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These young “Britons,” if they have “warm feelings” toward the Islamic State, don’t have any allegiance to the British state, and are likely in the future to try to make Britain over to be more like the Islamic State. They may not have to work very hard at that, however — the current British government is already doing all it can to smooth their path.

“One in seven young Britons has sympathy with Isis cause,” by Oliver Moody, the Times, October 30, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

One in seven young British adults has “warm feelings” towards Islamic State, according to a poll.

Isis is riding a surge of “anti-politics” sentiment among disaffected under-35s who admire the jihadists’ courage, academics warn.

A tenth of Londoners and one in 12 Scots view Islamic State (Isis) favourably, but sympathy for the militant group reaches its highest levels among the under-25s, the Populus survey found.

In the first rigorous poll to test the UK’s feelings about Isis, 2,000 adults were asked to rank several countries and terrorist organisations on a scale of one to ten…

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