Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Media Release – For Immediate Release – 30th October 2014

As reported on channel 7 yesterday and today, four young boys were displayed on a stage in Sydney, Australia by older men who escorted them to the stage, where the boys speak of an Islamic Caliphate in Australia & death to democracy. The youngest boy who is just 6 years old, declares that you are never too young to be a soldier.

Is the 6 year old Muslim Boy a Moderate, a Radical, a Terrorist or a Mascot ?? Do DHS & the Government have the courage to remove these children from their families into protective custody for rehabilitation to save their lives, and more so, to protect Australia from possible disaster??

You may watch the link below.

This footage which incites young Muslim children living in Australia to hate non-Muslims is appalling, and needs immediate action by the Government.

The National President of Rise Up Australia Party, Daniel Nalliah stated, “I have been warning Australia and the west for the past 15 years of the evil of fundamentalist Islam.

I recommend that these children be immediately removed into protective custody, and the adults promoting this event be imprisoned and their organization shut down.

But I dare say, neither DHS nor the Government will have the moral fortitude to  remove these children because of fear of retaliation by the Muslims. Our politically correct leaders will continue to give into this nonsense until we lose our rights and become invisible prisoners in our own country.

How much longer are we going to cow down to the threat of Islamism?? Will it be until it is too late, as in many parts of Europe and USA?

It is time to call a spade a spade. We must confront this evil and deal with it now.

May I also caution you to always remember that there are many Muslims who do not practice the Koran to the letter. We need to love them and embrace them as our own. But make no mistake, Islam is a death cult, just not ISIS or Al-Qaeda.”

Call on your local MP and ask them as to what action has been taken regarding this matter. They may try to avoid you, but be persistent.

3 Responses to “RUAP Media Release: Is the 6 year old Muslim Boy a Moderate, Radical, Terrorist or a Mascot / Do DHS & the Government have the guts to remove these children??”

  1. 1 Kevin

    Daniel, I must disagree with you on the idea of removing these young children from their parents care. If a child is a radical at 6 or 8
    years of age it is because the parents have taught him that. I believe that the parents, child and siblings should all be deported, weather they are Australian citizens or not.


  2. 2 Joanne

    Your party is totally awesome! God bless you guys & your families heaps!

  3. 3 Kathleen and Malcolm

    Brisbane Times 5 November
    Dear Professor Azbarzadeh
    I have just read your comment in the Brisbane Times. Most Australians would love to welcome Muslims into our inclusive community, as we have with many other cultures and ethnic groups over the years. The problem is that Muslims make it very difficult for us to do this. The current divisiveness would be greatly reduced if we could live together. Muslims could assist us to make it work, by considering the following:
    1. We accept that you have dietary preferences, but please don’t be so pedantic about them, and try to foist them on us as well. Other cultures with similar food concerns don’t.
    2. If you really want to be Australian, it would help to dress like Australians, and dispense with the archaic attire and appearance.
    3. You are welcome to your own places of worship, but do not like the ‘my minaret is higher than your steeple’ attitude.
    4. You are welcome to your own places of worship, but we would like to see politics and law-making excluded as other groups do.
    5. We are concerned about the violence and intolerance in the Q’uran, and would like to see this renounced. Australians value peace and tolerance.
    6. It would be good for all of us if we had a clear indication from ALL Muslims that they are loyal to Australia and obedient to Australian laws.
    7. Joining our many volunteer community organisations, like Lions, Rotary, Op-shops, CWA, CFS, SES etc. etc. to work alongside Aussie volunteers.
    8. When joining a group that wears a recognised uniform, modifying that uniform should not occur. Non-muslims are offended by the insinuation that we will lose control and lust after any woman whose hair is uncovered.
    Bottom line is that, as the majority, we would love to get rid of this dark division in our once friendly and inclusive nation, but we need the small Muslim minority to co-operate.
    In the interests of healing this rift, in our proud, but tolerant Aussie nation, I would appreciate your response and advice .
    Yours Sincerely
    Kathleen and Malcolm

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