Dear friends,

Today the West, and the rest of the world, is under attack on several fronts by Islamism.  This is being carried out not just by Islamic terrorists, but Islam itself is on an onward march to bring about their long term goal of establishing a caliphate across the globe.  Their belief system tells them that all ‘Infidels’ (unbelievers) must convert to Islam or suffer the consequences.

For the past 15 years, I have warned the West in particular that we need to wake up and take a stand against this attack on the freedoms we so value, but unfortunately our secular left-wing media, and many “politically correct” politicians have simply refused to face up to the confronting dangers of Islamism.

Islamist have used the doorway of Multiculturalism to infiltrate Western societies and fight for their rights.  Today the Western world simply does not know how to manage this problem as we have grown a viper in our backyard.

Since the Islamist attacks coming onto our own soil, some are waking from their slumber to acknowledge the brutality of radical Islam.  Yet, sadly many are still totally deceived into believing that Islam can coexist peacefully with our Western way of life under the banner of Multiculturalism.  However, Islamic culture is not compatible with our Western Culture and way of life.

In the past few months, the Islamic Jihadist attacks on the Canadian Parliament, the hostage crisis in Martin Place (Sydney) and now the recent attacks in Paris (France) have been wake up calls for us to recognise that the danger is at the door.

The Islamist agenda functions on several fronts.

1) They use fear and intimidation through attacks on innocent civilians.

2) They use our laws, and law courts, against those who speak out against Islam in order to stifle free speech.

3) They use our media to depict Islam as a religion of peace.

4) They use Muslim apologists to constantly deny that the problem is in fact the teaching in the Koran by Mohamed their prophet.

Our politically correct media & politicians continue blindly to defend Islam. They accuse anyone who speaks out against Islam of being Racist.  The reality is that Islam is not a Race, but a Religion.

We need to understand that there are many good Muslim people who want to live peaceful lives, and we should continue to love and protect them.  However, it is time for all peace-loving Muslims who value the West’s free speech, and other democratic freedoms, to rise up together with us and make their voices known.  This must include allowing criticism of Mohamed their prophet because it is fair go to criticise religions in the West.  This is what “Free” speech means.

In my court battle against the Islamic Council of Victoria from 2002 – 2007 defending our right to Free Speech, when they took me to court to try and shut me up, from speaking against Islam, it was very clear that mainstream Islam does not believe in Free Speech. Thank God we won this case in Supreme Court and got our rights back for Free Speech.

What particularly shocked me after the France attacks is that Muslim clerics appeared more upset that cartoons had been drawn about Mohamed than about the innocent civilians who had been murdered.  We should not be surprised, however, because the French Jihadist killers put into action exactly what the Koran instructs them to do i.e. kill anyone who mocks or speaks against their prophet Mohamed.

We cannot continue to deny the fact that fundamental Islam is the problem.  As long as the Western politicians and media continue to deny that Islam 101 is the problem, they play into the hands of the Islamic Council’s spokesmen, and continue in helping to breed this evil in our country.

I was so pleased to read the following articles in the Herald Sun newspaper, Courier Mail, and the ABC 7.30 program.  A real picture of the problem of Islamism is clearly portrayed -see links below.  Andrew Bolt also speaks of our court battle for free Speech in his article.

I urge you all to write, or call our Prime Minister, Politicians and Media and tell them to stop covering up for Islam.  In the West, Muslims are not the victims.  The non-Muslim host countries have become the victims of Islamic terror because of their Western democratic values and Free Speech.

In my recently published book, titled 21st century Culture War in the West I cover a lot of ground on how we could stop the onward march of Islam into the West.

I will rather die standing up for the freedoms we value, than live on my knees in fear for the rest of my life.  We will fight right up until the very end to protect Australia and Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Daniel Nalliah

Catch the Fire Ministries

13 Responses to “The West is under attack by Islamism – How long can you deny it??? Multiculturalism is their gate way / by Ps Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 John

    Thanks Danny for continuing to be a voice warning both Muslims and non Muslims of the dangers of extremism and dehumanising nature of such extremes. John

  2. 2 LK


    Could you please forward this prophetic word to Pastor Daniel.

    My name is Lucy Kelly and I am from the small rural community of Newdegate in WA.



    2015 is the year of breakthrough!

    The setbacks and limits will be broken!

    It’s a year of new heights!

    Mountains will be climbed and conquered. I see the media mountain being taken by Christian business people.

    These women and men are so on fire and they desire to see the spread of fire through out the nations of the world.

    Los Angeles and its Hollywood Hub is due for a revival and the fire will come from beneath. The volcano is about to erupt. The lava is like the love of god being poured out upon the entertainment industry.

    Australia is going to be caught up in revival too. Our past 10 years has been marred by floods, fire and drought. It’s like God has been trying to wake our nation up and we’ve been hitting the snooze button for too long !!

    New levels of Gods glory are open for Australia to enter into in 2015.I see a staircase going up to heaven. This staircase is so beautifully ornate and it is carved out of solid gold.

    Be blessed,


  3. 3 Lance

    December 2014
    The following is what I believe the Holy Spirit has allowed me to see and hear in the realm of the spirit over Australia.
    There was a loud tearing shrieking sound, like metal being torn apart.
    Looking up, I saw a large jagged tear in the sky over Australia.
    It stretched from the northern coast to the southern coast.
    From a close up view, pieces were continually crumbling and falling away.
    As I watched, many evil spirits were flying frantically around beneath the tear.
    They were shouting with panic stricken voices, “Fix the tear, fix the tear, we must fix the tear!”
    They were grouping together forming a dark mass, and moving into the tear to block it up again.
    For a short time they were able to block up sections of the tear.
    Suddenly a huge sword blade came slicing down through the blocked sections
    causing the same tearing shrieking sound as before.
    From then on pieces continued to crumble and fall away, with the tear increasing in size.
    From a view above the tear in the sky, on either side of it, what looked to be a hard dome stretched away into the distance covering the land mass of Australia.
    From the ground, looking up at the tear. I believe the Lord said, ” This is a direct result of the prayers of my people.”
    I was reminded of 2 Chronicles 7:14.


  4. 4 Nicole

    Can’t you send this to all politicians until someone takes you seriously? This is the Holy War the bible talks about, I assume? Then we need more prayer walks/ vigilantes. You lead & we’ll follow! Keep up the awesome work. Nicole.

  5. 5 Dot


    As I watched the last clip, sent from Inquiries today, of a young ex Muslim woman speaking to the TV interviewer, I saw a vision, presumably of God or Christ – just his head – a wonderful sight – above the clouds blowing bubbling white air down onto the earth. I felt that we should all see this video and pray in tongues as we watch it. For some time I have been praying that the media will wake up and speak the truth, and that Jesus Christ will be preached more through the ordinary media. It is vital that journalists speak of the only one who can bring peace to this earth, and present the truth about our enemy.

    God bless you,


  6. 6 Brian

    Dear Ps Danny I have sent many letters to the West Australian newspaper ,The Sunday Times, The Australian and local papers about this problem of freedom of speech, censorship of my letters about Islam & Christianity.

    Over 30 years of warnings ,to no avail. I cannot prove this as I get no replies. It is now called ,”political correctness,” for evil convenience of the anti Christian brigade, namely the secular press.

    I read Hal Lindsey’s book called ,”Beyond 2000 AD printed in 1994. He warned the west about Islamism taking over the west and other nations that Muslims would set up their own ghettos, laws, and take the west away from us. Was he right? Yes. Read his book if you have not already.

    This book was my intercessory guide about Muslims taking away our freedoms then.


  7. 7 June


    Thank you for your e-mail re the above subject, which was very disturbing. I have forwarded it to a
    number of people who, I believe would be interested to know this. God bless you and keep up the
    good work. June

  8. 8 Gary

    Dear Pastor Daniel,
    I write from Beijing.
    This is a very good and well written article.
    Thank you for continuing to make all aware.
    True blessings,

  9. 9 Sister Shirley

    Hi Brother Daniel,
    Thank you very much for your information on Islam I really appreciate your advice and will continue to pray
    for the challenges you face for your good moral standing. May Father give you favour in many influential circles and may people ears and eyes be open to the truth.
    Here in China many cults are gaining ground so please agree with me also that the deception will continually be exposed and our Chinese brothers and sisters will alert to the wiles of the devil.
    Must go now to a bible study.
    Blessings always,
    Sister shirley

  10. 10 Charles

    Good on you Ps Danny. Thank you for speaking the truth so boldly & clearly. I hope this message reaches not only the politicians but the common public as well cause they need to hear the truth & not the lies that the news media broadcast. Not one of the media is ready to admit that the have drawn the wrong picture of this crisis and stand to be corrected.
    I personally think and bold enough to say that we have sat quite for a long time on this matter & now is the time to Rise up. RISE UP AUSTRALIA, KEEP AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN.


  11. 11 Pete

    Dear Daniel,

    Agree 100%, and I am taking this up with anyone who will listen!

    God bless and give you strength to continue your ministry.



  12. 12 Gerry

    This is a wonderfull article by pastor Danny. What to do about the media, the politicians,and some of the Church, that trade in lies and disinformation.?? Good moslems, peace loving moslems,-are I think a mythological species. They all follow a deranged,violent, sex pervert, false prophet. They all spread the filthy lie, that Jesus was not crucified. In the West they are free to leave islam-they do not.
    Islam,the anti -Christ koran and every person who follows these evil entities, should not be allowed in Australia.
    Multiculture equals multi religion and is the lefts stratagem to destroy Christianity- which the left hates.
    The left wing media is satans property, he will protect it, like he protects that evil edifice on top of the Temple mount.

  13. 13 Penny

    I pray and hope that you and your family and Pastor Daniel and his family had a wonderful Christmas and new year.

    This morning I was in prayer and bible study when the Lord impressed on me a word.

    The word is as follows:

    By His outstretched arm, He will do it.
    A call has gone out,
    From the ends of the earth,
    to the islands of the nations.

    Come, Come,
    Return to me,
    O Israel,
    Your time has come,
    Salvation to my people.

    Do not delay,
    Leave, leave,
    And return to your homeland.
    For I will give you succour,
    I will feed you with the words of my mouth.

    A sword is coming,
    To devour and destroy,
    But I will wrap you and cover you
    Under my wings.
    In the time of my salvation,
    The year of favour,
    The year of jubilee.

    Look, O nations,
    For you will see,
    Something new.
    A land not big enough for its people.
    They come from north and south,
    They come from east and west,
    They will hear my voice
    In the day of their salvation.

    Nothing like this has happened,
    But they will lift their eyes,
    And proclaim,
    The greatness of their God,
    For salvation to a people,
    spurned and rejected.
    But I have loved you
    from before you were born.

    Wake up, wake up,
    O Israel,
    And hear the call of your God,
    Return, return,
    O Israel,
    And know the day of salvation.

    Just thought I would share it with you.

    May the Lord bless you,

    New Zealand

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