The President of Rise Up Australia Party Daniel Nalliah stated this morning from his office in Melbourne,

“As an immigrant from Sri Lanka who now calls Australia Home, when I first saw the Australian flag I just loved it. Every Australia Day I fly our Australian Flag at home and on my car. But most of all, I fly our Australian Flag every day in my heart because I love Australia and will fight to Keep Australia, Australian for the next generation.

I was shocked to read the survey results from the University of Western Australia a couple of years ago ( stating that flying the Australian Flag was an act of racism. I know this view is supported by the push for Multiculturalism. For me this is very offensive and at once my instincts are to react by promoting every Australian to fly the flag, not just on Australia Day, but every day of the year.

I called Australia home around 18 years, and if this is what I feel, I wonder how much more offensive it is to every patriotic Australian, especially our diggers who fought for our flag and the relatives of the many who lost their lives.

Multiculturalism has been a great mistake the West has embraced. Today the host countries in the West, such as people living in Australia, are forced to think twice before displaying their flags for fear of being called racist.

One of my friends who put his Australian flag on his car was told by his mother that he best takes it off, because he might be a target. A target for whom I wonder?? Islamist?????

I have a simple message for everyone who has a problem with the Australian flag. Just keep your mouth closed, put up with it, or simply go back to where you came from.

As the leader of Rise Up Australia Party, I call on every one who loves our nation to fly their Australia flag for at least one week starting today to celebrate Australia Day on 26th January 2015.

Let us Rise Up to take on the politically correct brigade. We must not let them dictate to us, but instead must stand up for our country, and for the next generation. We must especially remember our men and women in uniform who have fought carrying the Australian flag to protect and Keep Australia Australian.

I Wish You All A Very Happy Australia Day!

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6 Responses to “Media Release: Is flying our Australian flag on Australia Day a symbol of racism or is it patriotism?? by Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Michael

    Amen and amen!!!


  2. 2 Forde

    Good oh, keep up the good work. Bless you all. Forde

  3. 3 Delma

    I think the people who made this statement are racist and are trying to make us fearful to offend. We are Australian lets shine. Buy extra flags. Our service men and women let it shine. Delma

  4. 4 Tevero

    I totally agree…I you don’t like Australian way of life.


  5. 5 Margie

    Well said Ps Daniel.I stand with you in every area that you have commented on. I sent the email about Wake up Australia to Primw Minister Tony Abbott, also Julie Bishop.

    May God bless you and keep you,
    Mandurah WA

  6. 6 Beth

    It’s patriotism Let the flag fly high. x Beth

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