Wednesday, October 29, 2014 – By Peter Wooding Europe Bureau Chief for ASSIST News Service

Ever since Leading The Way began broadcasting Christian programming to the Arab world through its 24/7 satellite TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT, something miraculous has been happening.

Every week Muslim viewers are turning to Leading The Way’s dedicated follow-up teams to find out how they can know more about Jesus.

One such team member often ministering late into the night is Rahim*. Every week he corresponds with viewers from the Middle East and North Africa via Skype, Facebook, email, text messages, and in-person discipleship meetings, sharing the love of Christ with those who are hungry to know God’s truth.

Some are Muslims who want to know more about the Christian faith, while others have made the dangerous decision to accept Jesus as their Saviour and are in need of spiritual support as they face extreme persecution.
Rahim has faced violent persecution himself and can identify with those who turn to him for help. He was a devoted Muslim until the power of Christian radio helped him find new hope in Christ.

“I was raised in a Muslim family and I was very dedicated to Islamic practices. My father was happy at this time, but I was empty inside,” said Rahim.

He added: “One time when I was searching by radio, I listened to something that was talking about God, and afterwards I see this is Christian radio. This brought problems to me. For the first time I wanted more knowledge about Christianity.

“I began to research the Qur’an and compare between Christianity and Islam, and at this time my perspective to Christianity began to change. I began to understand how the Bible is the Word of God, how Jesus died on the cross about my sin. God is love. This [phrase] didn’t exist in Islam. There is no guarantee in Islam to enter heaven, to have eternal life.”

Rahim first experienced persecution when he made the decision to accept Jesus in His life, as his own family reacted with violence. “My father asked me, ‘You are becoming Christian?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ It was very terrible, like someone injured his heart. My family didn’t accept this word ‘Jesus is my Saviour’, because they are in darkness. My father and my brother beat me.”

But as these attacks began, Rahim said that something miraculous took place: “As they were hitting me as hard as they could, I prayed for them, and at this time I didn’t feel anything because Jesus was with me.

“I forgive all of this persecution. If you are in the umbrella of God, the refuge of God, He will protect you. Now we have a peaceful relationship. They say they are seeing the word of God on my life. At this time I began to read the Bible more and more and I requested to study theology. Now I’m doing my Masters on Bible counselling and I serve the Lord in full-time ministry.

“I work for Leading The Way’s follow up team and a lot of Arabic people contact me about faith. There are a lot of amazing stories from Saudi Arabia, from Mecca. I receive calls from Chad, New Zealand, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, even from Romania.”

As part of this follow-up ministry, Rahim seeks to connect these new converts to local churches, and through Leading The Way’s Help The Persecuted ministry, many are given practical help from bedding and food supplies to vital grants for urgent medical or travel needs to be reunited with family members.

*Name has been changed for his protection.



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