Dear family and friends in Christ,

First let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted, supported and prayed for us. This was the first State Election that Rise Up Australia Party contested (although we contested the Federal Election last year) and I must say that we learned a lot.

Something very significant happened in this election in Victoria. The Christian values based parties worked together as a block in sharing first preferences with each other and the results were very good.

In most regions with the strategic preferences, we came very close to winning Upper House seats, and it seems that at least one Upper House seat will now be secured, with three more seats currently in question. (Some 90% of the upper house votes are yet  to be re-checked).

This clearly shows the power of unity as Jesus said, where He prays for all believers in John 17:20-23.

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me”.

On another note, although some church leaders I know of spoke out regarding the election, once again many church leaders refused to speak out and tell the people how to vote.

Their excuse was that they did not want to rock the boat as it was considered politically incorrect to do so.

One church leader said the following on the weekend of the election to his congregation. “Did you vote?? Oh, it does not really matter how you vote, for God is in control.” This is the typical cop-out method used by many church leaders who do not have the courage to tell the congregation the truth and because they fear that people might leave the church.

So, we have just elected an ALP & Greens Government in Victoria, who according to my understanding, have promised the Christian church leaders that they will do everything in their power to help them become immoral, un-Godly and to compromise the word of God.  Consequently, the next four years could see some of the worst laws passed in Victoria.

One such law could be Christian schools and churches having to recruit non-Christians, including homosexuals on staff.

This is just one of the many immoral laws that Labor and Greens will try to pass in Parliament.

Get ready Church! Are the court rooms waiting for us?? Is it possible that end time scriptures such as Luke 21:12 will be fulfilled in our time??

“But before all this, they will seize you and persecute you. They will hand you over to synagogues and put you in prison, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of my name.”

Frankly, if you live in Victoria, and if your Christian Pastor / Priest / Leader did not sound a clear voice as to whom to vote for, then you must ask yourself the question, “Why did they not do so??”

Sadly, Labor & Greens will usher in four very dark years for Victoria, but praise God all is not lost. Remember, when it is very dark a little bit of light will shine very bright. You could be that light, so let your light shine as you stand together with us to see Australia come back to Jesus.

Ps Daniel Nalliah

President – Catch The Fire Min.

16 Responses to “The Power of Unity – Vic Election and the Christian values based parties / Church leaders refuse to speak out – Will we pay the price?”

  1. 1 Andrea & Hector

    Bless you Daniel.

    I was looking up the count at 4 am this morning and heart broken that so many Christians choose to be blind, and ignore what is really happening. How how grandchildren will be struggling and persecuted to be Christians. But the gate is narrow. The truth sets us free..
    Love and prayers and blessing are with you and your greater family. And Victoria.

    We are in NSW.

    Andrea & Hector

  2. 2 Gwenda

    May God bless you Pastor Daniel and keep you all safe from the enemy. Ps John did sound an alarm, asking people to be very careful how they voted, but I know for a fact that there are many Christians who are Labor voters and they are always the ones who don’t know what is happening!!!! Don’t know anything??? I can’t work it out. Blessings, Gwenda

  3. 3 Mary

    Dear Danny,

    Thank you so much!! I voted for RUAP in the upper house and would have in the lower but had to settle for liberal being the lesser of all evils!!! I fully endorse what you say here and what you said about the black Saturday bush fires even though my family members were abhorred when I said so. Sadly my pastor did not list abortion as being an issue on which we should assess our candidates. I do hope you get that upper house seat!! My prayers are with you!!

    God bless and have a lovely Christmas,


  4. 4 Sue

    Thanks Danny for telling it like it is. I’m a Catholic and I feel the frustration that my shepherds did stuff all and we are left to battle the issues of this culture. I hope that you will continue to be a strong voice for truth.

  5. 5 Philip (in Sydney)

    Dear Catch the Fire

    I share your concerns Pastor Daniel Nalliah. Thanks to everyone who had the courage to stand and support RUAP despite criticism. I really hate the way people like Ruby Hamad paint RUA Party as racist. It’s really dishonest. No surprises, she writes for Fairfax Media so what hope have you got of any level of balance. Not much.

    As I have fond memories of Melbourne as a child, we moved when I was 10 years old, I am deeply concerned that there is now a concentration of a 16 Labor, 3 Greens and 3 Sex Party members including Fiona Patten in the upper house.

    Regrettably there are some very foolish people in Victoria who vote for these crazy parties, Greens and ASP. Are they just driven by a hatred of Conservative political parties or are they just plain stupid? Who knows

    One the most stupid policies of the Sex party is the decriminalisation of Marijuana.

    Any sane person would think there are more than enough drugs (legal and illegal) available within the State without this insane policy. More drug availability means more social and public health issues. Marijuana use will inevitably lead to harder drugs.

    State Road Authorities across Australia spend 100s of millions of taxpayers dollars protecting drivers from fatal accidents. More drugs means more drugged up “off their face” drivers causing more accidents and potentially more deaths of innocent citizens.

    It is absolutely insane for any party who should be acting in the best interests of all Victorians to be promoting another drug to be legal. If there are any medicinal benefits from marijuana for a small number of people then it can be issued as a prescribed drug not a free available drug

    Now lets add the other Godless ridiculous Sex Party policies, Euthanasia (promoting death), Same Sex Marriage (destroying traditional marriage), Taxing churches, age appropriate sex education (should be obvious where this is going) and revision of Prostitution laws. No surprises here as Fiona Patten is an ex prostitute and according to wikipedia is CEO of the EROS Foundation. Her agenda is clear.

    Eros is Australia’s national adult retail association which essentially supports and promotes pornography in Australia. That is, the sexual exploitation, physical and in some cases mental abuse of women. Really charming stuff. I think not.

    My question is – Why would anyone vote for this creep and this depraved Party?

    This Sex Party marijuana policy alone should be enough to ring alarm bells and any decent person you would expect, would put them last on the ballet paper but she is now has a major role in the Victorian upper house along with 2 other Sex Party members.

    SHAME on all stupid people who have voted for GREENS and the Sex Party.

    These 2 parties, Greens and ASP will I believe unleash wickedness in Victoria. We must pray for the Liberals , Nationals, LDP and Shooters Party members that they stand for righteousness.

    I am very concerned for the State of Victoria,

    Phil from Sydney

  6. 6 Ian

    Love your stuff, Pastor Daniel. I and so many of my Christian friends are so dismayed at the cowardice of our leaders. They all have their own “good sound reasons” why they refuse to speak up. We are supposed to be “equipping the Saints for the work of service”. Surely this means getting them ready to speak up for our King in the workplace.

    God bless your good work – keep it up!

    Love in Jesus,



  7. 7 Annie

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    I live in Toowoomba, and we all prayed very much for your election. I am please to hear the the Christian values based parties worked together in Unity, and that some seats have been secured, but I am very sad that the ALP & Greens Government have won.
    As you say it will bring some very dark years into Victoria, but may be it is the Lords way of waking the Christians up to realize that they need to fight for our Australian freedom. It may be drastic, but I still believe you will be the PM one day, and may be this is preparing the way.

    Keep fighting, and we will keep praying, all is not lost. GOD HAS A PLAN, but he does have to wake up the ‘Sleeping Giant’ the Church to stand up for HIS truth and righteousness.

    I have attached some very true pictures drawn by one of our intercessors with a strong message to the ‘sleeping church’. Feel free to use this message to send to people who might take notice and act on it.


    Toowoomba Regional and Global Prayer Network Coordinator

  8. 8 James

    Enjoyed the passages from ..John that is very thought evoking… I handed out flyers for the Rise up, Australia party in Echuca . was a real good experience, but there was a real lull in numbers voting… due to voting in the weeks preceding the final election day…Not sure how we can better reach, those who are seeing us not there at those times .. we were glad there was no sex party, representatives there or greens. only our self{Rise Up} the nationals, Labour, some of the time and 1 person all day for the Country Alliance…


  9. 9 Heather

    Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for your informative letter of encouragement, we really appreciate you and all your efforts on behalf of our nation of Australia. Brian is very angry at the lack of courage by some churches in our nation, sadly they are unbelievably ignorant which is hard to comprehend in this age of information. Also hard to comprehend the view that “God is in control”. In control of what one must ask? Is God the one directing all the evil and suffering we see? Is He the one responsible for the ignorance of Christians who have incredible access to the Word of God with seemingly no understanding that we are God’s people on earth who are responsible for bringing “His will to the earth as as it is in heaven”. Has God, through Jesus extended His Grace to us in order for us to abuse that Grace by not accepting our accountability before the throne of Grace.
    I thank you also for being instrumental in bringing several christian/moral based parties together and organising preferences, well done.
    God bless you and your family Daniel. Love Heather

  10. 10 Heather

    Wonderful news that we have at least one seat and with RUA and other christian parties taking a stand it’s sure to make an impact. For those who say it doesn’t matter God is control, if they apply that to the rest of their lives, they will no longer witness, help others or make any impact on this world. God partners with us to make positive changes in our world. Thank you to those who responded to God’s call to stand or to help get RUA on the political map. Feels good to vote for a Christian in government.
    God bless,
    Team Scotland

  11. 11 Nigel

    As for church leaders saying “God is in control”, l wonder if they would calmly say the same if they were a Christian in Northern Iraq?


  12. 12 Peter, Angela and Victor

    Dearest Pastor Daniel. We are with you in the unity of the Spirit. The song that comes to mind…sing ,Stand up stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross. Lift high His royal banner it cannot suffer loss.From victory unto victory,His army He will lead. Till every for is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed.etc…We love you and thank God for you standing up for Jesus in Australia. We’re standing too regardless of darkness, cos where sin abounds grace abounds much more. The blessing of the Lord makes truly rich and He adds no sorrow. You are blessed to be a blessing. Thanks again for being such a beacon of blessing. Lots of love that never fails.

    Peter, Angela and Victor xoxocoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    Ps. Peter is graduating as a Corrections Officer next Friday and will be working in the Maryborough prison, QLD.

  13. 13 Veronica

    Dear pastor Dan,

    I’m already being persecuted for standing up for my basic rights and speaking about my faith, but what hurts the most it’s from other Christians, which always surprises me!

    Where is the leadership ?

    Why doesn’t the leadership who are aware of what’s happened speak up for me?

    If someone bullied another person in your church, what is the correct protocol?

    My leader told me when this happened to laugh it off!

    So therefore that person who was a friend of mine and is music ministry in our church. Now I’m not going to that service where she is, so I’ve decided to go to my mother’s place 2 hours away and go there each Sunday.

    Another time on a Christian retreat completely ignored and even sided with the others who were persecuting me.

    GOD spoke to me recently and said don’t trust anyone.

    About half the people in my church I don’t like because of their behavior.

    Our leader has asbergers which makes it difficult for him to communicate with others.




  14. 14 Philip (in Sydney)

    Dear Catch the fire

    My apologies everyone

    Correction to my figures for the Upper House – Legislative Council – Victoria
    At this stage and it’s NOT FINAL but looks like the figures are:-

    13 Labor, 3 Greens and only one Sex Party member (which looks like Martin Leahy)

    On the other side
    15 Liberal, 2 Nationals, 1 DLP, 1 Family First, 1 Country Alliance and 1 Shooters Party

    So Praise God…..Keep Praying !!

    We would have loved to see Pastor Daniel in the Upper House but so far this is a much better outcome for Christians


  15. 15 Forde

    Thanks, wonderful news..Forde

  16. 16 Celia

    Congratulations that you have secured at least 1 seat in the Upper House! Celebrations for all! :-) Celia

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