Faith leader's statement on our shared values to save our babies, our morals, our schools and our faithMedia Release – For Immediate Release – 24th Monday November 2014

Rise Up Australia endorses faith leader’s statement on our shared values to save our babies, our morals, our schools and our faith

Daniel Nalliah, President of Rise Up Australia Party, is one of the first party leaders publicly to endorse a remarkable joint statement (click the photo on the left to read) by the eminent leaders of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths identifying the four crucial moral issues in the Victorian State election.

Rabbi Shimon Cowen, Bishop Peter Elliott and Imam Riad Galil say in their statement that The Victorian law permitting abortion without anesthetic until birth is the worst abortion law in the world. The UN-sponsored Safe School’s programme to promote homosexuality in schools under the guise of preventing bullying is an attack on the freedom of parents to have children raised according to the values of their faith. Labor’s proposal to force religious schools to employ staff who do not share the school’s religious faith attacks the freedom and integrity of religious institutions. All parents are entitled to obtain a religious education for their children but that neither of the major parties has announced a commitment to fulfilment of this need.

Mr Nalliah, lead Upper House candidate for the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region, said “Faith leader’s statement recognizes our common cause to protect the Faith, Values and Moral decay in society. Never before has our heritage of moral principles been under such relentless and deliberate attack as it is today. Faith leaders stand united in their profound concern at the deliberate assaults on the moral principles on which Australia and the West were founded.

He added that it is alarming that the United Nations, whose charter of human rights states that everyone has the right to life, does nothing to uphold the rights of little children in the womb not to be tortured and then killed. It is still more concerning that the UN is actively supporting the promotion of homosexuality in our schools as though it were a normal lifestyle when in fact it is a life-threatening choice. If a child is bullied for stealing, one does not stop the bullying by celebrating stealing. The UN has arguably out lived what use fullness it once had.”

Mr Nalliah also voiced his concern at Labor’s proposal to force religious schools to employ staff who did not share the school’s faith. This, he said, is a direct challenge to religious freedom similar to those mounted against religious schools in the Communist countries.

Finally, Mr Nalliah said that a religious education should be available by right. But at present only the Christian values based parties had made a commitment to this policy, even though it was advocated by the recent official review of the national curriculum.

Can we trust both major parties Labor & Liberals ??

This election VOTE 1 Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Australian. We mean what we say and say what we mean.

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