

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