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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family and friends in Christ,

We as Australians need to thank God with all our hearts for the abundantly blessed nation He has given us to live in.

We are so very blessed to be so far away from the Middle East and the major trouble spots around the world where Islamism is spreading chaos, death & destruction.

However, our nation seems to be struggling to get good strong leaders into parliament and this is definitely beginning to become a problem in Australian Politics.

In the last few weeks, I heard it said on the news several times that “we lack good leadership”.

Political correctness has spread throughout society so much, that no longer do most people speak their hearts out, but they say what people like to hear.

Currently our Federal Government is on very shaky grounds with Malcolm Turnbull waiting for the first opportunity to take up the top job.

We must pray that Tony Abbott, the elected Prime Minister by the people, will remain until the next election, so that the people can make the choice and not a bunch of power hungry politicians in Canberra.

We definitely don’t want a repeat of Rudd and Gillard as the back stabbing virus seems to be spreading very fast in Canberra.

In QLD there is still a battle to see who will govern the state. Could it be possible that QLD might have to go back to the poll sooner rather than later? This is not healthy at all for the state and our nation.

Next month NSW will go to the poll. We must hope and pray that God will rise up men and woman of integrity and character who will stand up for justice and righteousness.

Sadly, Victoria has an ALP government now and they are getting ready to pull down the Godly structure. Unfortunately, they will most likely be successful. A few complaints against Churches and Christian schools will definitely shake the foundation of the church.

I wonder how the church will respond.

I pray that the church will stand its ground and not apologise for standing up to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.

The Bible states that closing in on the End-Times, even God’s very elect will grow cold and leave the faith (Matthew 24:10, 1 Timothy 4:1). I get so sad when I hear some Christians say, “I am fed up. I cannot do this any longer”.

We do have a real fight in our hands to win the lost and prepare the Bride of Christ for the coming of the Lord.

So may I encourage you to take time to pray for our Government and leaders.  Please make sure that you spend time in prayer with your family.

Thank God for saving Sydney from another Islamic jihadist attack. Thank God the two men were exposed and captured. Prayer is the key for victory.

You may click the following link to watch 12 minutes of encouraging video footage of Christian leaders from different denominations uniting as the Body of Christ at the recent Australia Day Prayer Gathering 2015 in Melbourne.

Many blessings,

Your bro in Christ,

Ps Daniel Nalliah

3 Responses to “Urgent ongoing Prayer needed for our Nation Australia / Also encouraging video footage from Australia Day Prayer Gathering 2015 in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Veronica

    THANK YOU for all your diligence and perseverance.
    We are told in GOD’S word to endure to the end.
    Times will get worse as we see the evil spread this is foretold as part of the end times in the BIBLE.
    We need to be all of us ready to shed our blood for our faith.
    GOD IS SOVEREIGN may we do his will at all times.
    Let us keep praying for GOD’S MERCY.
    Your sister in CHRIST,

  2. 2 Hilary

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

    For an understanding of why we need to pray, support and defend Tony Abbott….please watch this short 3 min video at the following link – filmed in October 2014– What is at stake?

    – Australia’s democracy & sovereignty – Christian freedoms and foundations could be signed away on the pretext of ‘’saving the environment’’…….may this NOT happen and may Tony Abbott finish his full term of office as Prime minister in Jesus Name!

    I have had to listen to this a few times…but it is an answer to my prayers ‘’Lord what is really going on??’’ – here are some notes to review after watching and listening to the clip……

    This clip gives understanding of what is behind the labour push to remove Abbott…….

    There is an agenda to have ‘unity’ across the nations in order to have all countries in the world at one time sign a treaty agreement in Paris, for a new global governing body to be established, before the end of December 2015.

    – However, there are 2 ‘’stand out’’ countries who do not agree with this position – and are not signing the environment treaty – so the world governing body requires a forced change of Government in those nations (hence the recent Abbott leadership shaking, which was deliberately pushed and created as a ‘’news item’’ by left leaning journalist propaganda, so that those wanting to intitiate ‘’environmental strategies’’ for the planet = communist agendas – can have them implemented.

    SO…..Their agenda is for the present ‘’stand out’’ Governments of Australia & Canada to be dismissed, so that the new replacement government might be agreeable to the treaty.

    May the Abbott Government not be defeated for a lack of knowledge…Hos 4:6 or the prayerlessness of God’s people here in Australia.

    Please listen to this message again, pray, act in writing to the Prime Minister re the inclusion of a withdrawal clause, and pass this on so others may know and understand that we need to be persistent as we press into God and pray for God’s Kingdom mandate and destiny for Australia to be outworked.

    In Christ’s Love,


  3. 3 Adrian


    I’m sending this to you exactly as I received it.

    I WILL BE AT THE BRISBANE RALLY, because I want the people whose responsibility it is to do something about this to know what my (4th generation, tax-paying, loyal Australian) views are. I’m FED UP with political correctness; with watching political correctness and the lie of multiculturalism erode away my birthright; I’m FED UP with lily-livered political inactivity, while terrorism and sedition are openly incubated, even exhorted, unopposed, right here in our capital cities. I’m FED UP with the disinformation campaigns being waged by large sections of our media – the ABC in particular. I’m FED UP with being branded a “racist” for expressing my concerns about the well-documented influence of an insidious and toxic dark-ages ideology. I’m FED UP with the kowtowing and compromise and lies and dishonesty. I’m FED UP with listening to the excuses and watching the futile attempts to placate the implacable. I’m FED UP with the denial of the realities of Islam, while they themselves laugh at us in arrogance and contempt and scorn and derision. AND I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT IT!


    If you care about the future of Australia, you’ll go to the rally in the city nearest you on April 4th, also.


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