1) You may click the following link to read an excellent article titled, Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter to America: ‘What else has to happen so you wake up?’


2) You may click the following link to read an article titled ‘Facebook posts reveal Melbourne ISIL fugitive’s descent into extremism’.


2 Responses to “Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter to America: ‘What else has to happen so you wake up?’ / Melbourne ISIL fugitive’s descent into extremism”

  1. 1 Christine

    The Lord laid the following heavily on my heart this morning. He has continually placed it on my heart and mind for several years now, but today the heaviness required me to share and challenge. Is my faith deep and strong enough? Is yours? Is our walk with the Lord being directed by Him, or by our own agendas? Let us not be on the receiving end of real persecution before we know the answers. Know the answer now!

    America – only a small number in leadership are anti Israel – Obama and cohorts – the majority still side with Israel. Latest public evidence of this was the vote against the Palestinian grab for a separate state and the return of the pre 1967 land.
    Australia – so far the Government leadership supports Israel and her right as a Nation. So far! Only our prayers and actions will keep it so.

    When is persecution, persecution? It is when someone, or a group of people, lose their material possessions, and often their lives, because of who they are. The Jewish people have suffered this type of persecution almost from the time that God raised them up as a Chosen People.
    Christians here in the WEST, until recently have no idea what real persecution is. Persecution is not when someone calls you names because of your faith; that’s harassment. Persecution is when you potentially lose EVERYTHING; this can be your job, your home, the lives of your family and your own life, because of your public stand for Jesus.

    With a recent couple of exceptions, Christians and Jews here in Australia have been free of persecution because of who we are. How long will this last? Are you ready to lose your job, your home etc and still remain faithful to God?

    The more Christians are persecuted by international, national and local laws, and by business leaders the more they will understand that they are to stand alongside the Jewish people in their own homeland, and with Israel. The more we stand for Jesus and the Jewish people persecution will intensify. Are we ready for this? Are you ready for this? Do not bury you head in the sand and say that it can’t happen here in Australia. It can, and will, if we, as individuals and as the Church, don’t rise up and take our place in society instead of just talking about what we should be doing.

    Are you truly standing solidly on the solid Rock? Is your faith DEEP enough to prevail for Jesus against all odds?

    More Christians have been martyred this current decade than any time in Christian history. As mentioned above, the Jews have experienced persecution from their beginning as God’s Chosen People. Now, today, many Christians in the West, are losing their livelihoods because of their profession of faith in Christ. This has been happening in the East for centuries – now it’s our time. The Jewish people have experienced this in the WEST for centuries – evicted and deported from countries where they had lived for centuries. Many also lost their lives during these times.

    Real persecution is now beginning for the western Christian. Where do you stand with God? Is your faith deep enough to overcome this type of trauma? Is your relationship with Jesus strong and deep enough to literally sacrifice your life; to watch your child be killed and still refuse to deny Jesus? (It’s happening, right now, in the Muslim nations.) I pray that it will be so, for each one and all who call Jesus Lord and Saviour. I pray that I will be strong enough in Christ to stand and overcome.

    Jesus gave His supreme sacrifice for us! Can we do no less for Him? We are called to walk in His footsteps. Can you?


  2. 2 Glenda

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Just read an article by Arthur Harwig concerning an article of yours and have replied as under. I wondered if you’d be interested in the following:-

    There could not be a more stark contrast between the cultures of democracy and Islamism than the recent demonstrations following the Hebdo massacres. France and Europe stood together and quietly and peacefully marched, arms linked, through the streets. Contrast this with the protests in Muslim countries, shouting, fist-pumping, aggression, flag burning (the ultimate insult) and hatred on the faces of those gathered in the melee.

    Islam – a religion of Peace? True Muslims have to follow the Koran and their mantra is clearly spelt out in just one of its tenets – “kill the infidel”. How peaceful is that?

    As this piece from Danny Nalliah points out, heads of governments are still trying to play down the effect that Islam has had and is having on the rest of the world. It has spread its tentacles throughout the western world and, as one minister of religion said many years ago – Muslims were told to have ten children in their country of immigration and then they could take over the world. People are deluding themselves if they are not aware that this is the ultimate aim.

    You might be interested in one prophetic analysis by a very insightful man, Winston Churchill – AND, just look at the date of it.

    Wake up World!! Very shortly it may be too late.



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