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For Immediate Release – Monday 10th November 2014

At 1 pm on Monday 10 November 2014, Daniel Nalliah, leader of Rise Up Australia Party, will hold a press conference outside the “Fertility Control” abortion clinic at 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne to launch the party’s campaign to end the torture of unborn children.

At 2 pm, at the State Parliament in Melbourne, Mr Nalliah will hand in letters asking the Premier and the leader of the Opposition to consent to an urgent amendment to the Abortion Reform Act 2008 obliging abortionists to give an individual anaesthetic to every child of 17 weeks’ gestation or more who is to be aborted, to ensure that he or she is not tortured.

Mr Nalliah said: “By this major initiative we will persuade our legislators to make sure that any child capable of feeling pain and experiencing suffering is spared the excruciating terror of his or her own death agony. Victoria law – for now – permits abortionists to kill children, but Commonwealth and international law, which take precedence over State law, expressly prohibit torture.”

“The procedures inflicted by abortionists on little children offend not only against the explicit bar on procuring abortions in the Hippocratic Oath but also against the central principle underlying that oath: Primum non nocere: ‘first and foremost, not to cause harm’.

“The Australian Federal courts have held that smacking a child can be illegal: yet the law in Victoria permits killing a child. A dog in Victoria has more rights than an unborn child of our own species. Labor and the Greens refused to include a provision in the 2008 to prevent torture of babies by requiring a simple injection of anaesthetic. Torture is punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.

“On behalf of those who have no voice and no vote, we are warning our lawgivers that they must do what is right and – if they must allow child-killing – make sure, by an abundance of caution, that they prevent the torture of the innocents that is now occurring in our hospitals and clinics, to the shame of our civilization. Who in conscience can refuse this measure?”

Notes for editors on the law, and on abortion procedures allowed in Victoria, are below.

Notes for editors

Abortion procedures that may be used against unborn babies in Victoria include –

  • Partial-birth abortion (outlawed as cruel in the United States in 2007), by which the unborn baby is delivered feet first, except for the head, which is punctured at the base of the skull with a sharp trocar or cannula, through which the brain is sucked out;
  • Dilatation and evacuation, by which sharp-edged instruments are used to grasp, twist and tear the baby’s body into pieces, which are then removed from the womb;
  • Dilatation and curettage, by which the baby is extracted either by sharp instruments or by suction;
  • Saline abortion, by which a toxic saline solution is injected into the womb through the mother’s abdomen, causing severe and excruciating burns over the baby’s entire body and taking up to 24 hours to cause death;
  • Fatal injection, by which a poison – such as potassium chloride – is injected directly into the unborn baby’s heart, inflicting acute and sometimes prolonged pain before the baby eventually dies; and
  • Artificial inducement of premature birth, by which birth is induced early and the child is born alive but is then left to starve to death by wilful neglect, often over many hours, or is “cuddled to death”, or is drowned in formaldehyde or otherwise killed.

The 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, brought in by Labor and the Greens, exempts abortionists from murder charges even if they kill children in the womb right up to the moment of birth.

However, in 2010 the Labor Government in Canberra passed a Commonwealth anti-torture law. Commonwealth law takes precedence over State law. The 2010 Act enacts the UN Convention Against Torture or Other Inhuman, Cruel of Degrading Treatment, and adopts its definition of “torture” as –

“… any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person … for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity”.

Any public official, including a legislator, who consents to or acquiesces in torture may be charged with the offence. No parliamentary privilege or Crown immunity may be pleaded.

More details: Melanie 03 8795 7544

Authorised by Daniel Nalliah 30 Star Crescent Hallam 3803

2 Responses to “RUAP Media Release: ‘A dog in Victoria has more rights than an unborn child of our own species’ – ‘End criminal torture of unborn children’”

  1. 1 Jan and RUAP Darwin

    Hi Pastor Danny, Catch the Fire and RUAP Victoria,

    We are praying very hard for the press conference at Wellington Parade abortion mill and the handing in of letters to the Premier, etc.

    Drawing attention to the excruciating, deliberate torture of the little ones, which can be proven easily through ultrasounds and in many other ways, is a brilliant move, and reminds me of how William Wilberforce brought down slavery by approaching this barbaric practice from a different angle – the cruelty and shocking lack of humanity – as you are doing.

    God inspired him as well as I know he is inspiring you – go for it!!!

    Wishing you all of Heaven’s Blessings in this courageous venture,

    Jan and RUAP Darwin

  2. 2 Emma Ytsma

    I am praying for you all.

    God IS with you and our Lord is for life!

    He goes as your rear guard, guiding your every step Ps Danny.

    Be amazed at the doors God is about to open up for you, doors that only God can open and MAN CANNOT! amen! Our God reigns!

    God bless you richly Ps Danny and team.

    Always praying,
    Your sister,

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